The GoGo Pillow works on any surface and works as a backpack so you can take your tablet with you, enabling you to use your tablet comfortably wherever you are.
You can use Go Go Pillow on an exercise bike, in the kitchen, on your lap, in bed, because it doesn't need a flat surface, it's completely stable wherever it's placed. The patented multi-slot design means your tablet is locked securely in place wherever you're using it – & it works with most tablet sizes, too. As Seen On TV Products is really a generic name attached to items that are advertised on television, either in 30 minute infomercial spots, or in 30-second commercials.

As Seen On TV Guys brings you the most popular TV commercial products at low prices and fast shipping. The plush, luxurious GoGo Pillow As Seen On TV folds up into a travel pillow that provides support and comfort so you can catch up on your sleep when you're not using your tablet. The attached straps mean you can use it as a backpack to take your tablet with you, and even fix it to places like the back of a headrest to create a comfortable viewing experience on the move. If you are looking for wholesale pricing on As Seen On TV infomercial products, please e-mail us.

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