Privacy fences are generally a minimum of 6 ft in height and can be custom built to 8 ft or 10 ft, in both the stockade (boards are side by side) or board on board (boards overlap for no daylight) versions. Please browse our gallery of custom wood privacy fences and contact us today for a free estimate, to surround your home with a fence from Mossy Oak. If you are going to make a privacy fence, it quite relates with the height and the detailing. Any fence that separates your yard from the world at large can be considered a privacy fence. We showcase here our most recent, attractive Wooden Fence Designs we've installed and constructed including Absolute Privacy designs.
If you thought privacy fences were designed to be purely functional, protecting you from unsightly views or annoying neighbors, think again.
The price per foot is clear from the outset, and professionals can install an average yard fence in a couple of days. A fence gives your property a neat, trim look and can fit into a narrower space than a hedge.
Hedges can reduce noise and dust pollution, filling your yard with cleaner, more breathable air. A hedge is a fence that grows, so you can save money on both plants and the labor needed to plant them by starting small and letting time work its magic. In a yard with large outcroppings or rock or slopes and bumps, digging holes for hedge plants may be a far less elaborate undertaking than trying to anchor fence posts. Although hedges may not be subject to the same local codes as fences, check thoroughly before making final choices. When you plant a hedge, sometimes the price of success can be as high as the price of failure. There are two numerous types of decorative fencing that are installed, a wood privacy fence, vinyl privacy fence, and other privacy fences made of fence related material like iron and composites. Construction Diagnosis – The first step in calculating privacy fence prices is accurateA measurement of dimensionsA of the installation involved. Fence Material Selection – Step two is deciding the type of fence you wish to have installed. Ensuring Essentials and Benefits – The next step is to decide the height of enclosure and gaps of the slats to ensure privacy wanted. The average cost of a wooden enclosure is around $10 per foot if you purchase 4-feet fences and approximately $15 per foot if you opt for the 6-foot privacy fences. One is advised to render his decision wisely and not just to simply base his decision on the privacy fence prices. The applications for wood privacy fencing can be multipurpose, visually blocking the view from the outside in or the inside out and for containment (keeping in children and pets).
Mossy Oak Fence has been the industry standard by which all other fence companies are compared, when it comes to innovation and design.
To see this image in High Resolutions, right click on the image and choose "Save Image As" and then you will get this image about privacy fence design. If you are walking down to the some elegant houses, you might find out many kind of the privacy fence. Since this privacy fencing is flexible, it should have almost such an alignment which is from the long sweeping curves.
Photos links to beautiful fence designs, wood fence, wood picket fence designs, privacy fence designs, iron fence, vinyl Step by step process with photos of fence designs They are privacy and shelter.

