Crowns, inlays and bridges are custom made dental components, involving two surgery visits and the taking of an impression. Crowns may be indicated when a tooth is heavily filled, broken down or requires protection (e.g.
The tooth may firstly require rebuilding with a filling material (this is called a core) before preparation to reduce both height and width.
A second appointment, usually 2 weeks later, is required to remove the provisional crown and fit the final crown. Provides a good fit to the tooth and may be useful at the back of the mouth if the tooth is very short.
Inlays are fillings that are made in the laboratory and require the same stages as for a crown. Porcelain inlays offer greater durability as tooth coloured fillings than composite resin, especially in larger cavities.

The resulting bridge is very durable and is unlikely to come off unless a problem develops in one of the supporting teeth. Materials may be porcelain bonded to precious metal or for shorter spans, zirconia all porcelain. Also known as a Maryland bridge, these rely on a thin metal wing to glue the tooth onto the back of an adjacent tooth.
The beauty of adhesive bridges is that only minimal preparation is required, often not even requiring a local anaesthetic.
The glue used is incredibly strong, but occasionally these bridges may come off and require re fixing. New ADHERE  is an automix temporary resin cement featuring easy cleanup, a low film thickness, high compressive strength, fast removal and optimized adhesion. ADHERE is suitable for cementing in your temporary crown and bridge material as well as for trial cementation of permanent restorations.

A provisional crown is then made and fitted in the surgery to protect the tooth while the crown is being made. This however, needs to balance against the advantages of the minimal preparation and tooth preservation. This eugenol-free, Zinc Oxide based temporary cement has an excellent fit and is the perfect choice for cementing in your temporary crown and bridge material. In addition, it may be undesirable to use a tooth with no previous dental treatment, as the preparation would result in the extensive removal of healthy tooth substance. Metal can sometimes be a problem at the front of the mouth if the gums recede, giving rise to a visible dark line.

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