3M provides tape and adhesive solutions for attachment, bonding, fastening, joining, security, product indentification and protection, to meet the requirements of the electronics industry. Rolls of pressure sensitive adhesive pre-applied to a special release liners available with a variety of adhesive properties, including high tack, high temperature resistance and adhesion to low surface energy plastics. A thermosetting film adhesive designed for adhering stiffeners to heat spreaders and also stiffeners to organic substrates such as polymide flexible circuit tape (TAB), and BT Resin in Integrated Circuit Packaging. High performance electrically conductive adhesive products that can be used to mechanically and electrically bond flexible circuits. 3M Bonding Films are thermoplastic films that reach up to 900 psi shear in seconds to speed assembly. 3M Clean Seal Tapes are used in the manufacturing of hard disk drives and related electronics products. Adhesives coated on both sides of paper, film and tissue carriers to increase the dimensional stability of the adhesive for easy handling and application.
3M™ Foil Tapes with high performance pressure sensitive adhesive that can manage electromagnetic interference from internal and external sources. 2-part epoxy elastomer for reusable gasketing and contamination barrier on hard disk drive covers. These tapes provide masking protection to key areas of Printed Circuit Boards during wave sodering and chemical bath processing.
These tapes are printable and die cuttable; making them well suited for label and identification applications. 3M Pressure Sensitive Label Materials designed to survive challenging environments and manufacturing processes.
3M Liquid Structural Adhesives are load-bearing formulations for bonds often as strong as, or stronger than the materials joined. 3M™ Optically Clear Adhesives (OCA) are highly specialized optically clear free-film adhesive offering superior clarity and excellent adhesion to various types of transparent substrates.
Removable pressure sensitive film tapes to protect products from scratching, marring, and chipping during production and shipping.
These tapes and films provide high thermal conductivity by focusing on the two areas that matter most: bulk conductivity and interface conductivity. 3M™ Viscoelastic Damping Polymers have different damping temperature ranges and can be used in a variety of electronic industry applications. 3M™ introduces the “Next-Generation” of adhesive technology, designed to improve your IC packaging and assembly processes.

Unique all-acrylic foam construction provides extremely high bond strength to many surfaces under demanding environmental conditions. The XPEL Headlight Protection Kit provides a durable, scratch-resistant film to cover and protect headlights and fog lights. Probably the most common issue seen with composite headlamps is the sandblasting caused by rocks, road salt, debris and sand. With the average cost of replacement head lamps and fog lamps spiraling to nearly $300, it is nice to know that there is a product available to protect your car against the perils of the open road. The material may be gently pulled back up in areas if necessary to reposition the kit, or if you find that you have trapped dirt, air or an excessive amount of solution under the material. Any attempt to pull the material back up must be done within 10 minutes of application or excessive stretching will occur, so check the kit often for bubbles. The material seemed to be of a lighter gauge than the 3M plastic I installed on my Toyota 4Runner Ltd 2000. These headlight units are quite expensive (I had to replace one once) and to spend $70 to protect them is money well spent.
Autogeek has the best car wax, car care products, and auto detailing supplies to give your vehicle the perfect show winning shine.
This pitting and cracking not only affects the appearance, but it also reduces the performance of your lights.
XPEL's Light Protection Kits are made from a proprietary, scratch-resistant, urethane material coupled with the strongest optically clear adhesive available. You will need a hair dryer or heat gun, a spray bottle of water and 2-3 drops of baby shampoo or liquid soap, and the squeegee tool included with the kit.
The plastic is very resilient and can be stretched extensively without harming the kit. Do not worry about small pockets of solution trapped under the material, as over time the solution will evaporate, making the spot unnoticeable. If you accidentally stretch the material too far, you may end up with the kit overlapping the edges of the panel. Please enter the sub-model if applicable.International and expedited shipping not available. My 2011 has rather large headlight units with multiple compound angles and that presented some difficulty in getting all the pieces applied properly. Their superior depth of cure, rapid cure speed and easy dispensability can save valuable processing time in both UV and visible light curing assembly environments.

Clean Air® High Performance Air Quality Products Collinite Car Wax Products Connolly Hide Care Leather Products Covercraft CTEK Battery Chargers Custom UVS Heat Shield CR Spotless Water Deionization Systems Cyclo Orbital Polisher & Accessories Dakota Odor Eliminator Products Dash Mat Dashboard Covers DeFelsko® Electronic Paint Thickness Gauges Dewalt Polishers & Buffers Dodo Juice Carnauba Car Waxes Detailer's Helper Detailing Belt Dr. In some extreme cases, more commonly seen with fog lights mounted near to the ground, this can actually cause the lights to crack, allowing moisture to form inside the lens. Acting like a wax, the adhesive fills in the surface defects, creating a shiny consistent surface while protecting from any further damage. Designed for maximum durability, these light covers were originally tested under the harshest of circumstances with amazing results. ColorChip Paint Chip Repair Systems Dupray Steam Cleaners Duragloss Car Care Products Eclipse Retractable Windshield Sun Shade 1Z Einszett Car Care Products Eurosport Daytona License Plates and Accessories EZ Detail Motorcycle Brush Finish Kare FLEX Polishers - FREE BONUSES!
XPEL Headlamp Protection Film is non-yellowing and offers environmental resistance as well as super gloss retention and superior optical clarity. Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer Foam Wash Gun with FREE BONUS Foam Cannon HP - Pressure Washer Cannon Four Star Ultimate Car Care Products On Sale! XPEL Headlamp Protection Film is laminated with a high performance acrylic adhesive, which has excellent adhesion on a broad range of surfaces.
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