Paving expert - aj mccormack son - -bases, Introduction and general notes principles the sub-base layer is often the main load-bearing layer of a pavement. 500mr mastic adhesive remover (bean--doo) , 500mr mastic glue remover™ (bean--doo) includes oil cleaner degreaser design remove black mastic carpet glue. How remove glue adhesive floors today', One neighbor ladies showed small spot kitchen linoleum mentioned spot glue seeping lino.. Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. I'm in the middle of remodeling my half bathroom and have run into a sticky situation with the existing flooring. I began removing layers 1-4 and found that they were particularly easy to pull up around the perimeter of the room. This 4th layer material may be somewhat water soluble (with hot water at least), but it's hard to get the water underneath the wood-like layer.
I'm beginning to think that the 4th layer might actually be extremely old vinyl tiles, meaning that the mastic between them and the wood flooring is what's tripping me up. If you have a local gas supplier that will sell you a quart, you might try liquid nitrogen (or dry ice, if it's easier to come by) to shatter the bottom layer. The first layer of tiling came off without too much trouble by using a heavy duty paint scraper (with a slight bend to it) and a hammer.

I'm now looking at fir flooring in relatively good condition, minus a nasty gouge mark I made when first trying to remove the tiling by force. Nothing :) There was some leftover stain and sealer from when other parts of the house flooring was renovated.
I'm assuming a light spraying of water is OK to keep the dust levels (asbestos precautions, again) down, so long as it's wiped up fairly immediately? If there is a possibility of asbestos in the tile, a misting of water to hold down dust is OK if you don't soak the wood.
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Is “get + person’s name + ed” a common usage in English to mean “become the person like somebody”? What would iron-age tools and weapons be like if they were redesigned with modern metallurgy? My goal is to remove it and refinish the flooring beneath, much like has been done for the rest of the house. Using a heavy-duty angled paint stripper and a hammer, I was able to pull everything up within the span of a few minutes. There's still a reasonable chance of it existing in the vinyl tiles and the first layer of mastic (layer 2) so precautions are being taken (approved respirator, eye protection, disposable clothing, dampening of everything to keep the dust level down, proper disposal of materials, etc).

Whether it was worth it or not will be more obvious once I figure out how well I can repair the gouge I made.
It is very unlikely that the adhesives contain asbestos, but wear your protective gear and try not to sand any tile fragments. The construction and layering looks similar to that of the edges, though the edges may have had a different kind of adhesive for the 4th layer (it looks a little darker). That being said, I consider sanding to be out of the question at this point, though the top vinyl layer and mastic could be fairly easily removed first if need be. One reason I would use the heat gun would be to avoid the glue pulling up pieces of the fir boards. I used the scraper and a piece of steel wool to remove the material, sometimes requiring two passes.
I didn't let it sit longer than a few hours, which may have limited it effectiveness (label recommended 30 minutes to 24 hours).
Another technique I've used with slow success is to slide the putty knife up to the edge and tap it with a hammer.

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