When someone is easy on another person, that means they are very kind and nice and careful not to be strict or hurt their feelings. Here the phrase, 'have a lot coming to them' means that the recipient, or person being talked about will have a lot of accountability or judgement later on. This week, the Center for Education Reform released its Education Tax Credit Rankings and Scorecard, which evaluates the fourteen tax credit funded scholarship programs across the country.
By contrast, the Florida program, which received an “A”, allocates $286 million in tax credits to fund scholarships that allow almost 60,000 students to attend a school that better meets their individual needs. Arizona, the other state receiving an “A” grade, does not limit the total dollar value of individual donations and caps corporate donations at $36 million annually.  There are more than 42,000 students on tax credit scholarships in Arizona. Georgia’s program serves about 13,000 students who have moved from a traditional public school to a private school using scholarships funded by individuals and corporations who receive a tax credit for their donations. To learn more about Georgia’s Tax Credit Scholarship Program and other school choice options in the state, see our 2014 School Choice Handbook. Besides gossiping and scrolling through social media, grades ride up at the top of the list of important things for teenagers to stress and discuss about. Students are breaking the bank by buying study guides, cheating, and pulling their hair out just so they can grab an A. Grades are personal and people have very strong opinions of what can and cannot be talked about revolving their grades.
Second, you need to think first about which colleges fit you best.  It may turn out that you are worrying too much for the wrong reasons. My name is Helly Diaz and my family and I just relocated to Aiken, SC from Vienna, Austria after six years overseas.
Hello, I currently have a 3.4 GPA on the 4 point scale and was wondering what exactly that would be when converted to a percentage? I don’t think there is any standard way to convert the grades from IB to a US system.
We would need to know the full breakdown of the scale you are suing in order to help you calculate your grades. That depends on the policies of your college, which should be available on the college’s website. I saw in a separate thread that my GPA may be artificially inflated due to electives and other, non-academic subjects.
If it is at all relevant, I am taking two honors courses, and for my sophomore year I will be taking a significantly more strenuous curricula (5 AP, 1 Honors) you may remember my post. This discussion points out that grading in the USA should be standardized at the national level because most colleges admission policies use linear conversion model like this one that tend to discriminate against some students because their high school grading system is not converted correctly.
Having blogged for quite a time now, I know through my own personal experience that blogs are a great way of creating and nuturing a community.
The blogging culture I've been trying to nuture at Nodehill is starting to form, but only because we are all working together and keep bouncing our blog ideas off each other. Carisbloggers the amazing blog from local primary school Carisbrooke CoE has also joined the club.

These are exciting times as we think how we can capitalize on the growing buzz around blogs.
We used a wordpress blog for students in the UK and USA to simply add moderated comments to a post.
I'm going to try to write an article about Ning for the TES ICT blog in a few weeks time. I know of Ning through Paul Harrington and have created an account, but I've not joined a group yet.
The opposite of being easy on someone is being hard on them, or tough with them or strict with them.
Many students only take classes and activities just to sugar-coat their college application. The casual, “Hey what did you get?” Again, there are exceptions to all of this, but really, who are you trying to fool? I would recommend playing it safe and not ask others about grades and test scores, but if you want to go ahead and ask. In my opinion it is just putting a new name on the existing system for most classes, while only some classes and teachers will make the adjustment to the new ideals. We also accept written article's and stories for publication at any time regardless of whether or not you are involved with Journalism.
My colleagues at Nodehill who've also been bitten by the blogging bug have found the same and more and more are talking about coming on board in the near future. The after school training of two weeks ago certainly helped and focused our thoughts on the huge potential of Web 2.0 tools to enhance learning. Run by Kyra Ward who was first inspired by the potential of blogging after attending the Isle of Wight conference in October has kindly added all the Nodehill blogs to her blog roll and no doubt will add more as they appear.
Following John Mills' lead and the blogs he has helped to create ay West Blatchington Primary School in Brighton, I'm thinking of setting up a lunch-time blogging and podcasting club, but not yet.
What makes it fascinating is the amount of pressure and social status that grades bring to individuals. Colleges look at your grades, sure, but are they really going to flip out with a minus next to that A? Students need to focus more on their own educational goals, grades, and activities and stop trying to out-perfect everyone else. My oldest daughter just started the 11th grade at South Aiken HS and her counselor is having a hard time converting her IB grades ( 6s &7s) to the US grading system.
As well, Canadian universities have a unique process so I would encourage you to check directly with the colleges you are considering in Canada so you get the most accurate percentage.
Created by seasoned blogger Richard Peace whose first blog Take the weather with you has already attracted over 1000 visitors since its launch.
Talking of blog rolls, Gill Bushell, leader of RE at Nodehill was delighted that her blog was included in another roll on the Transformation Teachers Programme Blog. I'm hoping to develop our RE blog, and I would love our pupils to become more active on that.

While some of you will argue yes, for the average college and sane student this is not a problem. You are stressing yourself out and bothering other people with your complaining about your demanding classes.
Stepping outside of the circle of grades and into the real world may also give you more to talk about, and make you look better.
Perfection for you may be straight A’s, but for someone else it could be just passing a class. The pupils' reaction to all our blogs has been very positive and they seem to really appreciate the fact that we are publishing their work and encouraging them to leave comments. Richard's new venture is designed to record the efforts of the Eco-schools project which he has been spearheading for the last few years in the attempt of securing the coveted Green Flag award for our school. I'm setting one up in June so we can communicate with the school we are linking with in Quebec, Canada.
These communities are a great way to be inspired and to learn about new ideas as they are being developed. While having many difficult classes and various activities can be a great addition to your college resume, especially if you gain knowledge and skills, students should consider quality as a priority first. Of course, we now musn't let them power down in class, but make the big leap forward and carry on entering their Bebo-driven world.
If it benefited me, or if it was to my detriment, so I really don't have an opinion on that. Most people don’t consider the classes they take and end up putting themselves through all kinds of suffering. Colleges look at things other than grades and tests, which students often forget and look past. It is also interesting that CC Richard's adopted rabbit has seemingly multipied and now appears on both of his super blogs at the same time! You're in competition with your classmates because later on you have to go and get into college and then you have to get a job and it all starts in primary and secondary school, so it's important to do well there. If you have not yet had this problem please trust me and everyone else who has: taking a class that you know you will hate is not worth it, because you will end up hating it. A life changing program is just effective as, or even more effective, than an A in English. It is also great to see how the Nodehill bloggers are advertising each other's blogs by using Blidgets. This has also certainly helped to create a sense of community as has leaving comments on each other's blogs too.

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