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Once you have grown to the point where you are expected to leave the structure under which you have so far lived you will need to find another structure to live in. Mr Cameron is willing to wear overalls, but is he willing to maintain the UKs commitment to renewable energy? Campaigners and leaders within the renewable energy movement and industry are warning that the newly elected Conservative government are going to spell a significant and dangerous set back to the development of green and renewable energy in the UK at a incredibly important time for our attempts to move away from fossil fuels.
The landscape of british politics has shifted, the battle for the landscape of the countryside has begun.
The Liberal Democrats blocked tory attempts to scupper wind farms through out the last parliament, but they have been jettisoned from government by a public who perhaps didn’t realise the worth of a good lead when containing a rabid dog. In this day and age, it’s becoming more and more important to think about how efficient your home is. Double glazing works by instead of having just one pane of glass, double glazed windows have two panes of glass separated by a void usually filled with a halogen gas such as argon or neon. When choosing the frame material for your windows, there are a few options to suit your requirements. Wood – Wooden frames have less of an environmental impact but require periodic maintenance.
As British summers are tending to get hotter, the popularity of conservatories has risen over the last decade. Whether you are getting your boiler installed or serviced, for the love of god, do not do it yourself! Hundreds of people risk death every year thanks to poorly maintained, unsafe appliance which can result in gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning and even explosions and fires. Instead of hiring engineers on a one-off basis over and over again you can set up a contract with a servicing company and have regular check-ups as well as full appliance checks, where the device is taken apart and checked thoroughly throughout.
If you see any problems on the boiler such as black stains, an increase in condensation or yellow rather than blue flames you ought to get in touch with an engineer immediately – these are all signs that things are about to go horribly wrong.
The best case scenario is that your boiler breaks and you’re very cold – and showerless – for a while.
If you get references you should be able to get four or five, and then you’ll need to ask these previous customers about their service, and their behaviour within their house.
Once you’re completely happy that this is a reputable company with good experience, you can take the next step and ask for a written contract with the company. Despite the most used form of renewable energy in the UK, little is known about biomass and exactly how they work. Biomass can mean a lot of things, but the most used form of biomass fuel is wood, in the form of wood chippings, wood pellets and logs. Biomass boilers tend to be large, you will need at last 6 -7 cubic metres of space for fuel storage.
The boiler will need to be serviced regularly and also be compatible with your plumbing, so it is essential that this is verified before installation. Renewable energy sources are are not used up, but keep going, or replenish themselves, within a timescale useful to human beings. Wind power is one of the most visible forms of renewable energy used today: most people are familiar with the wind turbines which, in some countries, are becoming a common sight in the countryside and off-shore. Harnessing the power of water to generate power is another form of renewable energy production, and, arguably, one that is still not used to its full potential.
Biomass is the name given to organic materials that can be used to generate power, either directly, by burning it, or indirectly, through the use of plants as fuel. The range of renewables and the constant advance of technologies mean that we should not feel despondent about the future, or the fact that peak oil is firmly behind us.
Useful LinksSustainable Environment - Sustainable development, renewable energy and waste recycling. Do you know that biomass can provide efficient, reliable, locally sourced green energy at a significantly lower cost than fossil fuel and without the associated price volatility? This trade focused event will be of interest to companies with a significant heat requirement, engineers and specifiers of biomass technology, biomass technology suppliers; private forestry landowners and forestry contractors.
Registration is required in advance, please see the attached information leaflet for further details on how to register.

