One of the bigger supply chain legal stories of 2014 came out of the apocalyptic demise of the supplier relationship between Apple and GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT), a New Hampshire based company that Apple chose to supply sapphire for use in the new iPhone 6 screens. Less than a year later saw GTAT filing for bankruptcy, most of the Mesa employees being laid off, and the Mesa facility being “repurposed,” though for what no one yet knows.  And iPhone screens are… still made of glass. We think that there were two big legal issues with the Apple-GTAT agreement.  The first, which we will discuss in this post, has to do with the problematic nature of development contracts, and of negotiating development and production contracts simultaneously.
GTAT was supposed to make the new product in a facility that had not been tested, with new and inexperienced employees.
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The headline is the question I keep asking, wondering whether to blame the device or my daughter.
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Did Apple put pretty design before damage durability?So this week, I spent several hours searching for smartphone breakage data - on the web and contacting several sources compiling stats. Perhaps that's why Apple could replace the screen on my daughter's busted 5'ers, but the store Genius said swap-out was the only option for the 5S. Here's a true story: The following year I replaced the Q phone with something trendier, and it stayed in a box until I cleaned out the basement in 2007 - right before moving to San Diego.
They don't make 'em like that any more.Knock on wood, I've never broken a mobile and haven't dropped a smartphone in years.
She possessed the phone for less than three weeks, soon after we switched from T-Mobile to Verizon. It's a very different case for iPhone 5 or 5SShe's in college now, and someone is sure to blame alcohol. One shatter occurred when the device popped out when she sprinted to get to the security gate on her apartment before it closed.I observed one of the breakages. In late May, during lunch, my daughter expressed amazement how a week earlier her iPhone 5S popped out of her jeans and fell from a third-storey balcony. Twenty minutes later, while we sorted clothes for the thrift store in the garage, she fumbled the device, which fell face flat onto the cement - shattering the screen.

The protective case, which was supposed to keep the glass from hitting the ground, didn't dissipate the falling force. Cases covered backs and sides and in front provided space against the ground.New case comes to the rescueSo following the incident, I ordered a tougher case from Amazon - the OtterBox Commuter Wallet. My daughter prefers not to carry a purse, keeping bank card and license (or student ID) with the phone.
The replacement iPhone will go into the OtterBox, after my daughter returns from a concert this weekend.
She used the last busted 5S for a month before we moved to Verizon, despite glass shards chipping off.My local Apple Store recommends LifeProof cases, but I found no card-carrying model and am more familiar with the other brand.
But being five breaks for five in 14 months, optimism escapes me.I have to ask: What's your iPhone durability story?

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