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To better understand when it is the best time to take a pregnancy test let me first explain how home pregnancy test works. If you are a woman who charts your fertility in any way, the best time to take a pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant is between 8 days past ovulation to 16 days past ovulation.
In most women, I would recommend about 10-12 days after ovulation to make sure that you are in the correct window for your pregnancy test to detect the hormone hCG in your urine.
If you do not monitor your fertility a good rule of thumb is to test about 20 days after the day you had sexual intercourse that you believe could have caused a conception. If you do take the test, it comes out negative and you still believe you might be pregnant, wait a day or two and try again. However, if you don’t feel like the best time to take a pregnancy test for you is first thing in the morning, anytime during the day that you have a full bladder will do. There is unfortunately no straight forward answer when it comes to the best time to take a cruise. During the summer months of June and July, Alaska enjoys longer days, warmer weather and less than rain than the rest of the year.
For the best price on an Alaska cruise, book for late August to early October, although at this time of year the local weather conditions will deteriorate and less wildlife will be active.
For consistently sunny weather, travel to Australia and New Zealand during the winter months between November and March, which are actually the summer months in this corner of the globe. For a great price, book your Australia and New Zealand cruise for between November and mid-March, as long as you travel away from the holiday seasons. A cruise to Australia and New Zealand is exciting throughout the year, but I would recommend visiting during December and January for the chance to celebrate New Year’s Eve and enjoy a consistently sunny climate.
Cruisers travelling to Canada and the USA are more likely to experience the warmest and driest weather conditions during June, July, August and September.
May until August is classed as the off-season for cruises to North America, although the weather is still warm and perfect for outdoor exploration. The autumn season – also known as the fall – is the best time to appreciate the spectacular scenery and beautiful foliage of Canada and New England, but this is a particularly popular time to visit, so cruises at this time of year are likely to sell out quickly. Winter is the best time to cruise to the Caribbean to avoid the hurricane season and enjoy the archipelago stunning tropical climate. You may find the best prices on Caribbean cruises during the summer, but be aware that the local weather conditions are much more unpredictable at this time of year. Escape the winter cold back home and enjoy a Christmas cruise to the Caribbean and swap your snow shoes for sandals as you relax in this serene part of the world. It can often get too hot across Central America during the summer, so an autumn or winter cruise is recommended for those who are sensitive to intense heat. January and September are perhaps the best times to get a good price on a cruise to Mexico and Central America, although the weather is often less predictable during these months. Enjoy a warm climate in winter with a cruise to Central America to get away for the miserable weather back home. Temperatures can reach scorching highs during the summer across much of the Far and Middle East, so autumn and winter cruises are recommended to enjoy a more bearable climate. Prices will vary throughout the year, but as summer cruises are less popular due to soaring temperatures, there is often less demand at this time of year and therefore lower fares. Cruises to Japan during the spring offer the opportunity to enjoy the nation’s iconic cherry sakura blossom and temperatures will be more tolerable throughout the region during this season. For guaranteed warm weather, cruise the Mediterranean between May and September when the local climate is at its sun-drenched peak. Winter cruises to the Mediterranean are often cheaper than summer voyages, but the weather is not quite as consistently warm at this time of year. Summer Mediterranean sailings are the best for getting the most out the destinations on your itinerary, but avoid the school holidays when the large crowds of tourists can become somewhat overwhelming. Northern Europe is not renowned for its warm climate, so a summer cruise is most likely to be the best for warmer weather across this spectacular region. Cruises to Northern Europe tend not to vary in price at different times of year, so try to find a great offer or last-minute deal for a cheaper price on your holiday. Aim to cruise away from the school holidays to avoid the crowds of travellers who arrive in Northern Europe during the most popular and therefore busiest times of year. The South American climate is at its best during the winter months between December and March, when the temperatures are warm but not too humid and unbearable. There is usually less demand for cruises to South America during April, May and November, so prices tend to fall at this time of year.
Despite the crowds of tourists arriving in the region, February is a wonderful time to visit Rio de Janeiro for the incredible Rio Carnival to enjoy this world-famous spectacle showcasing Brazilian music, dancing and wonderful local culture.
The best of the South Pacific climate can be experience during the winter months, when heavy rain and storms are much less likely to occur. The South Pacific’s rainy season takes place during the summer and therefore prices for this season are sometimes considerably lower.
Have you ever heard of the term the Magic Hour or the Golden Hour for photographing outdoors? These terms refer to the hour of sunrise or sunset in which the low sun emits soft, warm light. Also in harsh sun midday  can cause harsh highlights and very dark shadows which can lead to overexposure because there is too much contrast.
