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Lactobacillus acidophilus, commonly called acidophilus, is one of several stains of friendly probiotic bacteria normally found in the intestines and vagina. Intestinal flora, like acidophilus, play an important role in keeping the immune system healthy, the digestion system in balance, and in producing vitamins.
As acidophilus breaks down foods, it produces lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and other beneficial byproducts.
Also, acidophilus consumes many of the same nutrients these unfriendly organisms depend on, thus limiting their food source and ability to proliferate. Acidophilus supplement included in your daily diet appears to help keep your digestive system in balance and offset some of the negative effects caused by ingested toxins and viruses. In a study reported in the February 1998 issue of Health & Nutrition Breakthroughs researchers tested the effect of using L. After three weeks, researchers took blood samples to determine the phagocytic activity (ability to destroy foreign bacteria) of each person’s white blood cells. Blood samples were examined again six weeks after stopping probiotic supplementation and the phagocytic activity was still much greater than at the beginning of the study. In one study, Dr Schroder found that women suffering from a high incidence of vaginitis generally had high-alkaline pH and low levels of L.
Another study reported in a 1960 issue of American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology concluded that use of L. Other potential probiotics include a variety of Lactobacillus species (spp) such as the casei GG , rhamnosus , NCFM, DDS-1, and johnsonii strains, Bifidobacterium longum , Bifidobacterium bifidum, Streptococcus thermophilus, Enterococcus faecium, Saccharaomyces boulardii, Bacillus spp., and Escherichia coli . Preventing and treating diarrhea, including infectious diarrhea, particularly from rotavirus (a virus that commonly causes diarrhea in children).
Alleviating symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and, possibly, inflammatory bowel disease IBD (such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis). Aiding the treatment of respiratory infections such as sinusitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia.
Other conditions under investigation for use of probiotics include colon cancer, HIV related diarrhea, and Helicobacter pylori, an organism that can lead to development of ulcers. Prebiotics are found in breast milk, onions, tomatoes, bananas, honey, barley, garlic and wheat.
Prebiotics occur naturally in foods, but supplements provide a more concentrated source of this substance. Liquid preparations may be used as a lotion and applied topically to diaper area for yeast infections and diaper rashes. If the child is on antibiotic therapy, ? tsp or ? capsule can be taken orally 2 hours after each dose of antibiotics to replace beneficial bacteria.
Vaginal infections: 8 ounces of yogurt (with live active cultures containing one of the Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium strains listed above) daily or an oral daily supplement containing at least 1 to 2 billion live organisms.
Mild gastrointestinal upset may occur in some individuals (not on antibiotic therapy) who take more than 1 to 2 billion L.
Systemic infection means that a fungal infection is throughout the body in organs and other body tissues and may have some manifestations on the skin. Vitamin C fights fungus directly as well as helps remove toxic metals in the body which may contribute to the problem. Multivitamins, a main source of zinc for many people, should not be taken by those with fungal infections since the B vitamins and selenium they contain may stimulate fungus growth. Chromium seems to help fight fungal infections, probably by lowering blood sugar levels, but it is probably more worthwhile to limit blood sugar levels by diet.
For problems which are confined to the reproductive or digestive tract a probiotics regimen is usually sufficient.
Fructo-oligo-sacharrides, also know as FOS or inulin, is a supplement that stimulates production of friendly bacteria and may be as effective to rebuild intestinal flora than taking probiotic bacteria directly.
To implant friendly lactobacteria in the colon and heal damaged mucus membranes of the G.I. Most of the suggestions above can and probably should be used for fungal infections on the skin so that the problem is treated thoroughly from the inside out.
For athlete's foot or jock itch use a zinc oxide powder such as Electroherbalism's Zinc Oxide Powder Blend.
For diaper rash, first use a good non-toxic zinc oxide diaper cream or powder like Weleda Diaper Care or Zinc Oxide Powder Blend.
For nail fungus or athlete's foot problems that are hard to cure, the bleach method can be used occasionally.
Fungi are eukaryotic organisms with a nucleus and organelles and are more closely related to animals than to bacteria.
Some infections are opportunistic and arise when the immune system is damaged by illness, transplant surgery or age. Histoplasmosis - Ohio Valley Fever - some 80-90% of people in the Ohio Valley region show signs of previous infection with histoplasmosis.
Cryptococcus_neoformans (yeast which causes respiratory infection than can turn into meningitis. Epidermophyton_floccinum (fungus that attacks skin & nails, including some athlete's foot and jock itch ringworms. Shop at Amazon and support Electroherbalism: When you click this link and buy anything, it does not cost you any more and a small percentage goes to Electroherbalism. All articles and other information written by electroherbalism are © 1995 - 2016 and may be reprinted for non-commercial purposes as long as attribution and a link is provided to electroherbalism.
