The Three Ring Adventure is one of the wood swing sets that would be perfect for kids that love to swing along-side their family and friends. This is one of the rare wood swing sets that can bring the whole family together while costing much less. Don't worry, our wood swing sets are delivered to you partially pre-assembled making the installation quick and easy.
With over 10,000 satisfied customers and counting, we take pride in offering exceptional customer service. Wanted to share our photos with you for our Kid's Creations Playset for inclusion in your contest. After sliding down the 10' wave slide, the swiveling tire swing and rock climbing wall will provide even more adventure.
If you look closely, you will notice the precise hand-crafted details that makes Kid's Creations swing sets the safest play structures in the market.
We have recently stained the set with Behr Redstain to add protection from the hot Texas sun. Underneath the canopy is a spacious play deck with a steering wheel and telescope for imaginative play.

All corners are rounded and all hardware components are recessed to prevent cuts and scrapes.
That means more time for kids to begin to engineer their own dreams; right in your backyard.
The quality is exceptional and several of my neighbors asked for the website so they can do a little research.
It was so nice to see that she was able to climb the steps by herself (which she was not able to do with the Rainbow swing sets) and use the slide. We have 4 children ages 2-12, and they along with their friends and other kids from the neighborhood here absolutely love this thing to death. A couple of things were missing but the guys improvised so it could be safetly used & came back with the correct parts. Although it is large enough to place in the home, but it doesn’t mean you are fail to have it to be installed in your home. We live in Maryland where the weather can be bad in the winter, but we use the swing set 10 months out of the year! Build an own playground at home, of course can be the effective media to make your children feel happy at home and being always satisfied with it.

If your children are dominated by ages under 5 years old, try to use medium size but if they are 5 years old or above, you can use a larger one. My kids, along with all the neighborhood kids spent the entire weekend playing on the system. Having the confidence in the safety factor of swing sets makes play time all the more enjoyable. This was the best purchase we made when we bought out new house and all of us are so happy with the set!! I have referred many customers to your swing sets, including my neighbor who purchased one right away!

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