While the 5SOS boys' videos are usually a light-hearted affair they've gone completely the other way with this one, showcasing the stories of their fans and getting all emotional. We Promise That This Video Of 5SOS Messaging A Terminally Ill Fan Will Give You All The Feels!
It seems these Aussie rockers are everywhere, at the top of the charts and selling out shows across the globe. It’s quite an impressive track that asserts a much grittier side to the 5 Seconds Of Summer brand.
It looks like the song got leaked online a few hours before its premiere on the Australian radio station. The 5SOS boys have unleashed their official video for 'Jet Black Heart' and it will tug on your heartstrings like NOTHING else.

It has been transposed into several other keys such as: -2 A Minor, +1 C Minor (3 flats), +3 D Minor (1 flat), +5 E Minor (1 sharp), -5 F# Minor (3 sharps) and -4 G Minor (2 flats). The video starts in lots of different locations like a deserted beach, a back alley way and an empty hotel room with a powerful message written across the screen. They’re a band that don’t stop, and have announced the third single from their sophomore album, to be, Jet Black Heart.
Counting in with a deep beat, opening with electric riffs and leading with a steady bass line, Clifford croons the line, “everybody’s got their demons, even wide awake or dreaming”.
This single is more rock and less pop than previously heard tracks, and it’s one that really showcases a maturity shining through in their song writing. The rest of the song keeps on with the same strong drumbeats, with all the chords building and coming together throughout the chorus, exploding at the hook, as the boys to belt out, “cause I’ve got a jet black heart, and there’s a hurricane underneath it, trying to keep us apart”.

The entire track is bursting with pop-punk sensibilities, from the melody to the subject of the lyrics, and it’s certainly showcasing the band coming into their stride. Not only does the video switch back and forth between the guys and the fans but it has the most incredible scenery! The whole thing is very rocker chic, obviously, but definitely goes to show just how much this band adores their fans and listens to what they have to say.

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