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Grand Theft Auto IV is the fourth full installment of the Grand Theft Auto series and the first one to appear on a "Next Gen" console. One of the biggest changes, if not the biggest and most important change, from previous installments is IV's ability to take advantage of the Internet connectivity that virtually all next-gen consoles have built in.
Before the game's release, Rockstar signed a $50 million deal with Microsoft to produce two downloadable expansion packs exclusively for the Xbox 360 in 2009. Aluminum Christmas Trees: In the police database, there is a woman named Mary Valvona listed as the head of the Pavano crime family. Arms Dealer: Unlike the previous games in the series, where the guns came from perfectly legal firearm stores, all the weapon shops in this game are underground back-alley operations due to LC's Mayor having enacted strict gun control laws. Attack of the Political Ad: Two candidates in a campaign race for governor, John Hunter and Michael Graves, take out surreal attack ads accusing their opponent of some of the most bizarre things imaginable. Crippling Overspecialization: Much of this applies to combat against enemies on foot, in a car, or even on a moving boat. Awesome Yet Practical: You'll find that one of the most efficient ways of drawing out and surviving a shootout with the cops is finding a large, sturdy piece of cover (with no way around it except through you, of course) and blindfiring an SMG, Assault Rifle, or Carbine Rifle from behind it with near-perfect accuracy. Boring but Practical: Being able to do the above with a Pistol, along with it having the largest default ammo pool out of all your weapons are two reasons why it still remains a relevant addition to your inventory, even after acquiring bigger guns. Because I'm Good At It: Niko uses this exact line at one point when asked why he lives the way he does. Beef Gate: Attempting to go to any island before it has been formally opened results in an automatic 6 star wanted rating. Big Applesauce: Liberty City is such an excellent representation of New York that many reviewers and gamers considered it one of the game's finest points.
Broken Bridge: The bridges and tunnels are closed due to a terror alert, and they are slowly reopened as you progress through the game. The Caligula: Well and truly personified by Mikhail Faustin, the game's leading figure in the Russian Mob, who is completely batshit insane. Cassandra Truth: Niko becomes this in relation to the three optional girlfriends who can be found online. Check Point Starvation: There are no Check Points during missions, regardless of mission length. Actually, there are 2 missions where this does not apply: A Revenger's Tragedy and Out Of Commission.
Collection Sidequest: Brucie's car thefts, the pigeon extermination, Stevie's car thefts, stunt jumps.
Gotta Kill Em All: To "collect" the aforementioned pigeons, well, you have to shoot and kill them. Conspiracy Theorist: When the police start to keep tabs on Faustin and Dimitri's drug trade, Faustin becomes convinced that it's because there's a mole instead of, as Dmitri tries to explain, carelessness and not keeping a low enough profile.
Crapsack World: Rockstar collected pretty much the worst aspects of American society (uber-capitalism, xenophobia, Trigger Happy-ness, poverty, Hollywood History, hypocrisy, militarism, racism, idiocy) and made an entire fricking city out of it.
Dating Sim: You can date various women, who (except for Michelle and Kate, who you have to date for story reasons) give you the added benefit of their special abilities (instant healing from the nurse, getting cops off your back from the lawyer, clothing discounts from the socialite). Niko will also make snarky comments if a friend calls on the phone wanting to do something while he's on a mission.
Death by Irony: Manny, after doing several missions for him to help "Clean Up The Mean Streets" He confronts one of the bigger drug dealers in the area (Who was already in a mental breakdown now that the cops were closing in on her), And is promptly killed for it, Niko is unsurprised at the death and lampshades the irony in it. The Dev Team Thinks of Everything: Try to approach the warehouse when the Russians are holding Roman hostage by helicopter. Dueling Games: This game came out around the same time as Saints Row 2, and each of these two games have almost diametrically opposed design philosophies, which means a lot of gamers tend to favor one over the other. Downer Ending(s): The penultimate mission has you choose between overseeing a heroin deal with Dimitri for Pegorino or using the opportunity to kill Dimitri.
Police officers are allowed to draw a weapon on someone for hitting another person, refusing to pay highway toll, flank roadblocks or trespassing on government property (hell, even shoot them if they feel like it, which would be the case at most times).
