Published By Natalie Toman on September 10, 2013 For our second edition of Buchanan of the week we will be painting you a picture of the life of Art Attacks Neil Buchanan.
Neil then went onto start his career in children’s TV, his first television debut was on the Saturday morning show No 73.
Neil still continues to paint and is back  in the recording studio creating new music with Marseille. It now costs A?7,980 a term for a pupil to board at the school disliked by the Earl, pictured as a boy with Diana at Park House, Sandringham, in the summer of 1967a€?They just thought Ia€™d be fine in life anyway.
Born into a normal working class family Neil grew up like any other child in 60’s Liverpool.

The Band was called Marseille and they were part of the new wave of British Heavy Metal groups. After the show ceased production in 1988 Neil went on to present Motormouth, another very popular children’s show. He presented Motormouth along side TV  presenter Gaby Roslin until the show was cancelled in 1992.In 1990 Neil began presenting the TV show that would make him a childhood hero to millions.
He was a socialist who resented that everyone in the class was called Guinness, Whitbread or Spencer.a€™Former pupils of the preparatory school also include former Conservative MP Sir Adam Butler and John Ailwyn Fellowes, 4th Baron de Ramsey, a landowner who became the first chairman of the Environment Agency. He attended the Liverpool Institute High school, which is now the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and is sponsored by the Beetles front-man Paul McCartney, and  left school with 5 o-levels.

The two times Bafta award winning show Art Attack was a children’s show dedicated to everything Art and 6 million viewers would tune in each week to see Neil create more amazing Art. He tried to enroll at the Liverpool College of Art but was turned down due to his lack of qualifications.

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