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Es un sistema desarrollado por el NERC, un centro de investigacion ambiental del Reino Unido y en su ultima version Bio-Linux 8 vemos que esta basada en Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
Al igual que esta nos llega con el escritorio Unity, desde cuyo menu podemos tener acceso a mas de 250 paquetes especificos de bioinformatica, que nos proporcionan 50 aplicaciones de tipo grafico y muchas mas desde la linea de comandos. Si no os convence el escritorio por defecto no pasa nada, dado que tambien se incluye MATE como una alternativa ligera a Unity. En Bio-Linux 8 nos encontramos las ultimas versiones de herramientas que se consideran claves como QIIME, Mothur, Jalview, Artemis, BLAST, Bowtie-Bio y se han actualizado otros paquetes (ggplot2, DESeq, edgeR, Bioconductor) relacionados con R que es un entorno de programacion con licencia GNU GPL muy conocido por su uso a nivel estadistico. En esta pagina por ejemplo teneis un listado del software cientifico presente en Bio-Linux 8, incluyendo numero de version y descripcion del mismo.
Bio-Linux se puede ejecutar en modo live, incluye imagenes virtuales (OVA) para trabajar en VirtualBox o VMWare, y la podemos instalarla directamente en nuestros discos duros descargandola previamente desde su web (lo del registro es voluntario). Para aquellos que esten interesados en ejecutar un sistema similar en plataformas de cloud computing, pueden descargarse su proyecto hermano CloudBioLinux.
Grandes cosas como esta y en mi universidad siguen ensenando programas de antano o incitando a los usuarios ventaneros a crackear sus programas por que sin licencia no hacen nada. Introduce tu correo electronico para suscribirte a este blog y recibir notificaciones de nuevas entradas. La mirada del replicante is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. E um Sistema de algebra computacional de manipulacao de expressoes simbolicas e numericas, incluindo diferenciacao, integracao, expansao em serie de Taylor, transformadas de Laplace, equacoes diferenciais, entre outras. SageMath e um software matematico livre e de codigo aberto (open-source), desenvolvido sob a licenca GPL por uma comunidade de programadores e matematicos, que busca ser uma alternativa para os principais sistemas proprietarios de software matematico como o Magma, Maple, Mathematica e Matlab.
O programa e um simulador que mostra ao usuario diversos aspectos da galaxia em uma incrivel visualizacao 3D. KStars e um programa de computador desenvolvido para o ambiente KDE e que funciona na maioria dos sistemas Unix, como o Linux e o FreeBSD. GROMACS (GROningen MAchine for Chemical Simulations) e um pacote de dinamica molecular projetado principalmente para simulacoes de proteinas, lipidios e acidos nucleicos. Bio-Linux e uma plataforma completa (distro Linux baseada no Ubuntu) voltada para bioinformatica. Gretl (acronimo de Gnu Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library) e um software livre que compila e interpreta dados econometricos.
E uma ferramenta de automacao de design eletronico, ou seja, desenho de componentes eletronicos. KiCad e um programa de codigo aberto para projetos de circuitos integrados, com o objetivo de facilitar a concepcao de layouts e suas conversoes para a placa de circuito impresso (PCB).
CompHEP e um pacote de software para calculos automaticos em Fisica para eventos de colisao de particulas. E um software de simulacao multifisica desenvolvido principalmente pela CSC – IT Center for Science (CSC). Programa interativo similar ao Matlab voltado para o calculo numerico, engenharia e aplicacoes cientificas.
O Scilab e um software cientifico para computacao numerica semelhante ao Matlab que fornece um poderoso ambiente computacional aberto para aplicacoes cientificas. GNU Octave e uma linguagem de alto nivel interpretada, destina-se principalmente para calculos numericos. Sobre Ultimos Posts Ricardo FerreiraFundador do Linux Descomplicado - LD.Sempre em busca de novos conhecimentos, preza por conteudo de qualidade e auto-explicativo. The Superb Mini Server (SMS) project is designed with the ideas of simplicity and power in mind.
