She received critical acclaim for her role in the 2009 comedy Up In The Air but Vera Farmiga is taking on a much darker role for her latest project, Bates Motel. She was wearing a canary blue apron, marigolds and had her blonde hair swept up into an up 'do.
As well as emerging from the hotel room Vera is seen chatting to a co-star, presumably playing a guest, outside the property.
Those joining Vera in the series include Freddie Highmore, who plays Norman Bates, Jere Burns and Mercedes de la Zerda.In the famous Hitchcock film it is explained that Norman has a fractured psyche, sharing it with his late mother. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Contests and giveaways at the shop will offer Friends fans the chance to win the show on Blu-ray and DVD, and other prizes. Ridge Hill’s Legoland will feature a pit filled with soft Legos, classes, rides, party rooms and a cinema.
According to The Journal, Ridge Hill has struggled amidst the recession and is looking to diversify its offerings to draw new visitors. So why not round up your friends and start living the dream, who cares if you don’t have super powers? Go and raid your parents wardrobe and start putting your costume together, create a bad ass name, and then learn some basic moves from watching your super hero film.
If this doesn’t get you excited then maybe try and recreate a scene from Mission Impossible?
It may be the case that you’re just bored of being you, why not create an alter ego and stay in character to see if this relieves the boredom.
What is Concept Cupboard?We're an online platform connecting businesses with the very best in student and graduate creative talent. LEGO is adding to its extensive resume by teaming up with Lucasfilm for a Star Wars: The Force Awakens video game. Explore and be inspired by the latest women's fashion news and trends.Enjoy HYPETRAK's updates, features, and editorials on the dynamic world of music.
GTA V will release in September, and is set to remind gamers of why GTA is one of the most popular game series of all times. The 39-year-old actress is playing Norma Bates in a TV series that will prequel the iconic Hitchcock film Psycho.Vera was seen emerging from a room in the motel on the set of the film, dressed in cleaning attire and pushing a trolley. The series attempts to provide viewers with an insight into how Norman Bates developed during his childhood and teen years.
The stores sell Lego sets and offer a number of attractions for children ages 3 to 10 based on the popular building toy.
Ratner really does seem to be a kid at heart, between bringing the Nets back to Brooklyn and LEGOs to Westchester.

I suggest basing your moves on the Flash, so you can run like hell when someone sees you dressed like an idiot in public, or worse still when someone is about to do you in. Go and buy a rubber dingy and sail the seven seas, or sail the channel if you want to be back in time for supper.
If you’ve got a Bmx and a bit of barbed wire you can recreate this famous scene from the great escape like for like. And how cool would it be to go back next term and tell your classmates you’re a world record holder! This can go one of two ways, you will either be hailed as a genius if everyone follows or a complete nutcase if no one goes for it. From logo design through to film & animation we look to help businesses grow with innovative design and marketing.
Characters, locations, droids and vehicles from the blockbuster film have been brought to life in LEGO form, as seen in the tongue-in-cheek video clip above, while new stories and adventures based on the movie are also included. The programme will explain the back story of the most well-known serial killing motel owner in cinema history. In addition to economic woes, the project has been tarnished by a bribery scandal involving a local councilwoman who actively lobbied for the project.
Check out the trailer and purchase the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita starting June 28. And with the addition of online play, there are even more options to cause destruction and rage war on your opponents.
Here are 10 crazy, yet awesome, things that you can do in Grand Theft Auto Online.Steal A PlaneWhether you do it legitimately or put in a code to access it, flying a plane has always been one of the more entertaining parts of GTA.
Luckily, Rockstar will be bringing this part of the game back, but with more detail added to the reqirements. Part of the online game play will include the opportunity to steal a plane and then fly it in a fleet with the rest of your friends. You’ll then be required to land the plane, and you’ll get rewards depending on how well you fly control the plane from take of to touch down.Visit A Strip ClubGTA has always been known for its sexuality, and that’s one of the main draws for the game. Well luckily with this release of GTA, you can visit a strip club with your friends to, well, see entertainment.
How you act while in the strip club will determine how long you are allowed to stay so make sure you are on your best behavior (at least when security is watching).Multiplayer Sporting EventsThe Grand Theft Auto series has implemented small sporting mini-games into previous versions, like darts with a date or basketball with a friend.
But this version is now introducing golf and tennis, both of which you can battle your friends with online.
Even though these are intended to be mini-games, if you decide to tee off, you can legitimately play an entire 18-hole course that takes a while to play.
The ability to play a sophisticated game of golf after robbing stores and trafficking drugs is a quite enjoyable experience for GTA V.Go To The MoviesAfter you hit the strip club with your online friends, you can also head over and catch a flick at the movie theater.

The type of movies you can watch vary, and it’s not something you may want to sit through during the entire time. But just the addition of this option is an added feature that shows the depth and thought that went into the online element of GTA.High Speed RacesRaces have been a part of GTA games in the past, so its only right that they are back in the multiplayer online mode in GTA V. This version allows you to start and finish a race anywhere on the map, making the terrain and obstacles limitless. But its not just other cars and billboards that will get in your way, considering that police and enemies will be chasing you as well.Rob A Liquor StoreIf you get bored, or if you simply want to cause some trouble with your friends, you can go pick them up in your car and head over to the liquor store to rob the joint. How much money and liquor you walk away is up to you, but be careful of your ‘friend’ after the robbery.
GTA V online has made it an option where these cohorts can turn their back on you and take everything you just stole for their own.Light Up With FriendsWith the legalization of marijuana becoming an issue all across America, its only right that this element was thrown into GTA V.
In this version of the game, you can now own medicinal marijuana clinics and even smoke your own stash. When you want, you can get online and call your buddies up for a smoke sesh that everyone will enjoy. The cool part of the game is that the screen will become a bit disoriented and really give you an effect of being high. At least, for a video game.Visit The ATMIn previous versions of Grand Theft Auto, you would be able to walk around forever with your money just growing exponentially without repercussions.
If you died or went to jail, you’d sitl have your money with you, minus a few bucks for doctors fees (there’s no insurance in GTA, after all). But this version will require you to actually stop by ATMs and deposit your finances into a bank. If you don’t, and you die, than your money will just be lying around and waiting for someone to come and steal your wallet.Missions Change With PopularityOne of the best part about GTA V online is that the missions are continually changing. Rockstar has made it to where they can implement new missions throughout, and as they become more popular with social gaming, then you can add it to your list of missions to complete.Create Own MissionsIf games growing with popularity wasn’t enough, than you’ll be stoked to know that you can also add your own missions as well.
This goes the same for everyone else across the world playing GTA V too, so you can imagine how quickly the opportunity to play new missions can grow and become more entertaining.
With the option to create new missions, the options in GTA V are limitless and add a whole new depth of possibilities to online play.Grand Theft Auto has always been a fun game to play.

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