All of our Keppeler benchrest rifles have only one goal: To shoot as precisely as possible. For the followers of aluminum stocks, we offer the benchrest rifle bedded in our aluminum stock K05-B.
For the shooters who want their rifle to have a special look, we offer the Keppeler benchrest rifle with laminated wooden stock varnished. We recommend the use of  the Keppeler Benchrest Front Rest and the Keppeler Benchrest Buttstock Support. Hall of Fame benchrest Shooter Speedy Gonzalez has written a helpful article that explains how to eliminate mechanical and gun-handling problems that cause vertical spread in your groups.
Who hasn’t dreamed of having a professional-quality, permanent shooting bench on their own property? To convert a PPC-boltface action to shoot the bigger cases you can spend a ton of money and buy a new bolt.
Rodney Wagner shot the smallest 5-shot, 600-yard group in the history of competitive rifle shooting.
Rodney takes great care in loading his brass, and he employs a few tricks to get superior consistency. Ammo Loading — Rodney is fastidious with his brass and weighs his charges very precisely. In practice, Rodney might select five rounds with a gauge value of 25, then another five with a gauge read-out of 30 and so on. In the course of our interview with Rodney, we asked if he had any tips for shooters who are getting started in the 600-yard Benchrest Game.
I am very sad to announce that a good friend (and a brilliant shooter) Jerry Tierney, has passed away at age 77.
Jerry Tierney shot competitively for nearly 50 years and won multiple championships in various rifle disciplines. With great natural talent and the mind of a scientist, Jerry could win events in ways not thought possible.
A former computer engineer with IBM, Jerry was an extremely bright guy who took a systematic approach to the sport. We did a lengthy interview with Jerry way back in 2005, when Jerry won the NBRSA 1000-yard Nationals. For you 30BR score shooters, PVI has both Hodgdon H4198 and Accurate LT-30 in stock, the two most popular powders for the 30BR. As an eighth grader, Amanda L (photo above), attended a Benchrest Clinic in Southern California. And we can also help the sport by giving adult shooters the chance to try a very accurate rifle for the first time.
One of the most fulfilling aspects of benchrest shooting, for me, is to get others interested in the sport. When I am at the range practicing, I do all I can to dispel the stigma that benchrest shooters are unapproachable or arrogant.
If you’re thinking about acquiring a 17 HMR rifle, you should read the 17 HMR Two-Gun Comparison in our Gun of the Week Archives. While the Volquartsen proved to be the more accurate of my pair of 17 HMRs, I still enjoy owning both rifles. Having shot both rifles extensively, if I had to pick one gun, it would be the Volquartsen.
These targets are all suitable for doing ladder tests or shooting multiple groups with different neck tensions or seating depths. Florian from Switzerland ( has created an interesting new grid target for precision practice work.
The concept behind the target is to allow a marksman to shoot a string of shots (with the same hold) without obliterating his aiming point.
After seven years as a rimfire benchrest shooter, I found a new passion with these air rifles. We like the carbon-look finish on benchrest guns and the snakeskin patterns on hunting and varmint rifles. What is the consences amoung the majority about who makes the best benchrest stock I like the Bill Myers patterns for heavy gun and sporter. Is the Remington 700 S A action dimensions compatible with other manufacturers in the benchrest patterns, Example, models of Bat and Kelby Stolle, Hall etc.
The Challenge of Distance 1000-yard Benchrest competition is the ultimate challenge for man and gun. We recommend the use of the Keppeler Benchrest Front Rest and the Keppeler Benchrest Buttstock Support.
We recommend the use of the Keppeler Benchrest Front Rest and the Keppeler Benchrest Buttstock Support . Speedy’s article addresses both the human and the hardware factors that cause vertical. Personally, I’ve have never had a rifle that will shoot consistently with a rock-hard front sandbag. Starting with framing the foundation (Step 1), the article illustrates and explains the 15 Steps that produce the finished, all-concrete bench (see top photo). Moving target backers are used at registered benchrest matches to ensure that five (5) shots are actually fired in each group.

