Get the same protection in your home that hospitals and government buildings have used for years. Hospitals use this technology to help prevent the spread of infection to patients and staff. Considering the well-reported dangers of mold and bacteria in the home, it just makes sense to attack these problems at the source.
Helping provide higher quality air for easier breathing and helping prevent the spread of colds, flu's or other contagious infections from person to person via airborne viruses. Never look directly at or expose skin to UVC light as it may cause permanent eye or skin damage. These units contain an indicator light so you can confirm the light is working without looking at the bulb.
Turn your HVAC Ventilation Unit into an Efficient, Whole-building Air Purifer and Disinfection System.

Ventilation systems are a superhighway for airborne pathogens to mix and contaminate the air throughout any building.
UV-C germicidal energy destroys the DNA of harmful microbes, preventing reproduction and growth. Our HVAC Air Purifiers install invisibly into the ventilation system of your home or small business, and are engineered to destroy 99.9% of airborne pathogens that circulate through your system. Optional PCO grids help neutralize and remove odors, gasses, and harmful VOC's from the air. The single lamp system is engineered to disinfect most residential split-system HVAC units up to five tons. The two lamp purifier system will disinfect air-at-speed in residential and light commercial HVAC split systems up to ten tons. These systems are designed to be installed on large commercial units located in hospitals, medical buildings, schools, office buildings, and retail stores.

Along with all of the germicidal benefits of the smaller system these systems will also reduce maintenance & energy costs since it also acts a coil cleaner. This high efficiency purifier uses a proprietary UV-C (germicidal) lamp to destroy chemical & biological contaminants including chemical odors. Government requires UV lamps above cooling coils for government buildings and uses UV lamps to control microbial growth in buildings.
Our germicidal UV systems help stop the growth of infectious airborne microbes before they cause sickness, disease and infection.
The result of this is that it will eliminate the need for 3-4 times per year coil cleaning as well as the benefit of increased efficiency.

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