Pat & Auther Munson (Tadley)Richard came to usearlier in the year and fitted all new doors inside the house.
Jane (Tadley)Richard is a lovely guy who carries out all of his work to the highest standards! Sidney (Beggerwood)In addition, they all gave you high scores for quality of work, customer service and value for money and stated they would recommend you to a friend. Karen Noad (Tadley)Richard has fitted a lovely new kitchen in my house and also new double glazed windows and door. Chris & Mark (Oakridge)The pigs ear hand rail has made a big difference to aid us up and down the stairs.
We understand that you need to find someone you can trust who offers quality work at an affordable price.

Richard provides a professional service to the Basingstoke area and surrounding areas throughout Hampshire within a 50 mile radius. All Richarda€™s work is fully guaranteed and he offers an all inclusive installation service. Wewere very impressed with him and asked him if he would fit a new kitchen for us, later in the year.
Plus the UPVC windows and door has made the house much warmer and the sound levels outside have been reduced dramaticly. Richard offers a Very high standard of work that can be delivered on time, and on budget to suit the clients needs. With now many years of experience he has a great understanding on how the work is carried out so that the job can run smoothly.

Carrying out a wide range of jobs, from Changing locks to fitting a new kitchen and all the jobs inbetween. Trusted trader so you can have piece of mind when hiring Richard for your next project, As many customers have found out. We are a family company with a dedicated team of experts that have many years of experience in joinery and carpentry with excellent craftsmanship.
Will be inviting you back to do the hallway and dining room when we get round to doing those.

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