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Look at those terrifying 3D portraits, I never thought pumpkin carving can be that scary and creative. As watermelons are usually beautifully carved food and catering type displays, I thought it might be interesting to try sculpting my watermelons in a more “pumpkin-oriented” style. Carvers go to work on their hand-picked gourds, eager to transform them into something spectacularly scary, or just plain spectacular. Full of details and imagination, which brings my knowledge of carving into a brand new level. And I bet, if pumpkin-carving were to become an Olympic event, Ray Villafane would be a contender for a gold medal.

The sky shows the round gouge marks implying clouds, the trees are v-gouged to give just a slight impression of leaves, and the barn roof boards are cut with a bench knife.
Every area of the barn design has a different textural line or feeling.Landscape relief designs are excellent subjects for the beginning carver. You do not need to spend hours creating deep overlapping layers of work to achieve a fascinating finished project. And as you work you enjoy the chance to discover a number of techniques and strokes that can be made with your carving tools. We will be using this pattern through out this tutorial.Our barn has straight walls with a 45 degree angle roof pitch. The roof is accented with a copula which is an open vent into the roof to allow steam from the drying hay to escape.

The tallness of the front wall is broken up with a small hay door and behind our barn stands a very simplistic silo. The articles, images, and patterns on this site are copyrighted and remain the sole property of L.

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