Once I had confirmed SMS was on-line and the distribution was playing well with my hardware, I decided to perform an installation.
As just mentioned, most of our system administration will probably occur via the web portal, Webmin. Up to this point one could be forgiven for thinking that my experience with SMS was a buggy mess. However, the Live edition appears to be the only option for dual-booting machines and, as such, I would assume it is commonly downloaded for the purposes of testing.
Of all the Fedora releases to date the upcoming version 18 has already broken all the records in terms of delays in planning and delivery of milestones. The OpenSolaris developer and user community, previously united under Sun Microsystem's umbrella, has found itself in the state of flux ever since Oracle's takeover of Sun and its subsequent decision to close the popular open-source project.
A few weeks ago one of my computers, a desktop machine, called it quits after many productive years of service.
Secure Boot, in case you missed all the excitement earlier, is a technology which is supposed to protect computer users from malware by insuring only trusted software can boot on the machine.
First I tried to simply change the boot order and was told this was not possible while Secure Boot was enabled.
To the more technically minded, this might not seem so bad, but keep in mind these steps are performed without documentation, with no hints and with big warning pop-ups letting the user know what a bad idea disabling Secure Boot is.
Now, you might be thinking, as I was, that it was foolish of me to purchase a machine with Secure Boot in the first place. Alex Filgueira has announced the release of an updated version of Cinnarch, an Arch-based Linux distribution with Mint's Cinnamon as the default desktop interface: "Here it is, a new release of Cinnarch. Preparing for Management Personality TestsThis FREE 34-page eBook explains how and why organizations use personality tests as part of their recruitment process. Penetration Testing and Ethical HackingAt the conclusion of this FREE video training course you'll be able to create an effective vulnerability prevention strategy to prevent the attackers from entering your system.
22 Useful Tweaks To Make Ubuntu Feel Like HomeIn this FREE 21-page guide we'll show you some great tweaks that can go a long way to achieving Linux desktop zen.
In September the Linux Mint team released a much anticipated update to the Debian-based branch of their project. After downloading the 1.1 GB ISO image file and burning it to a DVD I popped in the disc and got down to business.
The Linux Mint team says they want Linux Mint "Debian" to work and feel similar to the Ubuntu-based Linux Mint editions and my first impression of the distribution is that they have succeeded. Shortly after installing Linux Mint a notification icon appeared in the system tray letting me know that updates were available. Linux Mint "Debian" comes with a full range of drivers and firmware, including non-free items not found in plain Debian. What impressed me most about Linux Mint "Debian" is that the day-to-day use of the operating system is virtually indistinguishable from the Main edition. That being said, before a user installs Linux Mint "Debian" they should be aware that there is more work and more technical knowledge required with this edition than with other Mint editions.
People familiar with Linux Mint's other editions may miss the extras which come from the Ubuntu base. It has been a rather slow week for interesting news, but as is often the case when there is little exciting to report, Linux users will start debating some old topics that just never go away.
For users not involved in enterprise Linux computing perhaps the most interesting story of the week was the development in the Microsoft's "Secure Boot" controversy. Curious-about-patents asks: I was thinking about patents and thinking that you might want to consider an article about the patent problem with software?
This has brought about an environment where companies will create and collect large numbers of patents as much for self defence as anything else.
However, it's one thing to identify problems, such as the flaws in software patents, it's another to be able to do something about these problems. My first suggestion is, if you're developing or using software and are charged with violating a patent, fight it legally.
Another option is to avoid using software from companies who are paying patent royalties or who are threatening legal action over patents.
Last, but not least, write to your local politician and ask them to push for patent reform. JoA«l Cugnoni has announced the release of CAELinux 2011, an Ubuntu-based distribution with a large collection of software for computer-aided engineering and scientific tasks: "Today we are really proud to announce our new release - CAELinux 2011.
