Narrow Band UVB Light manufacturers, Narrow Band UVB Light exporters, Narrow Band UVB Light suppliers, Narrow Band UVB Light OEM service. UVB Narrow Band causes less sun burning or erythemal effect than other treatments such as UVB Broadband. Clinical studies have shown that the peak therapeutic effectiveness of UVB to be between 295 to 313 nm and that wavelengths below (shorter) than roughly 300 nm are more likely to cause a strong erythemal response or severe burning. UVB Narrow Band is in the 311-313 nm range and causes less burning than shorter wavelengths.
The bulb used in this UV lamp is approved by the FDA for the treatment of Vitiligo and Psoriasis. To give improved protection in transit these units are supplied in shaped polystyrene cases.
This device comes with a comb attachment for treatment of scalp, protective UV goggles, a LCD Timer and English manuals. The light guiding and rounded comb attachment defines the distance between device and scalp for precise treatment of the scalp.It is used for the effective treatment of Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Eczema and similar conditions.

To treat areas of the body other than scalp which are not easily accessible the comb can be detached. In this way it used for the treatment of Vitiligo on body parts other than scalp.It is the best option for people who are fed up of hospital phototherapy and need phototherapy at home. It can be used to treat photo-responsive skin disorders such as psoriasis, Vitiligo, atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases. Anything else instead of this device would be a compromise as it is the most economical device and has got variety of features. The application is not recommended when having psoriasis and atopic dermatitis during a strong aggravation, in a stationary stage or in a stage of remission (to remove an aggravation it is necessary to use other methods and the ways of treatment).ATTENTION! It is strictly forbidden to look at a working lamp without special UV protective eyewear such as UV absorbing spectacles!
Protect your eyes and the eyes of the people around you!The enhanced UV-B-radiation dozes are capable to cause strong skin burns! During the therapy procedures, it is necessary to strictly respect the distance up to the skin and the exposition time!

The exposure time should be supervised by means of the timer!How to use lamp?In therapeutic dozes narrow-band UV-B-radiation influences differentially various cells of the skin: has local immunosuppressed value (weaken the activity of immune cells), forces up the reproduction and propagation of melanocytes (pigment cells), leads to norm the proliferation of keratinocytes (the basic cells of epidermis). Due to his effects is able to render positive influence on skin having such pathologies as Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis, Circumscribed Alopecia etc.How could we explain narrow-band UV-B-radiation effect?The matter is that the studies conducted to determine the most effective wavelengths for the treatment of psoriasis and other skin diseases revealed that wavelengths between 305 and 315 nm are responsible for most of the therapeutic effect. The narrow-band ultraviolet (narrow-band UV-B) emission at 311 to 312 nm gets very deep into the skin to the external layers of dermis and with different effect influences different cells of the skin.
During pregnancy, only supporting soft phototherapy can be advised.Before and after vitiligo and psoriasis treatment.

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