Hey, Jeremy here, And you’re reading about my battle with the internet as I was looking for good outhouse plans for my cottage outhouse (eventually I won).
In building an outhouse, there has to be a consideration of type of wood, and location as well as the need to provide one seat or two. Free Outhouse Plans – Building an Outhouse , Historic Outhouse, In-House Outhouse, Lightweight Outhouse Plans, Outhouse.

However, if you need to build an outhouseyou will find it easier with these outhouse woodworking plans. However, if you need to build an outhouse, latrine or privy you will find it easier with these. Outhouse Plans- along with some rather crude humour, some very good outhouse plans have been posted.

Print free plans for the Eayres Smokehouse and Outhouse, built in Eayrestown, New Jersey before 1830.

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