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Boy short underwear may be worn to avoid panty lines that are visible beneath tight clothing. Because boy short underwear tends to sit low on the hips, it can be worn with low-rise jeans. Boy short underwear is a style of undergarment that was inspired by men’s undergarments but designed to fit the body of a woman. Essentially, boy short underwear resembles low-slung, very short, tight shorts, similar to their traditionally male counterpart, boxer-briefs.
Many women choose boy shorts as opposed to thong underwear because they are more modest, comfortable, and suited to everyday wear. Boy short underwear can be made from several different materials and serve several different purposes.

About all I ever buy is boy shorts underwear for my girls' since this is their favorite kind of underwear.
I have a few pairs of boy short underwear, but I don't think they do as good of a job of hiding a panty line.
If I had to choose between wearing boy short underwear or a thong, I would choose the boy short panties every time.
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