It's not for lack of trying: Reporters, activists, and politicians from across the ideological spectrum have pored over Trump's recent comments like Talmudic scholars, looking for a magic word that might explain what he would do with the nation's estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants.
Until recently it was assumed his position was the same as it was throughout the primaries: Deport them all, no exceptions. During prior immigration debates, politicians chose their language with extreme precision because the slightest shift in language might signal a new stance.
This time, though, immigration wonks are confronted with a candidate who seems to have little familiarity with existing policy and is willing to negotiate his own position aloud in real time. That sounded an awful lot like prior Republican compromises on immigration, including one high-profile effort from Jeb Bush. Sure enough, on Thursday, Trump issued another round of confusing statements to CNN's Anderson Cooper.
Under these plans, undocumented immigrants would briefly leave the country as a symbolic gesture, and then return on a path to legal status.

Politico's Seung Min Kim noted that Trump's running mate Mike Pence proposed just such a plan in 2006. But that analysis rested on the unproven assumption Trump realized immigrants who entered the country illegally are barred for years from applying for a visa under current law, sometimes permanently. The view was just as muddy for immigration hardliners supportive of Trump's prior calls to deport undocumented immigrants without exception.
But Trump already issued one immigration white paper last year that left things vague on deportations and one that he has contradicted repeatedly. While some pro-reform Republicans have mockingly invited Trump into their fold this week, Bush has learned better than to make any bold pronouncements after spending an entire campaign debating against Trump.
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Trump recently abandoned a detailed tax plan he released during the primaries as well in favor of a new proposal.
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Since then, Trump has struggled to articulate what that position is, leaving immigration observers scrambling for clues on one of his top issues. Could he do that after demanding President Obama lift his own executive orders shielding undocumented immigrants from deportation?

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