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Baba Vasilika, a peasant from a small village in Bulgaria, lived to be 126 years old and her son, Tudor, to 101. The story, recounted in a 1911 book The Bacillus of Long Life, describes healthy bacteria now called probiotics. Americans are turning to probiotics in part to counter the sanitizing effect of modern food processing, which minimizes risks of pathogens in food but also kills natural flora which some scientists believe have health benefits. Consider Herald Hollingshed, a 44-year-old technical director for a computer-services company, who felt his digestion started “slowing” when he hit middle age. For Cheryl Richardson, a 67-year-old retired lab technician from Chestertown, Maryland, probiotics over the years have helped balance the negative effects of antibiotics.
For consumers, it’s simultaneously a cornucopia of choice and a confusing cacophony of marketing messages.
The theory of how probiotics help us has for years been simple: The good bacteria crowd out the bad, resulting in better health. Meet the Healthy Microbes: These microorganisms have been shown to boost health in published scientific studies. December 9, 2014 By David Witcher I believe that almost all the people in this world would like to be physically fit and healthy. As you can see, there are a lot kind of flavor from plain kefir to kefir smoothie mixed with fruits! If you have time, I would highly recommend you to create your own kefir supply, it just as simple as 1,2 and 3! That's right: they took donor faeces from healthy volunteers (screened for every imaginable disease) and infused it via a tube into the patients' small intestines. I'm an infectious diseases doctor, so I'm normally interested in destroying 'bad' bacteria, but for the BBC2 programme Trust Me I'm A Doctor, I found out more about the 'friendly' ones that you have probably heard about through the vague, comforting science of 'probiotic' or 'live' yoghurt adverts.
We've long known high-fibre foods, including oats and green leafy vegetables, have many beneficial effects on health. I felt great, but in larger studies Karen found these changes improve the ecology of the system immensely. The secret to their longevity, says a 20th century text, was a daily diet of sour milk, packed with beneficial bacteria. Today, probiotics—defined by the World Health Organization as live microbes that confer a health benefit—are one of the hottest consumer health products. Live bacteria, originally marketed mainly in yogurt and dietary supplements, are now being added to breakfast cereals, juices, sports drinks, muffins, chocolate, and even pizza.
He was frequently uncomfortable and bloated, but found relief with a Procter & Gamble product, Align.
Several years ago, after becoming ill from restaurant food while on vacation in the British Isles, a doctor prescribed an antibiotic that seemed to throw her digestive system out of whack.
The consumer “goes into a supermarket and has no idea which product to buy,” says Gregor Reid, professor of microbiology at the University of Western Ontario’s Lawson Research Institute.
In recent years, scientists have learned that probiotic bacteria also take on many more useful tasks, says Philip M.
Scientists are beginning to study the use of probiotics to treat depression and even obesity.