The FIB moderates and records everything you do in the internet, going as far as tracing you down and arresting you for visiting certain sites. As mentioned in the police recruitment trailer, the police are allowed to shoot into crowds of peaceful protesters for strolling outside the "Free Speech Zone" (already the fact that "Free Speech Zones" exist is a slap in the face). The police shut down a city the size of New York by erecting road blocks on every major water crossing, having little more motivation than "fucking terrorists".
Any personality who isn't Republican, right-wing, capitalist, straight, Francophobic, xenophobic, an American citizen, an American supremacist (or at least a white supremacist) or a gun owner is basically declared anything along the lines of "Dirty Commies" in public.
Early-Bird Cameo: Both Johnny and Luis show up in the main story before their respective DLCs, as does Gay Tony himself. Elaborate Equals Effective + Power Equals Rarity: Not for weapons, but cars, particularly gang cars. In previous installments besides San Andreas, gang cars were self-contained vehicles that unfailingly spawned in their respective gangs' home areas. Subverted for civilian-only cars that randomly spawn with rare paintjobs and accessories (see The A-Team Shout-Out entry below for examples). Taken Up to Eleven with NOOSE's service vehicles, which are modified versions of the Police Cruiser, Patriot, and Securicar, respectively.

Erudite Stoner: Little Jacob is always ready to impart a few nuggets of Rasta wisdom to Niko as he simultaneously fills the car with pot smoke.
Expansion Pack: The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony are helping to popularize this on consoles.
Final Speech: Nearly all the people you can perform executions on give these before you kill them. Fingerless Gloves: Niko wears them on the cover and in some of the loading screens, but you can't find them in-game.
Fun with Acronyms: Several, most notably the Liberty Sanitation Department, as well as the National Office Of Security Enforcement (NOOSE). Genre Shift: This entry marks a pretty sharp step away from the over-the-top action and wandering of the previous games. Guilt Based Gaming: Your friends will call and demand that you play minigames with them, and they'll get huffy if you turn them down or don't call them for a while.
Hummer Dinger: Given that most of the game's environment is composed of city streets, any off-road vehicle is practically this.
It should be noted that as in previous games in the series, SUV's start to show their worth in a combat situation. I Just Want to Be Loved: Incredibly, Niko confesses this to Alex Chilton, who doesn't care. Ink Suit Actor: Ricky Gervais and Katt Williams appear in the game, portraying themselves for some stand-up routines in a club in Algonquin. Instant Win Condition: Sometimes averted, such as when you kill a key NPC during a mission, then have to evade the cops. Insurmountable Waist High Fence: Averted in that Niko vaults over obstacles around waist height, and can grab onto the edge of and pull himself up anything higher.
The Irish Mob: Packie, Derrick, and Gerry McReary, as well as their associate Michael Keane are gangsters from a family past its glory days. Other examples are Alderney for New Jersey and Guernsey as a nickname for it (Alderney and Guernsey are neighbouring islands to "old" Jersey), the Humboldt River instead of the Hudson, Tudor instead of Elizabeth county (IRL named for a Tudor-era ruler), Booth Tunnel for the Lincoln, Happiness Island instead of Ellis, and the Rotterdam Tower isntead of the Empire State Building.
This write-up, of course, is based on the actual usage and experiences of the satisfied users of this product.
If you will spend time to research on the used ingredients of this product, you can really find out the effectiveness of its formulated components. You have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. It was also, thanks to a famous slip-up by Sony over renewing their previous contract with Rockstar for exclusive publishing rights, the first entry to get a simultaneous Multi Platform release, as well as the first to have downloadable content (timed exclusive to the 360 version - Microsoft made out like a bandit, they did). Liberty City looks nothing like it did in Grand Theft Auto III and none of the events of the previous three games are mentioned, but GTA Radio and the accompanying internet and TV shows make numerous references to the popular culture in the first three games. Conventional wisdom would dictate that the Mafia would never let a woman into the organization, let alone allow her to become the boss of one of the Five Families. Niko flat-out confesses to being a murderer on a date, and she blames society for it and continues the date.
Niko came to America to escape the horrors of his past life but also seeks to find and kill those who betrayed him years before (so his mentality is firmly a IV). This is also what Little Jacob does for a living -- if he likes Niko enough, he'll even deliver a car full of weapons to the player's location on demand. While it does massive damage, it can be hard to aim, is fairly expensive, with the amount of ammo you can carry for it (up to 8 rounds) and can be easily dodged if fired from a far enough distance.
