Both of the circle-cutting tools work, however there are two reasons that I chose the Lie-Nielsen cutter. Glen Huey is a former managing editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, a period furniture maker and author of numerous woodworking books, videos and magazine articles. Also, thanks for providing the details on the differences between your chest versus the original, very interesting. I’m sorry to say that switching cutter blades between the two radius cutters is not a possibility. We published these plans in collections (scroll to the bottom to see all our collections) and ordered this list based on the number of times each individual plan received a visit. Sign up for our newsletter and you’ll see all the most popular plans of 2009 as we find them! Walking through the entrance of the Mercer Museum isn’t quite what one would expect from one of the United States’ most complete collections of 18th- and 19th-century tools.
Just as a visitor moving from the entry into the museum is struck by the stark contrast, Mercer’s life and philosophy reflect a similar change.
Web site: Find out how Laura Swain came to reside at Fonthill, Henry Mercer’s castle-like home. And don’t even get me started on the alternatives to a chisel rack: Chisel boxes and rolls take up too much valuable space on your bench, and keeping the chisels in the bench’s tool tray just adds to the clutter that collects there. What most woodworkers need is a rack that holds all their chisels upright where they can grab them. The first thing to do is to measure a few dimensions on your chisels with a ruler and a dial caliper.

Then measure the width of each chisel (don’t assume that what is marked on the tool is correct).
The stop piece, which is located below the spacers, accomplishes two things: First, it keeps all the chisels at the same height. Now that you know the size of the spacers, the space that needs to go between them and the lengths of the blades, you can calculate the dimensions of your front and back pieces (don’t forget to add some width for the stop piece). Plane down all the pieces you’ll need for the rack, then rip and crosscut all your pieces to size. Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press.
There is an inlay-related tools that I find extremely useful that come from North of the border. The LN cutter has two holes in each blade, whereas the Veritas blade uses a slotted opening for a center screw to pass.
Well, here are the top 38 free woodworking plans in order of how many people visited them from our site so you can see for yourself. As a youth he traveled frequently with his mother and his aunt throughout southern Italy and the Middle East, but it wasn’t until after he graduated from Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania that he developed a true appreciation for those cultures. It does everything we want it to do and it can be hung anywhere in the shop (on a bench, a wall or even a cabinet side) thanks to a clever cleat. This might seem like a lot, but it allows you to grab any chisel without rapping your knuckles against its neighbor.
You glue the spacers between the front and back pieces, then you screw a cleat to the back of the rack to hang it.

If you plan to do inlay work, I am a fan of, and would highly suggest that you pick up, a Veritas Groove Cutter (05K12.13) (Shown below). Also, the LN blade does not fit over the keeper pin that Veritas uses to keep its blade from slipping.
The Victorian era was in full swing when Mercer was born, and as he grew up he saw the massive changes the Industrial Revolution brought to every aspect of life.
And they need to be able to move the rack off the bench when they’re assembling big projects there. Most chisel racks I’ve seen place the tools’ handles too close together so you’re always fishing out the specimen you need. On a Lie-Nielsen cutter, the pivot point is taller and has a smaller diameter than found on the Veritas cutter. This tool is great for excavating scratched grooves that are not quite deep enough – that’s how I used the groove cutter. Run the bottom edge over your jointer (or clean it up with a hand plane), then rip the rack to width on your table saw to clean up the top edge. Or, if you are so anti-cord that you do not own a router, a groove cutter allows you to scratch in a straight line if you guide your cut with a straightedge.

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