We'?re continuing our Christmas in July with more amazing pictured tutorials for homemade gifts, DIY decorating, free printables, and recipes. If you love these homemade tutorials? then you?ll find a THOUSAND more just as creative over on the Tip Junkie Christmas and Homemade Gifts site! Steph PaxmanSteph lives in the Pacific Northwest where she can usually be found cutting or gluing something.
Great Idea…Love it…Just curious, how did you keep it from cracking when you drilled it and did you cure or season the wood slices before you put the vinyl on it?
In fact, even the holiday season seems to be passing a little too quickly for me, and I still have some more decorating to do. If you have been here before then you likely already know how much I love rustic elements, which is why we incorporated so many in our handcrafted wedding.
Last year I was really hoping to cut some slices off the stump of our Christmas tree, and make one from that but it just wasn’t gonna happen in our tiny apartment or small balcony. Well now that we have the space in our current {rental} home I plan to cut some slices from our Christmas tree this year, but that will be for next year’s ornaments {and a new tradition!}. In fact, I made a lot of new ornaments from branches this year, some of which will be given as gifts or used as gift tags. I did this last year and not only did I enjoy making them, but I loved how they turned out too! Whether you are looking to DIY your own wedding ornament or are looking for a personalized gift idea these ornaments are sure to spread some holiday cheer!
The first thing I did was cut some wood slices out of branches using our compound miter saw. After the text was reflected I printed it out from my ink jet printer {I don’t believe this will work with a laser printer} and onto plain copy paper. I decided to transfer the text to my ornament first because I didn’t want to take a chance of it getting messed up after I Mod Podged our photo on. So once your paper is printed and cut out you want to flip it over so the ink is facing the wood. You can then take a small paintbrush and brush the water on top of the paper, making sure to keep it in place.
You just don’t want the paper to tear or move while you are transferring the ink over or it could smudge it. You can see in the photo below that my 3 smeared a little bit {oops}, and that the ink is a little lighter once it dries.
I then cut the picture out of the photo paper and placed the ornament on top where I wanted it to cover the image. I decided at the last minute to go over the back text with the sharpie marker and then sprayed it with some clear Mod Podge sealer.

I was a little too impatient though and didn’t let it dry long enough so it actually smeared a bit when I sprayed it. Then, once the ornament was dry I added a small eye hook to the top and tied on some baker’s twine.
The best way I found to do it is to first use a thumbtack and then after you put your eye hook in the hole you can twist it in tighter with pliers.
If you are planning a winter wedding I think these rustic ornaments could also make for a super fun favor idea, don’t you? The images and text have already been reversed for you, but here is what they will look like once they are transferred over.
I wanted to know what kind of paper you use for writing (our 1st christmas) and what type of paper for the photo. We are in the midst of combining blogs and updating our shop, so things may seem a bit wonky around here. As much as I enjoy creating custom invitations I recently decided to take a break so that I can focus back on posting here at least a few times a month, update my shop, and ya know eventually get to my vendor page.
I saw this tutorial last year by Inspired by Charm about adding photos to wood slices, and knew that was exactly what I wanted to do for our wedding ornament.
Afterwards I baked them in the oven on low for about an hour or so, flipping them halfway through. I am including some free designs and text at the bottom of this post in case you want to use them on any of your DIY ornaments. You don’t want to use cardstock or heavy paper because it will be more difficult for the ink to transfer onto the wood. You don’t want it too wet that it tears right away, but wet enough where you can start to read the text through the paper.
This basically just means scratching it over the paper in all directions, while keeping the paper in place. This makes things sooooooo much easier, and you can actually do several without hurting your fingers. And of course this idea could be used for other events down the line, like maybe a baby’s first Christmas? The design should at least transfer over enough for you to see it and go over it with a sharpie or wood burning tool.
I am also including some other holiday sayings and a moose, bear and deer silhouette in case you want to make some other DIY ornaments.
I'm Katie and I hope to inspire you and your big day with DIY ideas, personalized wedding details, handcrafted tutorials & {soon to be} vendor information.
Perfect for crashing in front of the tv with a movie on a rainy day, these ornaments aren'?t going to break when they fall off the tree!

This post is perfect if you have never made dough ornaments before because it is filled with tips and tricks to making these fun ornaments! You can make gift ornaments these to match whatever paper you are using or just to hang them on the tree. Using cinnamon applesauce dough and a cookie cutter you'?ll be able to create these great ornaments! Welcome to Craftaholics Anonymous® where you can find all sorts of craft tutorials and creative ideas for your home, kids, and holidays.
I did this to make sure the wood was dry and to kill any critters that may have been on them.
This step is VERY important if you are transferring text onto your wood slice, otherwise it will be backwards once you transfer it. Of course if you have nice handwriting or drawing skills you can skip the image transfer all together and just go straight to writing on your wood slice. You could just cut a circle but I wanted my photo to cover the entire front of the wood slice and since wood slices aren’t perfectly round I found tracing it was easier. You could also drill a hole but I like using the eye hooks but sometimes twisting them in can be a pain.
Full Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning if click through and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.
Hang it on a tree or use as a holiday decoration around the house, or give it as a gift to a family member. I find that using the end of a small detail paint brush works really well and also makes for one less item for me to worry about. I then cut around the inside of the line to make sure to avoid the sharpie smearing, just as a precaution.
So whether you are looking to DIY your entire wedding, or just a project or two, I encourage you to browse around & be inspired! Make sure to use some force but it may take a little practice so having a few extra wood slices on hand wouldn’t hurt.
Doing the transfer method makes it easy to get those fonts or images on the slice that I can then go over if I want to. Be sure to visit my shop for DIY invitations, and you can also check out home DIY projects over at my other blog, Mountain Modern Life.

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