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Psycnodysostosis is a kind of a genetic disease characterised by short physique and that opens a window into how the joints could be destroyed by arthritis. Cathepsin K has been studied largely using mouse pointers to study its role in bone metabolism.
The study took place in the Helsinki University Central Hospital in Finland and it involved a 55 year old patient suffering from Psycnodysostosis and also developed psoriatic arthritis(which is similar to psoriasis – a kind of a skin and nail disease). In the view of the fact that the patient lacked the Cathepsin K because of her condition, the researchers concluded that this would further protect her from bone erosions in the hands and the feet.
Extensive blood analysis was conducted to examine the enzymes that are responsible for breaking down proteins. The orally administered hydrolytic enzyme was first discovered by Dr Max Wolf the pioneer physician often regarded as “FATHER OF ENZYME”  Dr wolf injected indigo blue dye into the skin of back of laboratory animals  creating a dim sized blue spot. He then administered oral placebo and the spot showed little  change .when the administered oral hydrolytic enzyme the blue spot site would spread to cover the entire back of the animal with in  2 to 3 hours  after administration. Had his mind not been elsewhere, Adam might have observed an exemple of such enzymatic activity after having bitten into the fruit offered to him by Eve.
There are six main groups of enzymes, each having fundamentally different activities Hydrolases break down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats such as during the process of digestion.
Enzymes are wondrous aids used to improve health, maintain wellness, and fight disease and injuries. Although there is variation among individuals, our bodies ‘enzymatic activity generally begins to decline somewhere between the ages of sixteen and twenty, as our growth peaks. As rheumatoid arthritis may require one to three months (or more) before you notice a change in your symptoms.
Rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis)—times when the symptoms may be markedly worse or, perhaps, a little better. There are also some enzymes administered primarily by injection, which is done in a doctor’s office or hospital.
The revolutionary inventions in mobile phone technology had totally changed the concept of mobile phone. Climate change is widely spread and recognized as serious threat to human society and natural ecosystems.

Gender identity disorder is pervasive desire for opposite sex with dysphoric state and sex role. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Such a condition is caused by an enzyme called “Cathepsin K” that hampers the cells that break down the bones into bone modelling and repair; this further leads to bone resorption as well as brittle bones.
However, a new study observes its role in bone resorption in humans and concludes that it’s not required for bone break down.
Enzymes system constitute and essential components of life for human, animals, plant and all micro-organism .we require enzymes not only to eat ,digest and absorb our nutrients, but also to see ,hear, smell, taste, breathe and move. Enzymes work in our bodies to help us digest our food.  conduct nerve impulses throughout our bodies and breakdown carbohydrate, lipids, proteins into smaller molecules. As many theologians believe that the fruit was an apple .the surface of the apple where the bite had been taken becomes coated with an ever browner layer. Scientific investigations of enzymes taken from plants, animals, and microbial sources have been ongoing for over forty years. In fact, papaya has been used as a digestive aid for centuries because of its enzyme papain.pineapple contain bromelain although scarcely any can be found in canned pineapples.
The majority of this work is completed in the stomach and subsequently the small intestine. The first step in diagnosing the cause of dysphagia history taking and physical examination is performed. Exact description of experiences , ideas , beliefs, problems and barriers on take congruent sex identity and solve inner conflicts ,access to adaptation in Iranian culture and community facilitate to arrive in the keys of this problem. Ubiquitin is activated by an ubiquitin-activating enzyme (E1), transferred to a ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme (E2) and, with the help of an ubiquitin ligase (E3), is covalently attached to lysine residues on specific substrates [2]. This process which is set in action by enzyme is the apple’s immediate attempt to close this large wound.
Acting as catalysts, enzymes are best known for their ability to aid digestion and ease digestive problems.

This is why systemic enzyme therapy is effective against such a wide variety of Conditions.
They can cause very serious side effects, such as anaphylactic shock, and are only used by physicians in severe life threatening situations. In spite of the great interest of people in smart phones different companies are introducing their smart phones with a vast range of specifications. It is the protection layer intened to prevent the inside of the apple from drying out and being attacked by becteria, moulds and other dangers. The ligases catalyze the formation of a bond between two substrate molecules through the use of an energy source.
The type of enzyme you take, the dosage level, individual variables (such as height, weight, general health, lifestyle, and dietary patterns), and the condition being treated can all influence how rapidly you respond to enzyme therapy.
At the same time, a healing process is set in motion by other enzymes just under the protection surface, to pressure the rest of the apple.
Lyases catalyze the formation of double bonds between atoms by adding or subtracting chemical groups.Oxidoreductases make oxidation-reduction (the process by which an atom loses an electron to another atom) possible. For instance, if you are taking enzymes to improve digestion, you should notice an improvement within a couple of hours.
Polyubiquitin chains using K48 linkages consisting of four or more ubiquitin molecules target proteins for degradation in the 26S proteasome. Recent studies indicate that polyubiquitin chains using other linkages like K11, K27, and K29 can also target proteins for proteasomal degradation [9, 10, 22].
Generally speaking, when enzymes are taken to treat an inflammatory condition or one involving pain, some improvement will be noted within three to seven days. DUBs function at multiple steps in the ubiquitin system: (1) DUBs are required to generate free Ub monomers from ubiquitin precursors, (2) DUBs counter the action of ubiquitin ligases, (3) DUBs function at the proteasome to edit ubiquitin chains, to remove ubiquitin prior to substrate degradation in the proteasome, and to recycle monomeric ubiquitin, and (4) DUBs function at the MVB to promote recycling of monomeric ubiquitin by removing ubiquitin prior to internalization of substrates into the MVB [15, 23, 24].

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