There are plenty of websites and apps that can tell you when the magic hour is for where you live.
I am beginning to really try to make my photo’s better and I appreciate every little bit of help. I am slowly learning some photography tips so I can’t wait to put your ideas into action.

We’ve been learning all of these things the hard way, time to start looking for people who have already learned these lessons. A difficult boss might tell you that they can’t have you gone during any of those times. We’ve discussed how to hit the ground running when you get back from holiday, but some of it requires prep before you even leave. With a little prep, you can clear your desk before you get away without having to work heaps of extra hours just to make sure everything is just right before you go.
If you've ever had a potted plant that seemed to bend and reach towards a sunny window or light, you know you should probably move it a little closer. Both are excellent questions and neither have a definitive answer, but there is a lot of research in to nutrient timing and optimal protein consumption which we can use as a guide to help optimise our intake. Overnight the glycogen stores in your body can start to run low, as you’ve typically gone between 7-9 hours without eating. Whey protein in the morning is the ideal way of getting the nutrients your body needs to start the day properly.
When it comes to the best time to take your protein shake, post workout is absolutely the most important. While post workout and in the morning are the two most important times to consume whey protein, most people would benefit from an additional shake at some point through the day.
While you should be fine if you’ve eaten in the two outs before you hit the gym, consuming a protein shake pre workout will help provide your body with the amino acids required to help fuel recovery and get through the workout. Having your 3rd shake with lunch or dinner is a great way of adding some extra protein to your meals.
As we mentioned earlier, you’re going a long time without eating overnight so having a protein shake before you go to sleep can help keep the body supplied with amino acids while you sleep. It’s pretty common for people, at least at first, to go a little crazy with their intake. The optimal daily protein intake for people looking to build muscle is generally thought to be somewhere around 1g of protein per lb of lean body weight. As for how much to include in your shake, studies have shown that the highest levels of protein synthesis occurred when 20g-40g of protein was consumed post workout. By aiming to consume a 2 scoop shake in the morning, post workout and alongside a meal at some point throughout the day, most people should be well within the target daily protein intake range. So, unless there is something that will absolutely not allow you to take the test within the first week or so after testing opens, you must book your slot as soon as possible. PrepGenie is an online education provider for medical exams like UKCAT ,GAMSAT, UMAT and PCAT to the thousands aspiring students worldwide. That’s when the body starts to produce hCG, which is measured by all pregnancy tests.
Of course, as you might see, 8 days past ovulation is about the earliest time that you will see the hormone hCG in your urine, but this is not the same in all women, it is only an average.
They come up with this number because it might take several days after sex for the sperm to have a chance to fertilize the egg, which means conception could actually take place a couple days later.
Or if you would like a professional opinion there are many free clinics available to help you read your results.
Price and local weather conditions can vary greatly between different destinations at different times of the year, so it is important to do your research into the cruise region you are hoping to sail to before you book. I would therefore recommend August as the best time for whale-watching, or July if you want to see bears fishing for food during the world-famous salmon run season.
Standing in the sun midday is like a bright bulb right over your head creating terrible shadows under eyes and chins. When the sun is low the light is diffused making it more even or within the camera’s dynamic range.
Take a look at The Golden Hour or try the Magic Hour app by Elfinda Apps. The magic hour is such a fun time to shoot so grab your kids, friends or pet and get out there. I’ve recently started to get more into picture taking and this is just what I needed to read! Some people say the summer is the best time to get away, but that means higher prices and school holiday crowds.
Think about a time that works best for you to get away first — have a few candidate days or weeks in mind before you go talking to your boss. If your work has busy and slow periods, then definitely take advantage, but recognise that you’ll be competing with everyone else for leave during those slow times. While you might occasionally score a last-minute bargain, advance planning is generally a better way to pay a reasonable price. Getting the plant to grow evenly though, once it's already started to bend, is trickier without hurting it.
Most people with at least a passing interest in fitness are at aware of whey protein and how it can help them build muscle, but there’s very little information on the packaging about how to optimise your intake. When this happens the body can start looking towards amino acids to help fuel the metabolic process, which threatens to put the body in a catabolic state.
While there are plenty of excellent high protein breakfast ideas, some people just don’t have the time or inclination to cook eggs and bacon every morning.
Weight training will cause muscle protein breakdown and protein synthesis, and failing to get sufficient protein in the post workout window will mean there is little difference between the two.
