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Frequency signals are particularly suitable for the demanding environment of Civil Engineering applications, since the signals are capable of long transmission distances without degradation, tolerant of wet wiring conditions and resistant to external electrical noise. VWP-3000 Standard construction with high & low air entry filters to measure groundwater elevations and pore pressures. Geosense is one of Europe's leading manufacturers and suppliers of instrumentation to the geotechnical, civil engineering, mining and environmental industries. Multilocus sequence typing (MLST) is a molecular typing technique whereby a number of well chosen housekeeping genes (loci) are sequenced, usually in part. In a typical MLST approach, recombination is expected to occur with a much higher frequency than point mutations. Applied Maths has contributed to the analysis of MLST data through the use of Minimum Spanning Trees (see L. Automatic import and assembly of batches of sequencer trace files from various sources (AB, Beckman, Amersham, FASTA); file names are parsed into strain and gene information using a parsing definition.
Consensus sequences are automatically trimmed using start and stop signatures and placed in the right direction. Double-click on a particular problem to open the Assembler with the problem position selected.

For each problem position, show nearest existing alleles and suggested bases - easy verification with chromatograms. Alleles and MLST types can be identified by real-time connection to MLST server database, or by comparing to locally stored allele database (faster). Allele and MLST type information for own strains is stored in the database and can be updated at any time for a selection of strains. Calculate population modelling networks in the finest and most comprehensive cluster analysis application available today, using standard or custom priority rules and with branch significance support indication. Calculate and display partitioning for clonal complexes and use BioNumerics' rich set of statistics tools. Instead, each sequence for a given locus is screened for identity with already known sequences for that locus.
If the sequence is different, it is considered to be a new allele and is assigned a unique (arbitrary) allele number.
BioNumerics can download alleles, trimming positions and MLST types locally and update its database at startup or fetch data for each analysis from web services.
In case seven housekeeping genes are studied, each strain is thus characterized by a profile of seven allele numbers.

Stackebrandt, Ed., Molecular Identification, Systematics, and Population Structure of Prokaryotes.
MLST has been used successfully to study population genetics and reconstruct micro-evolution of epidemic bacteria and other micro-organisms. Through the availability of an MLST plugin, the BioNumerics software is widely used for the storage and analysis of MLST sequences. BioNumerics automatically analyses batches of sequence trace files, connects to online MLST databases, retrieves corresponding allele numbers, sequence types as well as available clonal complex information. Results are stored in the database and are available for statistical and population analysis, clustering, partitioning, identification using BioNumerics' impressive set of analysis tools.

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