They were treating a group of patients with an infection caused by a bacterium called Clostridium difficile (C.diff) - which grows when your normal bowel bacteria are wiped out by antibiotics.
A daily dose of these friendly bacteria is claimed to have a wide range of health benefits, but you may find it hard to buy anything called 'probiotic' any more because the European Union has decreed something can only be called a probiotic if it has a proven health benefit - and the criteria are very strict. Kombucha is a raw, fermented, probiotic, and naturally carbonated drink that has roots all the way back to the Qin dynasty of China. Last year, according to research firm Euromonitor International, more than 63,000 tons of probiotic cultures were consumed worldwide. Potential health benefits range from better digestive health to prevention of colds and flus.
The pill “helps everything flow as it should,” says Hollingshed, who also switched to a healthier diet. Despite the potential for confusion, scientists say probiotics hold great promise for human health. Benefits have already been shown for the digestive system, immune modulation, and dental health. Align, shown to be effective in a chronic condition called irritable bowel syndrome, is also helpful for milder digestion problems. I did learn a lot of things about kefir, the most important one is – kefir is better than yogurt and both of them are consider to be a fermented milk! Then after, doing it several times, I store up my own kefir milk then mix it with some fruity to make my own kefir smoothie drink.
There is evidence that taking probiotics with particular species of bacteria in them will help in specific situations (such as infectious gastroenteritis, diarrhoea associated with taking antibiotics, or irritable bowel syndrome). I had a vague feeling that roughage worked by cleaning you out, sort of like a brush, and thus got rid of toxins.
Once fed, bacteria can perform all their functions and release beneficial compounds into your blood stream. In an age where sugary, artificially-flavored beverages are linked to obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and depression, Capital Kombucha offers a better way. For example, scientists believe some types of probiotic bacteria help boost production of a protective mucus which lines the gut. While this isn't completely untrue it's probably more to do with good bacteria in your gut being able to thrive on the indigestible sugars in fibre.
Beneficial gut flora called bifidobacteria are higher in breast-fed infants than in those fed by formula, says Glenn R.
These bacteria living inside you are called your microbiome and they're not parasites; without them you would die. Dr James Kinross is a surgeon at Imperial College London and is doing some of the most exciting research in this area. The sugars act as 'prebiotics' - a prebiotic is any substance in food which causes a health benefit by affecting gut bacteria (another term the EU are strict about using, as it implies a proven health benefit).But I wanted to put this to the test, so I went for two weeks with no oats and then six weeks eating more oats than even the man with the caber on the oat packet seems to (a treat for me as I usually have two huge cold lumps of salty porridge per day). For most of us, it's the prebiotics in the food we eat which has the major effect on the health of your gut and the bacteria in it. Gibson, professor of food microbiology at University of Reading in England, adding that the breast-fed infants have lower incidence of asthma and eczema.

We have outsourced some of our most vital functions to the bugs living in us and their influence extends beyond mere digestion; they help us extract up to 30a€‰a€‰per cent of our calories from food, especially during early life, so they're essential for brain development.
The reason food may be good or bad for you is because it changes the populations of bacteria and the chemicals they produce. Good bacteria drop after babies are weaned, then remain stable through adult life until they drop precipitously around age 60 to 65. They protect us from harmful bacteria, help metabolise drugs, control inflammation and absorb essential nutrients.
Some research shows that, in a large enough dose, bacteria can make it through the harsh conditions of your stomach acid to the large intestine where they can live more easily, so it's plausible they could have a benefit. The bacteria in fat people even seem better able to absorb calories than those found in thin people.
Karen did a genetic analysis of bacteria in my stool sample each week: as the diet went on the species changed.
Low levels of good gut bacteria, he says, is likely at least part of the reason why the elderly suffer most during food-poisoning outbreaks. Every month more and more functions are found, but the one most of us have heard of is their role as having the largest immune function in the body.
It's now thought maternal bacteria can cross the placenta, so even before birth a mother's microbiome directly influences her baby's. He says taking a probiotic to make it 'generally healthier' is like tinkering with the red squirrel population in Surrey and expecting it to have a beneficial effect on the Peruvian jungle - it's possible we know more about the Peruvian rainforest than we do about our own insides. Anyone who's watched a birth knows it's not a clean process and babies often start to swallow bacteria from their mothers even as they are being born. We each have thousands of different species in our bowels, and everyone has their own unique ecosystem.
The idea there would be one simple drink with one simple bug in it that could make us all feel better is surely a bit ludicrous. One disadvantage of having a Caesarean may be that it prevents this exposure to these vital bugs. What we do know is the fat and sugar found in some probiotic preparations can have negative health effects. Modern changes in how mothers, babies and children are exposed to bacteria may be one reason for a rise in asthma, allergies and other conditions. Ironically, this may be because of the effect fat and sugar have on gut bacteria.Luckily, you don't need to worry about finding precisely the right dosage and species of bacteria that's right for you.
The effect of unnecessary antibiotics on the development of this delicate system is not fully understood, but is likely to be detrimental.

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