This blog is purely dedicated to 5 seconds of summer, here to bring you the lastest news, like videos, photos, etc. 5 Seconds of Summer (also known as 5SOS for short) is a band from Sydney, Australia, from pop and rock genres. When you really break it down, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge was all about exorcising demons—whether it was battling the souls of a thousand evil men (in concept), cleansing the more personal ghosts haunting the psyche of frontman Gerard Way, the cathedral aesthetic of it all or those onstage and in-audience calls to the spirit, purifying flames and unlistening saints (though we never lost hope that they might hear us). But it’s mostly in the blood and spit that held it all together, making this concept album real and so dangerous. My Chemical Romance proved their commercial appeal and broader musical ambitions with their breakthrough sophomore album, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.
No worries: The Aussie lads lightened up about their predicament once they were outside'We've written most of it, and we're recording it now,' he explained.

It consists of Luke Hemmings (vocals and guitar), Calum Hood (vocals and bass), Ashton Irwin (drums and vocals) and Michael Clifford (guitar and vocals) ..
They had second-guessed themselves, spent a million bucks on a record that never came out, endured drummer vacancies and management problems before deciding that their machine simply didn’t work any more.
If there is any content appearing on this blog that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this site, please message us with a link to say which image and it will be promptly removed. From the inside, it was a magical sphere that entrapped us and possessed us all in the most cathartic, soul-piercing way. It’s in the way the album takes you from cemetery gates to hell then back and to Old West-style gunfights. Perfecting the poppier formula established by Three Cheers, but fusing it with classic rock and operatic tendencies, The Black Parade achieved not only Platinum sales status, but the highest chart positions of MCR's career, propelling them to certifiable rock-star status and garnering the attention of broader national press outlets.

Despite all that madness, the band’s last album brought home all the rhetoric they would frequently dish out to both journalists and fans.
One metaphor the band members were fond of using was comparing their band to the idea of driving a battered car into the sunset until the wheels fall off.
On Danger Days, they did just that, making good on everything they ever shouted about and walking away from the wreckage, maybe taking the cigarette lighter or a door handle keepsake with them—but leaving the rear-view mirror.

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