Fences mark boundaries, limit access and control wind, sun and noise There is no end to the amount of designs you can come up with and it’s well worth spending time on this aspect of your garden. I briefly explore options in wood fencing, which offers some of the best choices for keeping your landscape intimate.
For all your wooden fence needs, we provide wood privacy fences, picket fences and fence gates. But, as the kids get bigger and the whole neighborhood seems to get noisier, it would be nice to have more privacy in your yard, to entertain or just relax. You can save money by doing the installation yourself, though it may be worth the extra cost to get the job done professionally and promptly. A fence works best when houses are close together or you need to follow a path to the back door. Choose an evergreen like arborvitae at you can shear into a formal shape or a bushy one that creates a thick green wall between you and the rest of the world. Like trees, hedging can provide dense shade, cooling areas that make your yard uncomfortable and raise your energy costs.
One home-improvement service that calculates the average costs of wood, vinyl and chain link fencing reports 2013 costs per foot of between $17 and $28, depending on material and quality. Transplant shock can result in plants that turn brown and die or just fail to grow as well as others. Bargain catalog plants may be much smaller than described, and condition may be questionable.  Local nursery plants can run from $20 to $80 apiece, depending on variety and size. Knowing how wide your plants will spread as they grow can be critical information in the face of local rules about setbacks from the property line.  Your favorite shrub may not pass muster with local rules about pedestrian and driver visibility.
The reason for this is in order for them to have privacy as well as to stop nosy neighbors and other people from being where they dona€™t belong.
When you compare privacy fence pricing, the wooden type is cheaper compared to the vinyl type. You will need to measure the size of your property to calculate how many feet of material you will need to fully enclose your property. Select from wood or vinyl keeping in mind the wood fence will need to be replaced sooner than the vinyl fencing. Consider the amount of privacy you will need but dona€™t pick something so high that it will take away from the natural beauty of your property.
If you have a backyard that is approximate 200 feet, you will end up paying from $2000 to $3000 if you compare privacy fence prices. If your property needs 300 feet, the cost of a wooden fence will be from $4000 to $5000 but vinyl fencing prices will be double or more compared to the wood privacy fence prices. Building our fences this way allows for the use of full size custom materials, not the cheap thin walled material found in most pre-built panels. These add a feeling of privacy PROWELL'S PREMIER GARDEN WOOD FENCE DESIGNS * Fence Panels Wall-Top Pony Panels are the sole design rights of Charles Ben Prowell.
Privacy is one, added style to your home is two and three, they For more options, see Custom Cedar Fence Gate Designs.
Designing one Advent Fence Company wood privacy fences Charleston Trimtop fencing Shadow Box fence scallop dome cut Dog-ear Check out our wood privacy fence pictures, installation and pricing! All of our wood fences are all other fence companies are compared, when it comes to innovation and design. Unless you want the classic white picket wood fence, which will need painting every year or so, there are lots of fence materials like chain link, treated wood and vinyl that last 10 to 20 years without any maintenance.

A fence also won’t extend into a neighbor’s yard the way a hedge would if placed on the property line. Some, like juniper, cypress and yew, come in a wide range of colors, textures, shapes and mature sizes, so it’s important to know just how the variety you prefer will behave. In the city of Fresno, CA, for example, a front-yard fence cannot be more than three feet high. Setting boundaries can be challenging, but choosing a material both you and your neighbors regard as a good-looking property improvement makes drawing the line easier.
Fences also act as security guards from unwanted and uninvited visitors who dona€™t have the homeownera€™s well being at heart. Do not order the exact amount of needed material, account 5% more to the privacy fence prices calculation to add 5% more of the material to cover potential errors to avoid shortages. This cost does not include removal of things that may be in the way such as large rocks or trees and plants.
On the other hand, and a low-priced fence does not necessarily mean that the quality is not good. Another advantage to stick built wood fences, is the ability to roll with any type of terrain without the method of "stair stepping" which leaves a gap at the bottom corner of each panel as it tries to traverse a slope. We use materials like Pressure Treated Pine, Cypress and Western Red Cedar that are known for their unique quality as fence components.
Both a fence and a hedge can add to your privacy, but there are a number of pros and cons to consider for each one. No watering, fertilizing or trimming.  A fence lets a busy homeowner do other things with his or her time. Unless ground is level and free of rocks, digging holes for posts can turn into a big and expensive job.  Tailoring a fence to a slope adds more challenges, and possibly more cost. New hedge plants need steady water, and growing plants need fertilizer, weeding and sometimes disease protection. There are many aspects to take into consideration to accurately determine privacy fence prices, such as the kind of fences one has. One of the benefits of using the vinyl version is that it is very easy to maintain compared to other types. When you see how important fence for your house, you might have to think about making such a great privacy fence. It’s important to find out the regs in your community before deciding about building a fence.
Removing dead leaves, checking for insects and removing damaged branches are regular seasonal chores needed to make your new or old hedge look good. 3300 Eric Lane, Edmond, Oklahoma See our wood designs below to see if one of these styles suit your fencing needs. With a little extra care, you can nurture smaller shrubs into a big, beautiful hedge while saving a lot of money. Related to privacy fence prices, the vinyl material enclosure costs slightly more than double the cost of the wooden enclosure but because of easy maintenance and extended durability, they are well worth the investment.

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