However, when facing helicopters, there isn't much else to do but break out the rocket launcher and take them out in swift fashion then making your getaway before they respawn.
Because Michelle, the Veronica, betrayed him, Niko continues the romance with Kate "Betty" McReary. Also, in fitting with the New York-centrism theme of the trope, Alderney, the game's stand-in for northern New Jersey, has been folded into Liberty City. His story arc focuses on his unsuccessful attempts at getting his Alderney-based mob family membership in the Liberty City-exclusive Commission. The entire Irish mob is just one family tied together by a history of crime, alchohol, and abuse.
During the mission A Dish Served Cold, you revisit that boat, now being used as part of a drug deal that Dimitri and Pegorino have set up. He shoots his own men for no particular reason, orders hits left and right on the merest of whims, and explodes at everyone around him, including long-time friends and family.
They are initially unaware of Niko's connection to organized crime, and when he reveals this to them in their conversations, this is either brushed off or mocked as false.
Also, the Most Wanted sidequest has you locating 30 criminals across Liberty City and assassinating them. Said helicopter won't spawn when the roof is accessed from the ground, requiring the player to use another helicopter to get to it.
Even on the radio, the humor is much more toned down, and the actual missions themselves seem to involve almost no laughing moments. In addition, you can go on "dates" with your male friends, who also give you bonuses if they like and respect you enough (Little Jacob sells you weapons out of his trunk, Roman sends a cab for you, Packie gives you car bombs, etc). Rather than show a glamorized portrayal of criminal life like the previous games did, it portrays it realistically, with most of the characters being poor, sociopathic, psychotic, greedy, or otherwise unlikable.
Deconstructed to some extent, as the way he casually mouths off to hardened killers just helps illustrate how little he cares for his own life. For example, in mission where you have to take a female hostage to a new hiding place, someone may call you to ask if you'd like to go to a strip club. If you take the former Kate dumps you and Dimitri screws you out of the deal anyway, then has Roman killed at his wedding. Well, not always the "driver" part, if you prefer, maybe due to your consciousness, or maybe because you gain one wanted level when you pass by any police unit while driving drunk. Furthermore, they are protected by law for - as well as are totally fine with the fact of - running over bystanders to catch even one perpetrator.
Here, gang cars are randomly-spawning, modified versions of civilian vehicles, distinguished by unique paintjobs and accessories, to hint at their often-enhanced performance.
All three are outfitted with LED-lightbars, grilles, and high-profile tyres that make them look more menacing than their regular counterparts. It's the easiest and fastest way to get multiplayer ranks, which means its one of the few Escort Missions ever that players seek out repeatedly. If you smash up your car too much in this game, it'll simply stop running, though it may catch fire and explode on occasion. If you kill Playboy X, you get his apartment, Dwayne as one of your friends (whose special ability is to send out some of his fellow gang members to help you), and a bonus outfit that is a Shout-Out to III, while killing Dwayne instead only gets you money. Paper contact wears horn-rimmed glasses, works for a mysterious shadowy organization, and uses a paper company as a front. Bulgarin, a human trafficker that Niko used to work for who believes that Niko stole money from him.

Niko doesn't struggle much to adjust to his life in America but then he keeps getting involved with stuff that isn't that unfamiliar to him either.
It's his gambling debts to The Mafiya, and Niko's efforts to clear them that kick-start the plot of the entire game. United Liberty Paper Merchants covers the completely fictional kind, while the Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) and the National Office Of Security Enforcement (NOOSE) are obvious parody stand-ins for the FBI and Department of Homeland Security respectively.
It is possible to avoid this friendship decline if you accept their offer and then cancel, but this makes no sense and isn't listed in the manual. Actually counts as two jokes in one, as John's brother Edwin Booth was an extremely famous New Yorker and naming the real tunnel after him would not have been out of the question.
It's real-life counterpart's original name was "New Amsterdam" (which, just like Liberty City, was founded by Dutch colonists and then taken over and renamed by Great Britain). He was the last governor of the New Netherlands (including New Amsterdam) before the aforementioned British takeover. Lampshaded by the "Player Image" stat, which describes the player's image based on the cars the player drives most.