If you wish to take part in the BioPAD project or need more information, please sign up here. To continue to use The Bioenergy Tool, please provide your Name, Email address, country of residence, gender and age.
By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. It is certainly clear that this was the result all supporters of green and renewable energy were having nightmares about in the run up to the election. But many people are not so anti on shore wind farms, which have become our cheapest chance for renewable energy in the future.
The soil is said to be rich, but perhaps too rich, and ultimately lacking in substance and integrity. If you don’t already have double glazing, then getting these type of windows is the essential start. They are most popular when installing windows into old buildings where a wooden frame is already present. Conservatories, if not properly sealed, can lose tremendous amounts of heat when not in use during the winter.
It’s important that when it comes to oil boilers you allow a professional to do the task, and if you aren’t sure how then read on!
If you own an oil boiler you ought to be aware of gas safety regulations and how to get your boiler serviced appropriately – to protect you and your loved ones from any unnecessary danger. They will check things like the air vents, the flues and the pipework, and then will carry out a performance test.
Just make sure that any services that are advertised by the company are written into the contract. Fortunately, here at Phase NRG, we are experts in biomass boilers and have put together a brief guide on how to tell if they can benefit your home! Smaller burners are available for heating a single room and larger back boilers can provide heat and hot water for a whole house.
It is important to keep your fuel undercover, especially if you are using wood pellets, which tend to become a mush if they become too wet. Well, burning wood fuel is by no means a new technology, but use of a biomass burner increases the efficiency dramatically and can convert up to 85% to 90% of the burnt fuel into heat energy. Gas, oil, coal; all of these are finite resources, and also, of course, come with a heavy environmental toll. The areas of use for renewable energy sources include electrical generation, both on and off-grid, heating for homes and hot water systems, and fuels for cars and other vehicles.
Wind-powered electricity generation is cheap both monetarily and in terms of impact on the environment. Though they do cover a lot of land, that land is not rendered useless and can still be used to grow crops. The construction of a wind farm, for example, on a peat bog, would be counter productive in terms of trying to achieve carbon-neutrality, since the peat bog itself is such an effective carbon sink. Large hydroelectric dams can and do create huge amounts of electricity, while other systems exploit a drop in altitude to convert kinetic energy to electricity.
It could be argued at times that the land could better be used to grow food, or other useful crops.
Romans used it to heat their houses, and for centuries people have bathed in hot springs, but now it is also possible to generate electricity in this way. We should instead do our best to work together towards a sustainable future for our beautiful planet. Often, though by no means always, you will remain in this house under the protection of your parents for an amount of years from 16 to more than 16 depending on some balance between the society you live in, the poverty of your parents and your development as a person. Whilst Labour, the Lib Dems and, obviously, the green party all did much to talk up their green credentials before the election, the conservatives stayed distinctly silent whilst reiterating to their core support that their views on certain issue swung away from any even vaguely green consensus that may have been growing in UK politics over the past decade. Cameron however would much rather turn toward shale gas and fracking, the much maligned method of drawing on gas reserves in the ground around the country.
One of the most effective, and often overlooked, methods of keeping your house energy efficient is the installation of energy-saving windows.

You’ll be surprised the amount of people who think that double glazing is only for reduced noise entering the house.
Argon insulation is recommended by Allerton Windows, to keep heat in during the winter months. There are lots of experienced and reliable people to check on it in four key areas of gas safety. Also check with the local Trading Standards agency who can tell you if any complaints have been lodged against a company you may want to try. Biomass burning is extremely eco-friendly as the release of dangerous chemicals is minimal as are the waste products.
Before you purchase a wood burner, be sure to check out the rules and regulations on biomass burning, you can also check out the Renewable Heat Incentive. This is much more cost effective than a traditional log fire where most of the heat escapes up through the chimney. Most people concur that a drastic global shift to renewable energy and sustainable technology is absolutely necessary, though there are areas of disagreement over the best technologies to use and how to implement them.
In spite of concerns that have been raised over the manufacturing process for the turbines, wind power has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any of the renewable power sources, and is easily scaleable for individual use, and small communities.
Studies have shown that the best location for large wind farms is off-shore, both in terms of reducing its impact on human and animal life, and also as regards the electricity production. Passive solar technologies are all about maximising the gain in heat and light (usually in an architectural context) by window design and positioning, orientation of the building, and the use of materials with thermal mass, which enables the building to store heat for later, and slowly release it. In developing nations, small-scale micro-hydro provides power generation for isolated or remote water-rich areas – these systems are particularly useful for picking up the slack at the time of year when solar power systems are at their least effective.
Burning wood is sustainable for space heating on a small scale but, arguably, the use of biological material for large-scale energy production is not the most efficient use of our planet’s resources. That said, the use of by-products of other systems can and should be used as one piece of the renewables jigsaw, especially as regards the production of biofuels for automotive use. One of the cheapest and most environmentally friendly of all renewable technologies, geothermal power generation is on the increase due to advances in the technology which means it is now also usable further from the edges of tectonic plates. During this time it is traditional for your parents to feed you and attempt to develop you into a person who has some of the skills you will require to live in the world once you leave this house. Whilst campaigners steel for a fight, many are fearing that with a full majority behind them the conservative front bench will be able to scupper the hard fought for plans for renewable energy in the UK, plans that were barely adequate in the first place. There is much debate surrounding fracking, what is certainly clear is that we cannot be sure what the effets of such a process are, and how far reaching and dangerous those effects might be.
You can also go and visit their office to ask for references, although they will of course only give you the best ones. Of course the energy generated will depend on the strength of the wind, which fluctuates wildly.
Active solar technologies include the use of photovoltaic panels, or concentrated solar power plants to convert sunlight into electricity, and solar hot water heating systems.
This is definitely a technology that will and should be utilised more widely in the future. The green cause has gone from bemoaning the scraps it is given at the table of power, to fighting for them.
Whilst there is loud and regular support from those with in the fracking industry and supported by it campaigners insist that this process can have all sorts of effects, from poisoning water supplies to destroying the fertility of farm land.
Sometimes huge amounts of power can be generated but at other times the turbines may not be generating at all. Solar power is thought by many to be a very important and vital part of the solution to the global energy crisis, both in large-scale and small-scale ventures. They will also give you the various emotional and social handicaps and scars you will carry for the rest of your life. Wind turbines must be sighted correctly, and locating them is one of the main bones of contention for those who object to the widespread use of this form of power generation.

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