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Medium viscosity, one part moisture curing urethane adhesive designed for windshield bonding and stationary glass attachment. A medium viscosity single component moisture curing urethane adhesive.Designed for windshield bonding and stationary glass attachment. Diamond Glaze is an excellent dimensional adhesive that can be used with various crafting projects. Butadiene-vinyl pyridine latex YT-14 is a kind of high-polymer dispersion emulsion aggregated by butadiene, styrene, and vinylpyridine through advanced techniques. MATCH PU(Polyurethane Foam) Sealants help people make their homes more comfortable and energy efficient by air sealing the gaps and cracks where air conditioning and hot air escape. Tightsen pre-applied threadlocker & sealants are extensively used, especially used in large quantity scale assembly line.

Anaerobic adhesive series manufactured by CHANGDE have functions of locking and sealing fasteners firmly (thread, plane flange, parts. It is a new Zero-polluted high-molecule adhesive made of milk grade casein as the raw material. Usage: CS-2000 is used for the sealing of the joints of the refrigeration compartment, machinery, airport runway, superhighway, and construction. 504 adhesive is equal to multipurpose adhesive, can be applied to adhere the objects of the same or different materials with its excellent viscosity. HOPSON high performance series cyanoacrylate adhesives are instant bonding single component adhesives, that bond almost all close-fitting smooth surfaces in seconds. A suit containes one pce 310ml polyurethane sealant, one pce cleaner, one pce coating, one pce wiry, one pce cotton stick. Chang-de technology makes the cyanoacrylate agent as the high quality cyanoacrylate adhesive that the industry, civilly most needs.

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Diamond Glaze is water soluble when the solution is wet and can be washed off with soap and water; when it dries it becomes permanent and difficult to remove. Diamond Glaze dries clear with a glass-like finish.Weldbond is preferred by professional mosaic artists around the world. It is an ideal adhesive for all types of mosaic projects using ceramic, plastic, and glass tiles.

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