But, honestly, the primary reason I’ve been holding off on this one is that my poor mother comes off looking like an absolute dingbat. Over there on the right is a floating pool chemical dispenser, also known as a floating chlorinator. If you had eight electrons in that shell, you’d have argon, which is like a harmless, perpetually stoned college roommate.
But no, chlorine has seven electrons in that damn outer shell, which makes it as reactive as your crazy, pissed-off emotion-junkie ex-girlfriend. I don’t know why this shot of Ray Liotta from Goodfellas is my go-to example of 1970s neglect. At this point, if we were around a dinner table, my mother would chime in and say she was a responsible parent that was always sure to take the chlorinator out of the pool when I was swimming and that I just a playful scamp and it was only this one time. Oh, I clearly remember us taking the chlorinator out of the pool AFTER the soon-to-be-detailed accident occurred. Hydrogen chloride forms corrosive hydrochloric acid on contact with water found in body tissue. I instantly knew something was desperately wrong, and as by far the nerdiest 8-year-old at Jackson Elementery, I had pretty much correctly processed what had happened.
With my mouth retching, I thought to take a drink from the garden hose, thinking that maybe I could wash away whatever was now painted inside my mouth. Next, I did what all soaking wet 8-year-olds do when they realize they’ve become the victim of a chemical burn.
Now, the first thing they do for a person that walks into an ER with this kind of issue is a gas mask of fresh, clean, cool 100% oxygen. Kinda not cool was the third night, when the old guy across from me up and freakin’ died.
Honestly, at the time, I recall thinking that the worst part was that I couldn’t watch TV. I’ve never been so happy to see a trucking school commercial in the middle of the day during Donahue.
The scratch wheel cover packaging, transport packaging bumper, lights of the anti-scratch packaging.

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Argon is barely useful, unlike its other inert buddy neon, the one that makes the pretty signs.
The tablets for the aforementioned floating chlorinator usually come in three flavors — calcium hypochlorite, trichloroisocyanuric acid and dichloroicocyanuric acid, which is just like the one before it, only with one fewer crazy bitch atom of chlorine attached to it. Inhalation of the fumes can cause coughing, choking, inflammation of the nose, throat, and upper respiratory tract, and in severe cases, pulmonary edema, circulatory system failure, and death. I knew I had to go to the hospital (have I mentioned the napalm?), yet my mother kept trying to second-guess me. There were no TVs in the ICU, and finally, on the last day, they sent me to a regular room with a TV.

They can take various forms: standard, anti-static, single-layered, double-layered, and laminated. Depending on your needs, we can convert into pouches, sheets, or slit into different rolls sizes. Water flows in through holes in the side of the device, and the tablets slowly dissolve, keeping the water in your pool properly sanitized and preventing the growth of algae. On the other hand, if your atom had 6 electrons in that third, outer shell, it’d be sulfur, which just smells like a skunk, but at least skunks are cute. But I also remember that, even after the Great Chlorine Caper, I was the one that took the chlorinator out. And the pain in my chest and foam spittle now leaking out of my mouth were Signs of Very Bad Things Happening Inside Me.
Now if only that dog had a set of car keys and directions to the nearest hospital, we’d be getting somewhere. It is a superior alternative to Styrofoam because it is environmental friendly packaging material. And then your chest feels heavy, as every cell in your respiratory tract decides to vomit up every molecule of fluid it owns.
At this point, I’m sure she was horrified, finally grasping the enormity of the situation.
We’re 15 years away from mandatory bicycle helmets for children in California, much less an understanding that swimming pools are statistically more dangerous than having guns in the house. His wife, my aunt Patty, frantically waved at me through the window in the door to the ICU.

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