Invent Your Own Computer Games with PythonThis FREE 436-page PDF book teaches you how to program in the Python programming language. The VPN ChecklistThis FREE 19-page guide shows you eight instances you weren't using a VPN, but should have been. Hacking Secret Ciphers with PythonThis FREE 436-page PDF book teaches complete beginners how to program in the Python programming language.
Connected: Your Complete Guide to Home NetworkingThis FREE 20-page guide focuses specifically on setting up a network that will be used by a small number of computers and other devices, all of which are owned by people living in a single home. Y?l 2013 olmus, hala Linux’dan korkup baba yadigar? Windows’da cak?l? kald?ysan?z bu yaz? sizin icin. Linux’un yeni baslayanlar?n kafas?n? kar?st?ran islerinden biri binlerce Linux surumunden birisini secmek.
Neyse bu yaz?y? as?l yazma amac?m, universite ogrencilerinin ve akademisyenlerin isine yarayabilecek birkac Ubuntu surumunden bahsetmek. Ama ise yarar programlar?n haz?r kurulmus, act?g?n?z anda kullanmaya baslayabileceginiz surumler de var.
Uberstudent surumunde gercekten bir universite ogrencisinin isine yarayacak bir cok program dusunulmus.
Universite hayat?n?za katk? yapacak en guzel isletim sistemlerinden birisi, vakit kaybetmeden bir deneyin derim. Son surumunu su linkten indirebilirsiniz, ustelik kurmaya gerek yok DVD’den dogrudan cal?st?r?p deneme surusu yapabilirsiniz. Bilimsel linux surumlerinden en basar?lar?ndan biri de Bio-Linux, hakk?nda Nature’da makale bile c?km?s.
Gene guzel ozellikler olarak yuklemeye ihtiyac duymadan usb veya cd’den cal?st?rma, Amazon sunucular?nda cal?st?rma filan var. Bu kadar cesitli linux camias?nda sizin de ihtiyaclar?n?za cevap veren bir surum mutlaka vard?r. Bu sitedeki yaz?lar? kaynak gostererek ya da gostermeyerek istediginiz gibi paylasabilirsiniz.
Bio-Linux ist eine Sammlung offener Tools der Bio-Informatik, ein MUSS fur molekularbiologisch Interessierte. Bio-Linux 8.05 lasst sich sowohl auf einem eigenen System, als auch als Dual-Boot-System oder ganz einfach als virtuelles Betriebssystem installieren. Hinterlasse einen Kommentar Antworten abbrechenDu mussteingeloggt sein, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Biogas is produced when organic material get decomposed and broken down by micro-organisms anaerobically (in the absence of oxygen). En el aspecto grafico tambien destaca por su serie de wallpapers con imagenes relacionados con la tematica de la distribucion.
En fin, me gustan este tipo de distribuciones por los recopilatorios de programas sensacionales que llevan. Assim, tambem existe uma categoria voltada para o ensino e pesquisa, destinada as aplicacoes cientificas que abrangem as principais areas de ensino – Eletronica, Estatistica, Fisica, Matematica, Biologia, Astronomia, Economia e Algebra.
Ele mostra um ceu realista em tres dimensoes, da forma como voce o ve a olho nu, com um binoculo ou com um telescopio. Tem a capacidade de exibir uma simulacao grafica do ceu noturno de qualquer lugar da Terra, em qualquer data e horario. EMBOSS e um pacote de analise de codigo aberto especialmente desenvolvido para as necessidades da comunidade de usuarios da biologia molecular e da bioinformatica. Foi originalmente desenvolvido no departamento da Universidade de Groningen, e agora e mantido por contribuintes em universidades e centros de pesquisa em todo o mundo.
Possui ferramentas para elaboracao de estrutura de produtos, arte final e visualizacoes 3D da PCB e seus componentes. Foi iniciado em 1995 na colaboracao com universidades finlandesas, institutos de pesquisa e industria. Ele fornece recursos para a solucao numerica de problemas lineares e nao lineares, e para realizar outros experimentos numericos. Por isso, persiste em criar um site com artigos relevantes para todos os leitores do Linux Descomplicado!