The baby is prone to retain urine and feces in the diaper for long time causing irritation on the skin. It is true that breastfed babies will get few diaper rashes when compared with bottle fed babies. When the baby is introduced with solid foods it will automatically change the content of stools. If the baby is already having skin problems like eczema or dermatitis he is more likely to develop diaper rash. Using new brand of diapers, using new fabric or detergent that contains harsh chemicals can irritate the delicate skin of your baby.
When the mother takes antibiotics for some reason it will disturb the balance of yeast and bacteria causing skin irritation. Since the diaper area is always wet, it gives room for bacteria and other microorganisms to thrive well.

Reddening of the skin and tiny bumps are the major signs of diaper rash found in buttocks, thighs and genitals. Over the counter diaper rash creams like balmex or desitin can be applied over the affected area.
You can prevent diaper rash by simply washing the baby’s bottom with clean water and allowing it to dry without scrubbing.
If you get canker sores, you might want to check out the TheraBreath Toothpaste, that doesn't contain any harsh ingredients. So let me tell you a little about the TheraBreath Multi Symptom Probiotic.  What can TheraBreath Multi Symptom Probiotic help do for you?
These beneficial or friendly bacteria help protect the body from hostile organisms that can cause yeast infections, intestinal toxemia, and other health problems. This particular bacterium functions better in acidic environments than most other microorganisms. Unfortunately, this army of friendly bacteria is under constant attack by a diverse group of enemies. If you currently are not taking a probiotic supplement on a regular basis, we strongly suggest you reconsider. Schroder conducted research to determine the importance of pH in the vagina and the role beneficial bacteria played in reducing vaginitis. Studies have suggested that consumption of yogurt or milk that contains specific strains of Lactobacillus or supplements with Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium may improve the natural immune response.
Examples include asthma, hay fever, food allergies to milk, and skin reactions such as eczema.
Clinical experience also suggests that placing yogurt with live acidophilus cultures directly to the vaginal area, using a disposable spatula and wearing a sanitary pad, helps to relieve itching and inflammation. These beneficial bacteria help protect the body from hostile organisms that can cause yeast infections, intestinal toxemia, and other health problems. Eine antigenprasentierende Zelle nimmt das Antigen auf und prasentiert dessen Epitope mittels des MHCII-Rezepors an der Oberflache der Zelle.
Dort aktiviert die APC die T-Zellen, welche das Antigen erkennen und beeinflussen dann ob sich eine T-Zelle zu einr TH2-Zelle weiterdifferenziert. For purely external infections, use camphor, oregano, or tea tree oil, or a zinc preparation.
Internal means that the infection is largely confined to the digestive or reproductive tract. Some say systemic fungal infection is most prevalent in those who harbor metal deposits, especially mercury, in their body and that it may be impossible to cure unless they are removed or at least reduced. They are not used internally, and in most cases they must be diluted with a carrier oil for skin application. Oregano oil can be used internally or externally, unlike tea tree or camphor oils which should only be used externally. At this amount, it is worthwhile to learn how to make this supplement oneself, or get it from a discount supplier such as Electroherbalism. Zinc has a direct affect against fungus and people with adequate zinc stores are much less likely to suffer fungal infection.. Sufficient zinc can be had by eating raw pumpkin seeds, a rich source of zinc (as well as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.) For a deodorant, use a zinc preparation like Now Deodorant Cream. DDS-1 is a strain of lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria that reportedly has, by far, the most effect against pathogenic fungus. Most common types of yogurt are less than worthless - they have no active cultures and with the added sugar actually exacerbate the problem.
Besides providing a wide array of bacteria and other helpful cultures, it provides nutrients to repair damaged intestines and mucus membranes, is free of lactose, and is very inexpensive. Athlete's foot can be initially treated with the bleach method, and the zinc oxide powder used for maintenance afterwards. Note that bleach should never be used, especially on the skin, by those who have dementia or other mental disorder.
Sporotrichosis - Rose-gardener's disease - commonly transmitted by a prick from a rose thorn. Candida is a normal part of the bowel flora (the organisms that naturally live inside our intestines, and are not parasitic). Several weeks of continuous use may be required for the anti-fungal properties of oil of oregano to clear up a deep-seated Candida infection. For a less technical approach to complementary health, visit Electroherbalism's sister website, eRegimens. When the skin is in touch with excess of moisture for long duration it would cause inflammation of the skin known as diaper rash. The mother’s milk will produce only small volume of stools and cause no irritation to the skin.