In the two hours following your workout, the body is the most responsive to the amino acids from protein consumption. While the benefits as not as pronounced as the main two, each has it’s own positive aspects. If you’re planning on taking this approach, use caesin protein instead of whey for your bedtime shake.

Upwards of 5-6 shakes a day is not uncommon, however this is usually a waste of money and in some cases can cause bloating and pretty painful digestive discomfort.
There have been studies showing that getting around 0.6g per lb of lean mass is plenty for most people, so sitting somewhere in that region should be ideal.
Most commonly available whey protein supplements will have between 16g-20g of protein per scoop, so blending two scoops with water should put you right towards the higher end of the optimum range.
The Western diet tends to have a decent amount of protein in there through food intake alone, so supplementing with 3 shakes a day should be plenty for the vast majority of people.
Clearly, the candidates are not taking chances and booking themselves for the earliest slots that they could find. In fact, they advise candidates to register for the UKCAT that is held in the summer slot, that is, between 1st July and 31st August, 2015.
After conception takes place, it takes about two weeks for the embryo to implant and give off the pregnancy hormone hCG, so roughly 20 days is a great starting point on when to take your pregnancy test.
Remember though the magic hour goes by fast so if you are setting up a shoot prepare everything in advance. I know as busy people we can not always shoot during these times so I will be sharing tips about shooting midday in future post.
Please share what you would like to learn below and I  will try to make a tutorial about it. Arrange coverage well in advance of your holiday, and do a little extra work every day leading up to your leave so you’re not crunched in the last two days before you take off.
You wouldn’t leave your salary on the table just because it wasn’t convenient for someone else, right? A protein shake and a bowl of porridge to start your day is a perfect way of starting the day with some protein and quality carbs (and you can even combine the two).
The result is far less muscle growth than you would experience if you were to refuel properly. In order to maximise muscle growth, look to fuel the body with a fast acting protein, such as whey protein, as soon as possible after your training.
For those on a diet, consuming your shake before you start your meal can help fill you up and should prevent you from overeating. It has a much slower digestion rate, so the body will be supplied with a steady stream of amino acids overnight instead of one big hit. You need to get extra protein, but there’s a cut off point where taking more is ultimately a little pointless. There is still enough time for registrations to be closed, the deadline being September 22nd, but that hasn’t stopped the candidates from being active. So read on to learn about the best times to cruise to some of the most sought-after destinations across the globe. Some people say you should wait for a big project to conclude before taking a holiday, but there are merits to slipping away in the middle of a project, as well. UKCAT officials are saying that this year, the number of candidates registering for the test is far greater than those from the previous years. Being lackadaisical about taking your test might mean that there you cannot make any changes to your scheduled date if the need arises.
In fact, a recent update from the mouth of the horse, that is, the UKCAT officials themselves, states that within the first 10 days of the opening of registration itself, the number of candidates who had signed up for the test reached a staggering 3500, and counting. Emergencies won’t come with a prior notification, so if you have scheduled your test very late in the session, and something crops up at the eleventh hour, there will be no option but to cancel the exam. I know they want to enjoy the beach as well, but realistically, what is the best age to carry a baby to the beach?So What is the Best Age to take the Little One to the Beach?It is important to remember that a baby’s skin is more susceptive to sunburn and irritation as it is very thin and delicate.
On the other hand, if you have booked a slot early in the session and then something happens, you can always shift the date by contacting the UKCAT office. A baby cannot speak and as such, they will not be able to tell you if they are getting too hot.
At that young age, they also cannot move without the help of an adult, which means they will not be able move out of the sun if they are feeling discomfort.So what is the best age to take a baby to the beach? This is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and many doctors will agree that younger than 6 months puts them at risk. Babies younger than 6 months should be kept out of direct and indirect sunlight because of the risk of heat stroke. Remember, even if you think you are being careful, you need to remember that the body temperature of babies can heat up very quickly, even if they are in the shade.
Then there is also the risk of sunburn.What to Remember When Carrying Your Baby to the Beach?When you are dressing your baby for the beach, you should have them in lightweight cotton clothing.
They should also wear a wide brim hat that will be able to block the sun from their face.When at the beach, you should try and keep the babies out of the sun and in the shade as much as possible. If there are no shaded areas on the beach, you should bring an umbrella or use the stroller canopy. Whatever is available, us it to shade the baby from the sun.Apply sunscreen, but remember, it is not recommended that you apply sunscreen to babies younger than 6 months old.
You want to ensure that the baby is fully protected.Sunscreen should be applied 15-30 minutes before you head out into the sun on the beach.
You also need to remember that you may need to reapply the sunscreen, especially if the baby is in the water.

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