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Allergies are very common these days and are increasing all over especially in the island nations New Zealand and Australia rapidly.A Allergies are abnormal reactions of immune system to a harmless substance environment.
Vinegar which is an active ingredient in ACV reduces allergy symptoms from environmental sources and food. Honey is an artificial sweetener that contains bits of pollen and acts as an immune system booster that is quite powerful. Methylated epigallocatechin gallate is an active compound in green tea that plays a vital role in fighting against basic allergy symptoms like sneezing and watery eyes.
Several barriers and responses work together to protect the body against infection and the development of cancer.
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He is suffering from an insidiously debilitating and bewildering disease called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), which is beyond the comprehension of many people. CFS is not a new disease and references to similar conditions go back to the 1860s under the names of "Neuromyasthemia", "Yuppie Flu", "Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome", "Chronic Immune Deficiency Syndrome", and "Myalgic Encephalomyelitis". Just as Tim was initially in denial of his illness, many doctors suffer from the same problem.
The increasing numbers of people suffering from chronic fatigue, pressure groups, and the mass amount of research data have forced the Centre for Disease Control to produce an operational definition for the diagnosis of CFS based upon clinical symptomatology and exclusion of other physical and psychological diseases associated with fatigue. CFS is therefore a clinically defined condition, but there is still little scientific proof due to the lack of definitive laboratory tests.
The research on individual and multifactorial causes of CFS seems endless, as any underlying factors impacting energy levels need to be considered.
The main areas of research focus on the major factors of viruses, low immunity, stress, depression, impaired liver function, environmental illness, iatragenic co-factors, mitochondrial abnormalities and hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis. Focusing on the main areas of research, the underlying viral aetiology of the condition is well established, although there are different views as to the viruses responsible. Researchers hypothesise that certain components of the immune system in patients with CFS may be overactive, underactive or both. The most consistent abnormality is a decreased number or activity of natural killer cells, which can destroy cancer and viral cells.[14] There could also be a reduced ability of the lymphocytes to function, possibly resulting from an altered production of interferon levels, which helps the differentiation and proliferation of the lymphocytes.
An interesting area of research is the impaired activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA), which is the hormonal centre of stress control. Energy is produced in the mitochondria of each cell and therefore changes in mitochondrial function will also contribute to chronic fatigue. Also indicated in CFS are iatragenic co-factors including prescription drugs: antihypertensives, anti-inflammatories, birth control pills, antihistamines, corticosteroids, tranquillisers, steroids and antibiotics in particular.
There are close connections between CFS, fibromyalgia and multiple chemical sensitivities.[25-27] The only difference in diagnostic criteria between CFS and fibromyalgia is the requirement of musculoskeletal pain in fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue in CFS.
Successful treatment of CFS requires comprehensive diagnosis, taking into account medical history and a study of the body's systems. A good starting point for any CFS sufferer would be to look at their diet, as energy levels are directly related to nutrient intake. Supplementation is also important, as almost any nutritional deficiency will result in chronic fatigue. Glycyrrhiza glabra also has anti-viral properties and a role to play in the HPA axis as it increases cortisol levels by blocking the enzyme that breaks it down. Supplements specifically involved in fatigue are iron, folic acid, B vitamins and magnesium.
Research continues to help those suffering from this clinically perplexing disorder and a new supplement called NADH offers new hope for CFS.
It is an important molecule for producing energy in the body as it is the main carrier of electrons during the oxidation of macronutrients, which produce energy in the mitochondria of each cell. All cells contain NADH; the quantity is dependent on the amount of energy that the cell requires. An approved FDA ongoing study, which started in 1996, is being conducted by Georgetown University to evaluate the efficacy of NADH, administered orally to a group of patients with CFS, in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study.
The results showed that 31% of the patients responded favourably to NADH and that there were no side effects. In the follow up study, Dr Bellanti at the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology found that 75% of the patients showed elevated levels of 5-HIAA, the major breakdown product of seratonin, which is involved in brain chemistry. NADH can be obtained from the Nutri Centre in London and can be ordered by telephone on 020-7436 5122 or by post to The Nutri Centre Ltd, Freepost 26 Lon 14028, London WIE 3DR. June M Butlin PhD is a trained teacher, nutritionist, kinesiologist, aromatherapist, fitness trainer and sports therapist. A Beginner's Guide to Lifting Depression offers two approaches you are unlikely to find elsewhere.
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Apple cider vinegar has is rich in enzymes and has multitude benefits that helps to prevent allergy symptoms such as headache, asthma, nasal congestion and swollen eyes. By consuming a teaspoon of honey, one can reduce the overall immune response, hence curing the allergies.
It is also known as castor bean, mexico seed or mole bean and is extracted from the seeds of ricinus communis that is used as an herb. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. If you continue, we’ll assume you are happy for your web browser to receive all cookies from our website. Physical and chemical barriers and the inflammatory response form the first two lines of defence.
