You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We are the supplier of broad spectrum products of adhesives, chemicals, coating, and lubricants. A single use rapid cure chemical anchor with pre-measured proportions of epoxy acrylate resin, chemical activator ( hardener ) and quartz in a sealed glass capsule. Chemical anchors are referred to resin based adhesive systems that bonding bolts, steel studs, reinforcing bars, anchorages, fixtures into a substrate, for example concrete, masonry or drywall. A spin in glass capsule anchor to be used with our spin in studs, to provide a stress free anchorage in solid concrete. UK Fixings Ltd is a family owned and operated business based in the heart of Sheffield, South Yorkshire. With a background of supplying part and fully assembled components to the countries biggest doors and windows manufacturers, we have expanded to to offer a full range of supplies from our warehouse in Sheffield.

Designed to be used with all encapsulated glass ionomer products to facilitate easy dispensing of 3M or GC’s Amalgam mixture directly to tooth preparatior. G-CEM Capsule is a self-adhesive, resin cement that features an advanced formulation that offers unparalleled self-adhesive properties that seal and protect the tooth. For metal, fiberglass and ceramic posts, please attach a GC Capsule Elongation Tip to the G-CEM Capsule.
Our products come from the leading brands: Henkel LOCTITE, CRC, AMBERSIL, ITW DEVCON, 3M, ABRO, LPS, SIKA, etc. Thorough mixing of the components during the driving of  dowel or rod directly through the capsule initiates the chemical reaction thus bonding and holding it to the base materials.
The distinct advantage of chemical anchors over mechanical anchors is  high break resistance due to tough, elastic, and stress-free bonding between fixtures and pre-drilled holes as no expansion forces are exerted against the wall of base materials. Drill a hole using carbide tipped bit meeting the right diameter requirement and minimum depth in solid substrate.

Clean the hole thoroughly with nylon or metal brush, and blow away dust and debris with compressed air or blow out bulb.3. Established over 10 years ago, we have built our business on providing the best prices and service to some of Sheffields biggest and best manufacturing companies.
We provide quick solutions to our customers with technical information (Application Guides, Material Safety Data Sheet, Products' Agency Approvals) and ready to support your company in Malaysia. For a limited time only, G-CEM Capsules will include 10 complimentary GC Capsule Elongation Tips.
Packages of 50 GC Capsule Elongation Tips will be available in mid-October under a separate SKU.

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