I figured if I couldn’t save my beloved VURM then I could at least honor its memory by replacing it with something cool and homemade.
When all your stuff is de-ickified, you should start your build by cutting off a section of wood. Your drill is going to deliver a terrifying amount of torque as it bores through the wood, so it is highly advisable to secure your plank beforehand.
Assuming that you’re smarter than I am, you should finish drilling without any serious incident. Since I had some of the same stain leftover, I just stained over the edges after I touched them up. I’d like to thank Jane for being super-awesome and letting me share this project with you guys. I had been looking for plans to make a wine rack but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for so decided to design my own.
Once you cut the Vertical Supports keep them matched by marking them with a piece of chalk. Next I took the Maple and ran it through the planer until it got the same thickness as the dado. I used a scrap piece of Walnut that I ran through the dado to make sure that the Maple fit in the groove.
I wanted the Maple supports to be exactly square so I set up my table saw width using the planed Maple boards.
Sand all the Walnut pieces since it will be really difficult to sand them when the wine rack is put together.
If your sawing was very precise then it might take some tapping to persuade the Maple pieces into place.
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Stand up computer desk plans how to Download stand up computer desk plans PDFAll treadmills and elliptical trainers are different. If the love of good wine, properly displayed, is one of your desires, you can learn how to make wood wine racks, of course.
For the individual who feels confident in woodworking, and certainly for the experience builder, making one-of-a-kind wood racks for those precious wine bottles is a great idea. It would be wise to discuss what kind of racks you want, perhaps sharing ideas with family and friends.
I discovered this nice wooden wine storage system in form of a barrel and took a quick picture with my cell phone. The first factor to consider is the size and type of bottle that will be place on the rack (consider the two main sizes a€“ magnum and 750 ml).
For a simple, 750ml rack, the basic materials and tools needed include a quality board or piece of lumber with a thickness of three-quarters of an inch.
To cradle the bottles, you will need sturdy hardwood pieces a minimum of 20 inches in length and a minimum of 10 inches wide. These are only the basics, so it would be good to get the advice of an experienced craftsman at the beginning. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY.

Real oenophiles are true collectors, dedicating entire rooms to storing and aging prized bottles of wine. Claire from Camille Styles created this simple wine rack with a Forstner bit and a single plank of cedar.
This inventive, contemporary rack was built by Lauren and Eric Wendlandt of Framework Design for their home in Kansas City, MO. This project from ReadyMade recycles cardboard mailing tubes into a DIY wine storage solution you can build into an existing piece of furniture, such as a bookshelf, sideboard, or hutch.
My friend Holly spied this wine rack side table at her friend Jimmy’s home and demanded a tutorial.
Lastly, this wine rack echoes the shelf at the top of this post but flips it 90° (to save more space). The VURM (where do they come up with these names?) that my wife and I purchased in 2009 has stuck with us through a cross country move, multiple redecorations and the birth of our son, proudly displaying the moderately priced bottles of wine that we never drink.
Last year we started redecorating our home with an industrial rustic aesthetic and it quickly became clear to the whole family that there was just no place for the VURM’s sleek wormy curves in our lives anymore. After looking at a few different projects, I came up with a vertical hanging design that bolts into the wall using industrial floor flanges. Stick in your fancy-pants boring bit and adjust your settings so that you’re moving on low speed and medium-high torque.
The differential should stop the drill from moving downward just before it breaks through the bottom of the wood.
They made the board seem weathered and worn, which thankfully works with the aesthetic I was shooting for here. You have now turned a useless and unloved piece of lumber into a functional and spiffy new rustic wine rack. If you want to see more cool stuff you can do for your apartment or house then check out some of her own projects that she’s posted here on The Borrowed Abode.
I currently use dial calipers but would really like to get a pair of digital fractional ones. Do not sand the inside edges of the vertical supports since they will have to be flush when bonded.
Hopefully, you can find complete information and guides about Wall Cool Wine Rack and How to Choose a Cool Wine Rack, which are able to adding more value for your own house. We have the prime resources for How to Choose a Cool Wine Rack inside of the Interior category.
You may gather How to Choose a Cool Wine Rack guidelines and see the latest news of Wall Cool Wine Rack in this page. This is one of a number of routes to take to see that your cherished collection is safely stored and still visible. A successful project such as this gives the homeowner a special combination of pride in the wood work and in the display of the bottles. Sketching out three or four different ideas on paper will also help focus the thoughts on just what the final result will be.
Width and length of lumber may vary but a four-layer rack, five bottles wide will probably require side pieces a minimum of 24 inches long and 16 inches deep.
Tools to put in place before starting include a table saw, screwdriver, sandpaper and a€?Ca€? clamp. Careful measurement is necessary to cut the arched pieces that will hold the wine bottlea€™s body. Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Each takes up just a bit of space, is built from easy-to-find materials, and can be completed in a day or less.

Thankfully he obliged, whipping up a diagram and a materials list for this unique storage piece that doubles as furniture. Built only from a simple scrap 2″ x 4″ and mounting hardware, it is certainly the least expensive of the bunch! Never once has it ripped a hole in our drywall or allowed a bottle of Two Buck Chuck to slip through its sheet metal grasp. It was time for it to go to the garage sale with the rest of our trendy and affordable particle board furniture. It was an ambitious project, especially considering that I’d never tried boring something with a hand drill before. If you’re smart, at this point you should stop drilling and flip the wood over to finish the hole off with a coping saw or something like that.
As a result, it shredded the finish around the holes, sometimes even tearing away huge chunks. Make sure to smooth out the interior walls of your new bottleneck holes or else they won’t hold the stain. If you can overlook the terrifying drilling, this is a super fun and simple project that would look great in any apartment or rented home. And if you aren’t totally annoyed by me yet, swing by HomeDaddys and take a gander at some of the other stuff that I’ve built.
The top and bottom of all the pieces will be dadoed so that the Maple pieces are flush to the top and bottom of the sides. You may download the Wall Cool Wine Rack digital imagery above by right click within the digital imagery to get the high-res version. Purchasing a ready-made rack from one of the dozens of companies in the industry is an option, and there are several kits available as well. When considering how to make wood wine racks, it may also be a good idea to think about how the racks will fit into a particular room or in a wine cellar. At this point you may also want to consider how you are going to finish the wood a€“ clear finish to highlight wood grain, stain, paint etc. Most experienced wood craftsmen will employ a hole saw of the proper size for both the body arches and for the smaller cradle that will hold the neck of the wine bottle.
Or after enjoying a glass of red or white at a restaurant, you might buy a few bottles of the same wine to keep around for special occasions in the future. But despite a couple of mistakes on my end, the finished product came out looking super cool. After the stain is dry you may want to finish the wood off with a polyurethane coating, but this isn’t necessary. And even if you can’t overlook the terrifying drilling, it isn’t so terrifying that it should dissuade you from building a wine rack for your place.
The kit option provides pre-cut pieces and necessary hardware, while allowing the wine love to contribute some of his or her handiwork. It goes perfectly with our rustic decor and it gives me something to brag about at cocktail parties.
I wanted to start over from scratch but since I didn’t have any other wood around I figured I would just try to sand it away and make do.

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