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From all reviews, it's a good entry-level plane, perhaps not as ideal as Lie-Nielsen or Lee Valley, but with some tuning, it's supposed to be excellent. I needed a plane to hand plane a two dimensional taper on the top rail of the English five bar field gate I built. A Stanley Tradition since 1843 - Stanley reintroduces their Sweet Heart logo with a new line of premium hand planes.

Frog and base are cast as one piece to greatly reduce chatter and make planing more effective and enjoyable.
The frog and base are cast as one piece to greatly reducechatter and make planing more effective and enjoyable. 62 is 63mm wide by 350mm long with a 50mm wide blade thats installed bevel up without a cap iron. If you're a woodworker, finding an old Stanley tool with their Sweet Heart logo is like finding a treasure, and many consider these hand planes to be the best of the best.

Jack planes with bevel-up irons are among the most useful planes because they can be used in place of a jointer plane on short boards, and for smoothing.
The front knob and tote are genuine American Cherry for user comfort with Norris type adjustment for ease of use and adjustable throat plate for different types of wood.

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