HIGH POWER SMD 365 nm, 415 nm, 633 nm, 660 nm, 780 nm, 810 nm and 830 nm Leds 1 and 3 watt available plus mixed wavelengths.
Although we generally only make to specific requirements, certain types and frequencies can be made available to genuine qualified volume customers on a sample evalutation basis. All products are generally manufactured in the main hubs of LED production, with plants in Korea, Taiwan and China under ISO9001 quality certification and fully conform to RoHS and where required UL. Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltd would like to remind you that the following cautions should be taken while operating the uv leds : (1) Do not look directly into the UV LED or look through the optical system!
Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltd would like to remind you that the following cautions should be taken while operating the uv leds : 1) Do not look directly into the UV LED or look through the optical system! The modular nature of our products allows you to source at the component, sub-system, or system level, depending on your need and the stage of product development. Gratings for Ocean Optics spectrometers are permanently fixed in place at the time of manufacture to ensure long-term performance and stability. The Groove Density (mm-1) of a grating determines its dispersion, while the angle of the groove determines the most efficient region of the spectrum.
For example 254 nm would be 249 nm to 259 nm and 415 nm would be 410 nm to 415 nm or 415 nm to 420 nm. 3DZ can also assist potential users in the design, development and integration of LEDs into their systems.

The greater the groove density, the better the optical resolution possible, but the more truncated the spectral range. Our value added services include circuit design, software development, control, cooling and optics.
Our company is a high-tech products manufacturing company specializing in the R&D, production, sale and service of professional UV LEDs, packaging, lighting and application of complete series of high-power LEDs. When selecting your grating, consider groove density (resolution), spectral range (wavelength range) and blaze wavelength (determines the most efficient range). We offer ruled and holographic diffraction gratings.
When you choose a starting wavelength for a spectrometer, you add its spectral range to the starting wavelength to determine the wavelength range. For example, Grating H1 has about a 430 nm spectral range, but is most efficient from 200-575 nm. It is recommended that a wrist band or an anti-electrostatic glove be used when handling the LEDs. Holographic gratings produce less stray light while ruled gratings are more reflective, resulting in higher sensitivity. For several gratings, the Spectral Range of a grating varies according to the starting wavelength range. In this case, wavelengths >575 nm will have lower intensity due to the grating’s reduced efficiency.

Our company recruits talents from all directions and has a professional R&D team and the most advanced production equipment. The rule of thumb is: the higher the starting wavelength, the more truncated the spectral range.
By virtue of rich development experience, strong technical force, strict quality management, advanced equipment and intensive style of work, our company has created outstanding products and also whole-heatedly provides customers with high-quality, safe, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and steady products and thoughtful services. UV LED: our company is the earliest manufacturer engaging in UV LEDs with the most complete series of products, the most stable quality and the most competitive prices. The wavelength of products with a complete range of specifications at UV UVA, UVB and UVC stages is from short to long and the power is from small to big. There are many choices for product angles and shapes (patch, straight cutting, super flux, copy lumen packaging). Tianhui Electronics strictly abides by the harmonious and undertaking-starting development principle, treats our staff well, has an amicable relationship with our staff, and has created the enterprise atmosphere of All for One and One for All. Tianhui Electronics Technology always takes aiding the poor and concerning the weak groups as our social mission, and repays to the society with love.

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