Tim was yet to realise that he would suffer interminably from exhaustion, losing his intellectual capacity, career as a news director, social life, friends, self-esteem and his favourite recreational activity of flying. Others such as "Iceland Disease", "Royal Free Disease", "Tapanui flu" and "Akureyri Disease" are named after locations where large-scale outbreaks of the disease occurred. They refuse to recognise the condition as they can't find anything physically wrong, and the diagnosis usually given is psychological in nature. Dr Costa's study investigating the blood flow to the brain of patients with CFS may eventually be used as a scientific, proven diagnostic test. Other factors to consider are Candida albicans, leaky gut, hypothyroid, hypoglycaemia, anaemia, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, sleep disturbances, emotional problems, breathing, posture and lack of exercise.
The British favour enteroviruses such as coxackievirus, ECHO virus and polio virus, and the Americans favour the Epstein Barr virus, including Herpes simplex, cytomegalovirus and Varicella zoster.[8-10] There is also a retrovirus connection, which was discovered by researchers at the Wistar Institute in 1990 who found a possible link between CFS and Human T Cell Lymphotropic Virus 2 (HTLV). When interferon levels are low, viral infection is likely and when interferon levels are high, the symptoms are the same as CFS and include memory deficits, muscle aches and lethargy. Demitrack reached this conclusion when he found that CFS sufferers had a reduced production of the adrenal hormone cortisol.
These changes can be due to deficiencies in amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins, particularly B vitamins. Antibiotics may be lethal as they can last in the body for up to eighteen months, and are capable of affecting DNA if given for longer than two weeks. A person suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity can also display all the symptoms of CFS and fibromyalgia.
The procedure involves eliminating the elements causing fatigue, and will include the major factors we have discussed, as well as checking for other factors such as Candida albicans, leaky gut, hypothyroid, hypoglycaemia, anaemia, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, sleep disturbances, emotional problems, breathing, posture and lack of exercise. It is recommended that the patient follows a well-balanced, organic, wholefood nutrition programme, high in fresh foods and vegetables containing soluble and insoluble fibres, and low in saturated fat and salt. Each molecule of NADH can produce three molecules of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy compound.
For example, the heart muscle, which has to contract 86,400 times a day, needs 90 milligrams and the brain and muscle tissue 50 milligrams. The 26 patients who fulfilled the Centre for Disease Control's criteria for CFS completed the study.
She is a writer, health researcher and lecturer and is committed to helping people achieve their optimum level of health and runs a private practice in Wiltshire. When you come into direct contact with Allergies your system inflames your sinuses, digestive system or skin.
Honey is fully packed with antibacterial and antioxidant properties that help to get rid of allergies.
Green tea is triggered by immunoglobulins which blocks the receptor cells preventing itchy eyes and headache.
Asian countries,[18] United States (including Hawaii), Canada ,[19] and Scotland)[20] due to bacterial resistance. If invading organisms break through these general lines of defence, the body’s immune system fights back with two extremely effective immune responses that are specific to different invaders.Physical and chemical barriersThe skin and the mucous membranes, which line the body openings and the internal passages, are effective barriers against invading organisms. All of these conditions are symptoms of underlying causes, which have not yet been fully identified, and the preferred name is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome because it characterises the major symptom of the illness without referring to aetiology. However, the facts are that 150,000 people in Great Britain suffer from CFS, including an estimated 24,000 children and young adults, with many more cases going undiagnosed.
He measures blood perfusion by the 'Single Photon Emission Tomography' (SPET) scan, which shows a reduced blood flow to the brain in patients with CFS. Retroviruses are associated with certain leukaemias, lymphomas and chronic diseases of the central nervous system.[11],[12] All of these viruses have the ability to remain dormant in the body, after the initial infection, ready to proliferate when the immune system is compromised. Many sufferers do recall a critical period of stress before they developed the symptoms of chronic fatigue. They also have a role to play in Candida albicans, leaky gut and allergies, causing weaknesses in the body.
There are approximately 70,000 chemical compounds (zenobiotics) in current commercial production occurring in food, air, water and pharmaceuticals. Appropriate treatment can then be given for the person with CFS based on their biochemical individuality. In the aspartate form, it feeds into the Krebs cycle to provide ATP and in the citrate form, it is a component of the Krebs cycle.[35] CoQ10 (Ubiquuinone) is a co-factor in the electron transport chain in the mitochondria involved in the synthesis of ATP (energy), and is essential for the health of the tissues and organs.
The more NADH the cell has available the more energy it can produce, and it is therefore an invaluable supplement for CFS.

Medical history, physical examination, laboratory studies and a questionnaire were obtained at weeks 4, 8 and 12.
