AQUAPANEL® Indoor Partitions are purpose designed for full or part tiled situations in commercial non-loadbearing applications.
These systems utilise Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor to receive tiles or AQUAPANEL® Q4 Finish, and Knauf Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board for the non-tiled side of the partition, if applicable. The boards are fixed onto a lightweight galvanised metal framework of Knauf ‘CW’ Studs and Knauf ‘UW’ Channels.
Knauf AQUAPANEL® should be tiled using a quality polymer modified based flexible tile adhesive, following the manufacturer’s instructions. AQUAPANEL® Cement Board is an exteremely durable material, providing solid, dry base that can withstand the extereme weathering effects of wind, rain, heat and snow.

AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor can be used in various types of exterior walls, in exterior ceilings, in facade renovations and other types of external and special projects. The revolutionary system utilize AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor + AQUAPANEL® plaster system on the exterior side of the partition and Knauf Gypsum Boards on the interior side of the partition to construct the exterior walls of the buildings with drywall systems. On the exterior side, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor are fixed onto a lightweight galvanized framework of Knauf “CW” Studs and “UW” Channels which are covered by AQUAPANEL® Tyvek Stuccowrap Vapor Barier (Also provided by Knauf) On the interior side required number and type of Knauf Gypsum Boards are fixed onto the framework with vapor barrier wrapping. They use fast drywall construction techniques and can be specified with confidence even in wet areas. It can be used as a baisi for exterior walls in ventilated systems or water-managed (directly-applied) systems.

As well as the panel and standard accessories, the AQUAPANEL® Cement Board system can also include an AQUAPANEL® plaster system for surface treatment.

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