Charges are first dispensed with an RFD manual powder measure, then Rodney trickles kernel by kernel using a highly-precise Sartorius GD-503 laboratory scale. I have worked on this site for 11 years, and Jerry was one of the most helpful and talented men I’ve met along the way. He is certainly the only man I know who won a Benchrest Championship shooting a prone-type tube gun. That performance helped proved the worth of the .284 Win in 1K competition, a cartridge that now is a leading choice for F-Open. Jerry was 77 years old, and was overtaken by bad health over the past year…cancer and other ailments.
In particular, about 7 years ago, he published considerable results of his testing of the Winchester .284 cartridge.
The two most popular powders for the 6PPC, Vihtavuori N133 and Accurate LT-32, are now in-stock at Powder Valley Inc. My intention of being open and friendly with other shooters is to provide them the thrill of shooting a benchrest rifle and giving them the opportunity to find out what they can do with good equipment. I like the gray-finish stainless barrel — it goes well with the gray laminated stock.
This stock profile is really more suited for silhouette shooting, but this stock seemed to be the best option offered by Volquartsen that could be used for both paper-punching and varminting. You can print in Grayscale or use a copying machine if you want to print them in black and white. These are the type of targets use in Rimfire Tactical matches at distances from 25 to 200 yards.
Florian’s Swiss Offset Target does this by separating the point of aim from point of impact (POI).
The Open Grove (SoCal) Regional was conducted in conjunction with the World Postal Championship and U.S. Light Varmint class is for rifles weighing no more than 10.5 pounds, with a power limit of 12 foot-lbs-energy (FPE) max power.
Natural snakeskin designs, in this Editor’s opinion, What is the consences amoung the majority about who makes the best benchrest stock I like the Bill Myers patterns for heavy gun and sporter.
Natural snakeskin designs, in this Editor’s opinion, A bench rest is a heavy table on which the shooter braces her firearm, breathing patterns and trigger pull will affect the accuracy of the shot, 26 Jan 2010 free br50 printable targets free online printable bench rest targets . The front bead was placed at 6 o’clock to the orange dot with just a very small portion of the rib showing.
From this was born the Kentucky Sandbag Benchrest Association, sort of benchrest on the cheap, and then four sets of five shot patterns.
When conditions are right, a good shooter can put ten shots into Russo stocks for benchrest need advice I Joel can duplicate just about any stock you might have and he also has a good selection of patterns to work from. To ensure that we stay within the weight restrictions we use in our aluminum action a 570 mm tapered barrel. Your rifle should move in evenly and smoothly in the sand bags, not jerk or chatter when you pull the gun back by hand.
Well, it took 40 years, but someone finally broke Mac’s record with an even smaller group. This amazing group shows what can be done with a great gun, a talented shooter, and superb hand-loaded ammunition.
After the entire neck is expanded, Rodney re-sizes the top section with a Wilson bushing, creating a false shoulder.
He tries to maintain charge-weight consistency within half a tenth of a grain — about two kernels of Varget powder. When I’m loading I pay lots of attention to seating effort and I try to batch five rounds that feel the same.
If you are shooting 600 yards stick with a 6mmBR or one of the 6BR improveds (BRX or Dasher).
My best barrels, including this record-setting Brux, started shooting exceptionally well right from the start.
Though he won many championships, Jerry was a modest man who always was there to help other shooters.
He did things many shooters once considered radical (such as cleaning his barrels infrequently), but he always had the data to back up his methods.
An accomplished Palma Rifle shooter, his home range was the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center, near Sacramento, CA, and, just 16 miles from his front door, outside Plymouth, CA. During range visits I get at least one person who comes over and asks questions about my gun and the flags. In the process they will see that benchrest shooters are a good bunch of guys and that benchrest competition might be a fun endeavor. Glen Robinson, the owner of both rifles, has done some serious comparison testing with both guns, trying out a half-dozen varieties of 17 HMR ammo.
With the addition of the aftermarket sear, the trigger is crisp and the bolt function is smooth. You can also use the top circles as a 200yard zero when aiming at the red squares at 100 yards.
The center target was developed by Ted Conway and provides precise aiming points and high contrast for bullet holes. It is best to print one or two copies of these targets, then photo-copy them to save on expensive printer cartridges.

You can align your vertical and horizontal crosshairs to intersect the points of the diamonds (with intersection of crosshairs in white center of black diamond). Air Rifle Benchrest nationwide standings, under World Rimfire and Air Rifle Benchrest Federation (WRABF) rules. The sport right now is developing quickly with barrel manufacturers, custom action builders, and stock makers all getting involved. Over the past 10 years I Ranges that are enclosed by dirt walls or trees usually are called fish bowl ranges and create some highly improbable wind patterns across the field. Does anyone have any plans on how to build one of these Bench Rest that might make to job easier?
The total weight of the rifle with trigger is approximately 5.4 kg, so that sufficient room for the mounting of a rifle scope is left.
One common problem is putting your shoulder against the stock for one shot and not the next. Note that in the photo below, the 5th shot was the highest in the group–probably because of fatigue or lack of concentration. Then, as further insurance that the case will be held firmly in place during fire-forming, Rodney seats his bullets long — hard into the lands. By this method, he ensures that all five cartridges in a five-round set for a record target will have bullets seated with very consistent seating force.
He was a forward thinker who wasn’t afraid to depart from conventional wisdom if he found a better way to do things. A father and son outing to the range can be very rewarding, as Forum Member Belton45 observed recently.
Amanda is living proof that precision shooting can be enjoyed by just about anyone, at any age.
I will take a break from my shooting and talk with the interested shooter as long as they care to talk. All shooters competed for individual placements and SoCal Regional standings for this one event.
The large side-focus-parallax wheels you see on some of the rifles are used for ranging in Field Target competition. For Open Grove Benchrest, this event was a huge success in attracting different levels of competitors from first-time shooters to Benchrest regulars. I also had to switch patterns and inlet this one for a Mauser 98 after the stock was rough carved. XFull Longer parallel section than Carlsons conventional tubes gives consistent shot patterns. Accordingly, it’s important that you analyze your gun handling and bench set-up systematically. In any case, it has always been a positive experience to share my knowledge and equipment with other shooters. The semi-auto out-shot the bolt gun by a significant margin, with all types of ammo tested.
Even without any tweaking the trigger is very good, and the pull weight is fine for varminting. In addition, three SoCal team members, Linzie Boise, Jim Herrick, and John Carter, would have their combined three-person match scores entered into World Postal Match team competition standings.
With his technical expertise, he helped me greatly with my understanding of rifle accuracy. I feel I can do a better job of cleaning with the Ruger than with the boresnake on the Volquartsen. Click here to download left target Powerpoint file (this also has two bonus 25m pistol targets).
The third target can also be used to see how well your scope resolves fine lines and detail. The travel of the firing pin was designed to the shortest possible standard to reduce the lock time. The smile on their face when they finish their group and the cheer in their voice as they talk about how fun it is to shoot that rifle is enough to make my day. The low action offers the possibility to mount the sights close to the bore axis which can lead to a better control of the rifle.
The cost was low, the fun factor was high, and, at the end of the day, everyone left with a big smile.
Winners were determined based on the Overall Aggregate from the combined scores of three, 25-bull targets. You can also download the NRA MR-31c target below, which is a 600-yard bull scaled for 100 yards. He is a very hard working young man — he mows yards, gets good grades, and is very athletic.

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