Visually depicted as bra burning lesbians or hormonal monsters, prowling the internet looking for an unsuspecting misogynist to devour. As a graduate of Women’s Studies, my interest was peaked when I heard of the newest ‘movement’ sweeping across the web.
So what it is it about the F-word that gets people going so crazy?Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to condemn their opinions and decisions, I am going to point out the problem at the centre of this.
In my opinion the only problem with feminism is that people have the wrong definition of the movement itself. The fact that in today’s society there is a divide between women about their own rights, experiences and beliefs is nothing new. Feminism has long been separated into Liberal, Social and Radical and even during women’s suffrage, the word suffragette and suffragist had different connotations. What is important here is to realise that ‘rights’ can mean different things to different people. Feminists don’t simply say ‘I have rights, I’m fine’, instead they pursue this further and question a) whether this is true and b) the situation for all women across the world based on their varied lives.
In reality, there are different types of women all over the world with very different perspectives of what it means to be liberated. At the same time, two women from the very same socio-economic situation may want different things and feel entitled to varied rights.

This is intersectionality in a nutshell.Following on from this a common opinion on this page is that these women don’t need feminism because ‘they enjoy being mothers, relish in domestic duty and love their husbands’. Feminism is not about rejecting domesticity and motherhood and blaming everything on the patriarchy. Betty Friedan addressed the issue of the suburban housewife who was unable to escape a life dictated for her but the problem was not with motherhood, the problem was women didn’t feel they were choosing.
They should feel free to take on these roles as an individual while realising they are not condemned to these positions because of their gender. With regards to employment, feminists also largely fight the glass ceiling which represents the limit which women can reach within the workforce. This ‘ceiling’ also applies to some males within minority groups, this is a real concern as women on average are still being paid less than men for the same work across various sectors.Sexual violence, rape and promiscuity are also addressed on this page. Other comments read ‘just because a woman dresses like a slut, doesn’t mean she can get away with it by blaming the patriarchy’ followed closely with ‘I don’t need feminism because I am more afraid of feminists than I am of men’ and ‘I don’t believe all men are rapists, men get raped too’.Feminists are aware that both genders experience sexual violence, largely studies have proven that more women are raped than men but this doesn’t mean that men don’t experience sexual and domestic violence. These women believe that feminists see men as the problem when that is not the reality at all.
When people speak of the patriarchy they are speaking of an age-old institution which still has incredible social relevance.
It is a concept which not only puts down women but largely affects gay and lesbian people too.

Feminism aims to create an even playing field for all and the sad truth is, the message is being twisted and pulled apart.
The problem lies when people begin to see the extreme as society’s paradigm of the typical feminist. The people responding to this group believe that their closest representation of feminism is the true version of the movement. There is a difference between the sexes, that is true but while the WAF say this is their liberation, women who are suffering from the oppression state otherwise and rightly so.
One cannot simply say that all feminists are sexist as this is a generalisation and it is because of stereotypes and generalisations like these that we find ourselves in this current situation. This is the 21st century and I believe we all need feminism, because Women Against Feminism exists.  Feminism.

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