And even in the United States, where supersonic flight is banned because of Federal Aviation Administration sonic boom restrictions, the Supersonic Business JetA will be able to fly at a high subsonic speed of Mach 0.98 because of its unique, patented wing design, reducing coast-to-coast travel by 41 minutes vs. In November, Gulfstream announced delivery of its first fully outfitted G280 aircraft, its new best-in-class super mid-sized business jet, to a U.S. The new larger lavatory space is accented by two windows, a modern sink with raised ledge, and the inclusion of a full-length closet that makes in-flight outfit changes a snap.
The cabin also provides a more generously sized, ergonomically designed galley area that features an extra-large ice drawer and cooled storage, a sink with hot and cold water, and increased storage capacity. Updated G280 seats are a generous 21 inches (53 cm) from side-to-side, and feature new styling details such as a telescoping headrest, an articulating seat pan for full-flat berthing, and an optional recliner-style leg rest.

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The next set of photos have French fighter jets in them and they’re called Dassault Rafale. Apart from Aerion, other companies like Cessna, Sukhoi, Russian aircraft giant Tupolev, the US’s Supersonic Aerospace International and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is also in process of getting SBJs back on track. Aerion Corporation said it had already received $4 billion in orders for the supersonic jet, that is expected to hit the skies in 2014.A Quite a few orders for the SBJ had come from the Middle East, where the concept of the airliner was presented at the Dubai Airshow in 2007. Next, we have F16 fighter jet wallpapers, both in standard 4:3 and a Full HD widescreen version.

Finally, we have the fighter jet photos of F18 planes, which are mainly used by the US Navy.

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