3M™ Super 77™ Multipurpose Adhesive is a high tack, high coverage and fast drying for permanently attaching foils, carpeting, lightweight foams, paper, cardboard, felt and, cloth to painted or unpainted metals, wood and hardboard.3M aerosol adhesives go to the job and are always ready when needed. 3M 90 Hi-Strength Spray AdhesiveA fast, high strength, sprayable contact adhesive for demanding applications such as woodworking or metal bonding.
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Only a finger's tough puts a job-matched formulation to work on paper, plastic, cardboard, foam, metal and more.3M introduced the first industrial-grade aerosol adhesive over 40 years ago, and now you can select froma wide range of preformance and application characteristics for production and maintenance jobs. Most 3M aerosol adhesives also have a controlled spray pattern to help minimize overspray and cleanup.3M aerosol adhesives contain no methylene chloride, chloroflourocarbons (CFCs), or 1,1,1-trichlorethane (methyl chloroform), and most are California compliant.

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