The song is from the band’s self-titled debut album that will be released via Capitol Records on July 22 – only a few weeks away! I love finding the right words to express unexplainable feelings, being so captured by a book that I can't put it down, and befriending dragons in video games. Head on inside for more… Artist to Watch 5 Seconds of Summer (She looks so Perfect) – WINNER Charli xcx (Boom Clap) Fifth Harmony (Miss Movin On) Sam Smith (Stay with Me) Schoolboy Q (Man of the Year)We reckon the 5SOS lads will walk away with the prize this year. The past 12 months have been huge for 5 Seconds of Summer, and they’ve enjoyed so much success, so they deserve it.
And, with it being a fan-voted award, it’s safe to say 5SOS’ fans may pull through.Video of the Year Beyonce FT.

It’s seems forever since Wrecking Ball was released, but even all these months after, the video is still very fresh, and stands out among the other nominees.Best Male Video Ed Sheeran (Sing) Eminem FT. They may be experiencing a bit of marital trouble at the moment, but to us, they’re still the ultimate power couple, and they should win this award hands down.
Cole FT TLC (Crooked Smile) Kelly Rowland (Dirty Laundry)There’s a few pretty good videos in this category this year, but we reckon Beyonce should, and will, take the award home for ‘Best Video with Social Message’. It looks at the pressures that are put on young girls, as we see Beyonce hurling in a toilet to try to be thinner, she measures her waist, and we also see her popping diet pills. Not only that, we see Beyonce ready to have botox injected into her face, and we see her wearing a white straight jacket, which depicts that she’s trapped by standards that have been set.

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