Close Up Nylon sewn under infrared light, forms indestructible hooks which latch onto the opposing fabric loops.
No need to be constrained by light fixtures, now you can put bright light anywhere you want it! Lumicrest High CRI Flexible Strip Lighting has been the choice of some museums and art galleries due to how accurately it represents the colours of the objects it illuminates.
Clients who have compared our Lumicrest Pro Series – High CRI Flexible Strip Lighting LED strips to those of our competitors choose Lumicrest because of the high brightness, uniformity and colour purity of our products.

Our Pro Series High CRI LED Strip Light is for those applications requiring a intense amount of light for task lighting or for general illumination of a room.
The Ceiling Rose Sticker is a modern take on the traditional decorative plaster ceiling roses. Lumicrest Pro Series High CRI Flexible Strip Lighting has a quality 3M self-adhesive backing – just cut it to the length you want then peel and stick it to any smooth surface! If these lights are used 8 hours per day, 7 days per week, you should expect them to last a full 15 years.

When used in an Aluminum Channel with Diffuser that’s at least 12 mm deep, the lighting effect is uniform, without dots.
Great for under cabinets, closets, task lighting, cove lighting and whatever else you can imagine.

Extra strong glue for glass cabochons
Uv gel nail set boots

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