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What can we do for you?We take care of your skin and we can make you happy like never before. Stay abreast of the latest developments through easy body fitness in health, fitness and nutrition and share your own experiences, healthy recipes and fitness routines. KEFIRAN is a superior probiotic formula with over 50 billion† active probiotic cultures to optimize digestive health.
Introducing KEFIRAN™, a convenient easy to take kefir supplement that you don’t have to drink and has all of the benefits of traditional kefir products. KEFIRAN delivers all of the best of conventional kefir drinks, however in an easy-to-swallow veggie capsule. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it increases the excretion of fluids from your body via sweat and - more typically - urination. We have covered the main negative effects of alcohol on sleep, but excessive alcohol consumption in general can have a number of negative effects on your  health and mental wellbeing.
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ArticlesWomen's Health3 Recipes for Strong BonesTry these 3 recipes from our Superfoods Recipes archive to help you get more calcium and magnesium into your diet to support stronger bones and good muscle health.
Whilst the Super Chia Seeds in this recipe are rich in calcium (which we already know is important for joint health), salmon is rich in vitamin D.
Several  studies have found that the more magnesium people consume in their food, the denser their bones as they age.

Discover healthful recipes, workouts and other fit-spiration from around the web, tracked down by movers and shakers just like you!
Browse workouts, weight loss tips, Nucific BIO X4 Reviews, diet foods, superfoods product reviews, recipes & exercises, how to lose weight fast, probiotic review detox diet, Diabetes Treatment Guide, Baby Care Guide, exercises to lose belly fat, best workout plans, MARZ SLEEP SPRAY REVIEWS Skin Care and life style,  Self Help, Expert product reviews and more! Not only is Kefiran easy to use, Kefiran contains no dairy, no lactose, no gluten, low on calories and vegan friendly. This effect makes it more likely you will have to have to get up multiple times during the night to go to the toilet. This has the obvious problems of causing a spike in blood sugar levels if you drink just before bedtime. Depending on how many drinks you have had and when you stopped drinking, your  kidneys and liver continue working away at metabolising and processing that alcohol for many hours after you nod off to sleep. If you like a drink, we recommend sticking to the Australian Federal guidelines for alcohol consumption to ensure it doesn't adversely affect your health. Vitamin D makes your body much more efficient at absorbing calcium, and is very important for maintaining strong bones over time. Snoring is typically caused by the partial blocking of airways, which leads to vibration as we breath in and out. This means your organs are working away at a time when they should be reducing activity so they can rest and recover for the next day. Excessive sugar also depletes the body of magnesium, a mineral that is critical for muscle function and relaxation.

Use soy milk over almond milk (soy milk has more calcium) to make this simple, tasty smoothie even better at protecting your bones. Use our organic cacao, which is ultra-high in magnesium, to support bone and muscle health for years to come. We take a closer look at the effects of alcohol on sleep, and the reasons why alcohol can ruin a good night's sleep.
Alcohol can act to relax the muscles around the airways, which can stop air flowing in and out of our lungs as freely as it needs. If your magnesium levels are low, you may notice you feel restless, anxious and have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. Just two KEFIRAN capsules a day contain the same amount of kefiran polysaccharide as found in a quart of kefir milk! Your body needs water to replace the lost fluids, and this need for water can cause interrupted sleep as your body tries to tell you it is running low on it's most important nutrient. This can make temperature regulation more difficult and - combined  with the sweating and dehydration effect caused by alcohol - results in an overheated, uncomfortable night's sleep. Does energy production sound like something that is a good idea of a night time when you are trying to sleep?

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