These results suggest that the measurements of urinary 5-HIAA may be a useful predictive marker of disease activity in CFS patients, and could also provide an objective measure of improvement following therapy with NADH.[43] The results of these studies clearly indicate that NADH may be a valuable adjunctive therapy in the management of CFS. To overcome the disease, the methodology has to be supportive of the individual's physiological and psychological needs, and a regime of balancing and pacing rest and activity must be followed to initiate the body's own exquisite healing mechanisms. There are many allergies like chemicals, food, insect stings, house dust, pollen and mite that troubles a sensitive individual.
A simple ginger tea will boost your health, just call for 2 inch minced ginger and bring it to boil with 3 cups of water, keep boiling until it comes down to half. Daily 6 drops of castor oil consumed in half cup of plain water empty stomach is beneficial for treating allergies.A The above natural remedies will stop restricting you from enjoying outdoor benefits without a tissue.
Younger patients suffer greatly because of the impact that the illness has upon school attendance, compounded by the lack of understanding amongst teachers, educational psychologists, and social workers who seem to attribute the problem to family dysfunction. Low cortisol production leads to debilitating fatigue, especially after exercise, joint and muscle pain, enlarged lymph nodes, exacerbation of allergic responses, and disturbances of mood and sleep. Single, multiple, or combinations of these chemicals play havoc in the body and can react with chromosomes in our cells to cause damage to DNA.
This will help to cleanse the body of its toxic overload and avoid further damage from the chemicals found in processed foods and drink.
However, as NADH is a co-enzyme (helper enzyme), it is also able to amplify other enzymes to be catalysts in many different biochemical reactions within the body, thereby helping other factors involved in CFS.
The subjects received either 10mg of NADH or a placebo for four weeks and then had a four-week break before taking the alternate regimen for a further four weeks. One example is the chemical used in sheep dips, which causes organophosphorous pesticide poisoning resulting in similar symptoms to CFS and fibromyalgia.[28] Most of these chemicals are fat-soluble and the enzymes for the Phase 1 and Phase 2 liver detoxification pathways are responsible for breaking down these toxins for easier elimination to the digestive tract, via the gall bladder. It aids immunity by being involved in the formation of reduced glutathione, the cell's major antioxidant, to prevent free radical attack. You can mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with 7 ounces of water with a little juice to get a better taste, it will take about a week to feel the effects. However, if the liver enzymes are not functioning, the toxins will be stored in the body's cells, particularly in the adipose tissue.
Instantly, the damaged tissue releases specific chemicals that attract specialized white blood cells called phagocytes.The chemicals cause the underlying blood vessel to widen and the flow of blood to increase, leading to symptoms of inflammation. Fevers or fasting may result in the release of large quantities of these fat-soluble pollutants from the storage sites into the system, thus causing toxic poisoning. The vessel walls become slightly porous, allowing phagocytes to reach, engulf, and destroy the foreign organisms.Destroying foreign organismsHere, a white blood cell called a phagocyte has started to engulf a foreign organism. This could account for the high incidence of chronic fatigue onset after fevers.[29] If a person is affected by chemicals it may be wise to give the liver support through foods, supplements and cleansing diets. To destroy the organism, the phagocyte releases enzymes that help to break it down.The antibody immune responseThis specific immune response targets invading bacteria and relies on white blood cells called B-lymphocytes or B-cells.
These cells recognize proteins (antigens) of invading bacteria and multiply to produce antibodies. The antibodies seek out the bacteria and lock on to them, causing their destruction.The bacteria enter the body. The antibodies also attract more phagocytes to the site to destroy the bacteria.The cellular immune responseThis type of specific immune response targets viruses, parasites, and cancer cells.
After recognizing a foreign protein (antigen), T-cells multiply and engage in a direct battle against infected cells or cancer cells.Cells that are infected by the invading viruses are engulfed by cells called phagocytes.
Killer T-cells may then go on to seek out other infected cells.Allergic reactionsAn allergy is an inappropriate immune response to a normally harmless substance, called an allergen. Evidence for active Epstein Barr virus infection in patients with persistent unexplained illness: Elevated anti-early antigen antibodies. Serological and virologic epidemiology of Epstein Barr virus: Relevance to chronic fatigue syndrome. Phenotypic and functional deficiency of natural killer cells in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. A double blind placebo controlled trial of intravenous immunoglobulin therapy in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.
Evidence for impaired activation of the hypothalmic- pituitary-adrenal axis in patients with chronic fatigue sundrome.
Cell mediated immunity in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, healthy control subjects and patients with major depression. Comparison of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and multiple chemical sensitivities. Flow cytometric studies with Eleutherococcus senticosus extract as an immunomodulatory agent.
NADH- New therapeutic approach to Parkinson's disease, comparison of oral and parenteral application.
The measurement of 5-HIAA urinary concentrations as a predictive marker of efficacy of NADH in chronic fatigue syndrome (manuscript in preparation).

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