In something of an inversion of Mundane Utility, their size and durability make them excellent protection from gunfire, and their mobility makes them good for getaways. This is after a long speech describing the horror and brutality of war--who would have guessed Niko was that scarred?
Sometimes played straight, such as killing a guy before they get too far away in a vehicle, thereby avoiding the long chase sequence you'd otherwise have to do.
Lampshaded when Elizabeta calls Niko and tells him that Jacob is there and asks him to report to her immediately since she heard that apparently he can actually understand Jacob. It's ridiculously realistic how Niko can't even stand still if you move him even a single inch. If you follow Roman's advice and try to reconcile with Dimitri at the end and take the Deal ending, Dimitri ends up betraying you again and kills Roman.
Their other brother Francis is the LCPD's deputy police commissioner, and distances himself from them to preserve his reputation. Roman greets his cousin with the line "Welcome to America!" At the very beginning of the game. It is strengthened in this article that renewing skin hydration is possible with this skincare formula. The focus of this product is to help produce more collagen and elastin, for the skin of the users to be revitalized. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
Anyway, the game certainly takes advantage of the new hardware (whichever hardware that may be) to the fullest - character models are much more detailed and animated along with just about everything else. A number of game modes are offered, including classic deathmatch and team deathmatch along with team-based co-op missions.
The first of the two was released in March, while the second one was released at the end of October.
However, he sports an indifference and lack of morality towards anyone who would seek to use his talents to carry out dirty deeds, throwing some Type V into the mix.
And if you get too close, you can get caught in the splash damage, or the fires it sometimes leaves behind on the ground. You clear out the entire museum of bad guys, which is pretty normal, again, for a GTA protagonist. The Deal Ending sees him form a Big Bad Duumvirate with Dimitri, which is quickly ended when the latter kills him. You skip the car chase and end up in the cut scene where Niko and Jacob (and Roman in Commission) drive down the embankment toward the hideout.
Also, it spawns at three other helipads that can be accessed from the ground, all of which are available without completing the pigeon sidequest, defeating the whole point of the "reward".
Even the radio satire is a lot less funny and more outright stating what is wrong with America.
Niko will reply that he's currently with a woman and that it would be a bad idea to bring her along. Yes, Rockstar added guards for the roof even though one player on a million would think of trying that. Or maybe because it's really hard to drive drunk, and even with this being a video game you crash so much that you're likely to kill yourself or your companion. They are rare in areas where their unmodified civilian versions are common, so be prepared to go on a Self-Imposed Fetch Quest or Pixel Hunt if you want one in your parking space.
The first two are transformed into Lightning Bruisers and the third is made even more of a Stone Wall. It seems whenever an NPC commits a crime, the cops are really slow to stop them, and hilariously can't seem to catch up to criminals fleeing on foot. And for those who don't know, both Amsterdam and Rotterdam are major Dutch (trading) ports. Should the player's favorite car be any one of the game's 4-Wheel-Drive SUV's, the corresponding image given will be "Soccer Mom". To make matters worse, try driving in this state (that is, if you don't mind getting a wanted level for this).
If instead you follow Kate's advice not to take the deal and instead decide to take revenge on Dimitri, Kate is shot in a drive-by.
Their youngest, Kate turns a blind eye to all of them, and busies herself by taking care of their aging mother, and going out with Niko. Niko repeats these words to Dimitri, just before you kill him, if you go with the "Deal" mission and Roman gets killed. You need to read this entire review article, for your skin problems to be totally remedied. There's even a simple open sandbox mode so you can run around Liberty City doing whatever you want with your friends or complete strangers. PlayStation 3 and PC owners could rejoice as these previously exclusive expansions came out for their formats in April, 2010.
Then you revisit the mission as Johnny in The Lost and Damned and come across the score of bodies that Niko left at the staircase to the ground floor of the museum, causing him to comment "This guy's fucking dangerous". They are rare to the point of not spawning anywhere on map the unless you are wanted by the authorities and difficult to get for obvious reasons. Played straight in the choice between killing Francis or Derrick, where killing Derrick will earn you a one-time deal with Francis that will allow you to cancel your wanted level. But the instant you lightly bump into that officer's car, they begin the manhunt, and several other cops within the vicinity who apparently have nothing better to do or no other crimes to stop will drop what they're doing to bring you to justice.

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