Keep the diaper area clean and moisture-free so that your baby gets less chance for developing rashes. For severe cases with itchy bumps oral antibiotics along with topical creams are effective. Let your baby remain without diaper for one or two days or until the irritation caused by rash completely cures. Wash your hands thoroughly after changing diapers since bacteria can spread through your hands also. This is particularly beneficial for individuals that are lactose intolerant and can’t produce this enzyme. Further research is needed to confirm these early findings and to best understand how the improved immune function may or may not help in warding off infections. Inulin is a long-chain oligosacchride (from 2-60 sugars) and fructooligosaccharides (FOS) are short-chain oligosaccharides (from 2-7 sugars). Sometimes treating the infection in the gut removes the source enough such that systemic infections are resolved (see Internal Fungal Infection section below). Ascorbic acid powder from Now is usually the most economical for a powdered USP acidic vitamin C product but for those who prefer a non-acidic product, Nutribiotic Sodium Ascorbate is also good. Although tea tree oil is the most popular oil for direct application to external fungal infections such as finger and toe nails, ringworm, and athlete's foot, camphor oil is usually much more effective. Although not quite as potent as the Now product, it is extracted using a safe water method.

However, zinc cannot be taken in large amounts (over 100% RDA or 15mg) by many people since it can upset the stomach and cause cramps. Some of the zinc will be absorbed into the body transdermally without the side effect of stomach upset.
People go to a health food store and ask for DDS-1 and the clerk convinces them that some other product, like DDS-100, is as effective.
Be sure to use a safe sunscreen such as those recommended in the Sunscreen article, not one full of petrochemicals. Never attempt to use this or any other essential oil anywhere near the crotch region, such as for jock itch.
Bleach should be used with caution and not used near the eyes, mucus membranes, or on sensitive or broken skin, and only in a VERY limited area of the body. Microscopic fungi are very small although they may form colonies large enough to be seen unaided. Fungi are used in the production of beer, wine, blue cheese, soy sauce, bread and other food products.
It has many functions inside our digestive tract, one of them to recognize and destroy harmful bacteria.
It is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.
Apart from the buttocks region it will also spread on the baby’s genitals and thigh region causing more irritation. Frequent crying of the baby, intense crying while changing the diapers and red puffy skin are the symptoms of diaper rash. Remember that diaper rash will not get settled within a day or two, since it may take more time to resolve. You need to apply the cream liberally on the area throughout the day for soothing effect on the skin. If your baby gets diaper rashes frequently then continue using the ointment while changing every time. Sometimes a fungus has such a foothold in the tissues (usually due to toxin involvement) that systemic measures are necessary. Helios Nutrition makes the best ready-to-drink kefir and it is available at many health food stores.
Choose one that uses zinc as the sunblock agent since topical zinc is helpful for fungal conditions. Oregano oil is good for ringworm and nail fungus and other infections on the arms and lower legs since the oil penetrates well, but should never be used on broken skin.
Fungi are used to produce commercial products like specific alcohols, organic acids, and vitamins. Without Candida albicans in our intestines we would be defenseless against many pathogen bacteria. The symptoms will worsen if the baby gets frequent bowel movements and the fecal particles cause more irritation than urine. You should drink this mixture until your stools float in the toilet bowl and are odor free.
For a deodorant, use a zinc preparation like Now Deodorant Cream as described in the section above. Cryptococcus is found in bird droppings and can infect skin abrasions and the respiratory tract. Mycetoma - complex disfiguring syndrome - often contracted through a small injury by a thorn, leaf edge or wood sliver. Tineas and Ringworm diseases are caused by organisms like Trichophyton, Microspurum, and Epidermophyton. Sometimes diaper rash can be caused when the breastfeeding mothers take antibiotics or when solid foods are included in the baby’s diet.
Coccidioidomyces - San Joaquin Valley Fever - a soil fungus that can produce cold-like respiratory disease. Rice is a major staple crop worldwide and rice blast destroys a large portion of each year's crops. These fungi have a large surface area and help in the transport of mineral nutrients and water to the plants.
In immunocomprimised people it can infect the lungs causing necrosis (death) of lung tissue.
The ensuing pneumonia can be fatal and the fungi can infect the brain, heart and other organs. For this purpose it is preferable to use a non-edible (by Electroherbalism's standards) overly processed salt which has the micronutrients removed, such as Morton's Iodized Salt. Tinea cruris - jock itch grows in the male groin area - again a warm moist dark environment. In the yeast state Candida is a non-invasive, sugar-fermenting organism, while in fungal state it is invasive and can produce rhizoids, very long root-like structures.
There is some evidence that the witch hunts in Salem were induced by Ergot contaminated grains. Rhizoids can penetrate mucosa or intestinal walls, leaving microscopic holes and allowing toxins, undigested food particles and bacteria and yeast to enter the bloodstream.
These condition is known as Leaky Gut Syndrome, one more name for the food and environmental intolerances. Fungi are closely related to animals cells and thus compounds that kill fungi often kill animals. Fungal protein synthesis is too much like animal protein synthesis to make it a good target for a fungicide. Compounds in the azole class, like fenpropidin and fenpropimorph, are commonly used as fungicides.

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