Preschool children ages 3 through 5 years can create imaginative crafts using different types of wood. An Introduction to Wood CraftsPreschoolers are in the process of making new explorations and first discoveries. Peg and Hole ActivitiesWhile drilling a hole through wood with an electric tool isn't safe for young children, filling a hole with a matching sized peg is. Wood Stampers and PrintsA preschooler can create her own stamper or printing plate with a block of wood and modeling clay.
Here you will find stories and photos of the many wonderful activities and events that involve the students, families and staff of East Middle School.

Age-appropriate activities should engage the young child in hands-on exploration and use items such as ice-pop sticks, scrap wood and blocks, along with paints, school glue and even modeling clay. Before you jump into a wood craft project, set it up with an engaging introductory activity. These materials allow preschoolers to explore, investigate and create in a way that goes well beyond the typical coloring-with-crayons art activity.
If you have a large number of children, break them down into more manageable groups of three or four.
For example, a circle that is surrounded by triangles makes a sun, or a circle with two triangles at the top makes a cat.

Use the pegs as a loom for the child to weave yarn in and out of, making a colorful pattern. This allows the preschoolers to familiarize themselves with the tools of the trade before they actually use them.
The children can explore the art-making process by painting pieces of wood or by gluing pieces together.

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