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It comes with a host of nail accessories to get you started and will give you great professional looking nails at home. This is why some women prefer to do their own nails at home and one product that can help with that is a UV Nail Lamp. Let us look at its other features.The AMOS is designed to accommodate all five fingers or toes at one time. This saves a lot of hassle trying to do individual nails.There are four 9 watt bulbs in the unit to ensure you get a quick result and an even curing of the nails.

This helps to give even better results and even curing.There is a built-in heat exhausted chip which will protect the lamps. This gives a better finish with no smudges.It has a 120 second timer so you don’t have to worry about how long to leave them in the lamp.
It also makes the unit very cost effective.There are four colours available for the lamp, white, pink, black, leopard or zebra. This gives you the flexibility to choose your curing time.This lamp from DNA is fully featured and will give you great results every time. This means you can choose a style that suits you.This is a high quality product that would be suitable either at home or in a salon.
With its professional design and great performance, you won’t need to worry about the results.

Here are some of its other features.As well as the UV lamp, there is also a Bluesky top and base coat.
This is designed not to chip or smudge.The UV lamp is big enough for you to do your hands or your feet.
This means you don’t have to waste time doing individual nails.The lamp has four UV bulbs inside the large unit.

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