With the many high-profile efforts to bring Linux to desktop computers, it's easy to forget that Linux has been dominating other certain areas of computing, such as servers, for many years. The project aims to give home users and small businesses all the server capabilities they need in one small, free-of-cost package.
SMS comes with a text installer on its live media and the installer's appearance reminds me a lot of Slackware's installer, though the process of installing is much shorter on SMS.
When I first tried to boot from the local copy of the distribution I found that it hadn't actually installed LILO. This control panel is running on network port 10,000 and must be accessed using HTTPS in order to protect our login credentials. Upon clicking the button to enable the service I received an error message saying I didn't have permission to enable the service, though I was logged in under the administrator account.
When I was reading the project's Download and FAQ pages, it sounded as though the only way to install SMS alongside another distribution would be to use the Live CD.
If the bugs I've encountered are indeed a result of installing the Live version instead of performing an exclusive Native install, then I would say SMS is fairly good.
This is not meant as a criticism though; in fact, it's always nice to see a distribution going to great extents to resolve all show-stopper bugs before presenting the result to the public. Although several efforts have been made to re-unite the developers using new names and structures, the results have left many fans frustrated. Following a respectful period of mourning, I decided to go out and get myself a new desktop computer. How this works is, essentially, the computer comes with a security key (or keys) and any operating system or boot loader which we want to run on the machine needs to have a corresponding key.
Hunting through the menus I finally found the Secure Boot feature and, selecting it, I was informed (via a big, red warning box) that disabling Secure Boot was dangerous and not recommended. This is not something the average user is going to know how to do, nor will they likely want to follow through if they read the on-screen messages. After all, I've been warning people about it for long enough I should have been more careful. Zorin OS 6.1 Educational builds on top of our popular previous release of Zorin OS 6 Educational with newly updated software and a newer kernel. For the first time since Linux Mint 11, the development team was able to capitalize on upstream technology which works and fits its goals.
Redo is an Ubuntu-based live CD featuring backup, restore, and disaster recovery software, with an easy-to-use graphical program for running bare-metal backup and recovery of hard disk partitions. Bio-Linux provides more than 500 bioinformatics programs on an Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS base. As many are already aware, Linux desktop environments have undergone a period of significant change since UberStudent 1.0 was released. NAS4Free is an embedded open-source NAS (Network-Attached Storage) distribution based on FreeBSD.
Hacking-Lab LiveCD is a Xubuntu-based live CD image produced by Hacking-Lab, an IT security portal that deals with hacking and defence strategies. Sahalana Linux is an Ubuntu-based distribution, developed in Sri Lanka, with the goal of facilitating effective use of information and communication technologies by civil society organisations throughout the country. As Linux Mint prepares to overtake Ubuntu as the number one distribution in our Page Hit Ranking statistics, there is no doubt that the developers of this user-friendly operating system have attracted large following by making the right decision where it counted. Linux Mint "Debian" is a rolling-release edition of Linux Mint which uses Debian's "Testing" repository for its base.

One thing which stands out is the 32-bit version of Linux Mint "Debian" uses a kernel compiled to work with i486 machines. The environment looks the same (aside from the Debian logo), the Mint menu is present and all of the Mint tools for performing backups, updating packages and configuring the system are available. At install time, five weeks after Linux Mint "Debian" was released, there were 420 updates available. The Linux Mint team realizes that running an operating system on a rolling-release model can cause stability problems.
We're presented with Firefox, the Thunderbird e-mail client, Pidgin for instant messaging, the Transmission BitTorrent client and a graphical PPP dialer.
As a result all of the hardware on my two physical machines was detected and properly configured.
For one thing when new update packs come out users need to make changes to their configuration manually.
For instance, the Debian edition doesn't appear to support PPAs or the Ubuntu One services. Even though the round version number does not make this a more "major" release than version 4.9, it will still be a significant moment for any OpenBSD fan or user. Over the weekend Slashdot posted yet another one-never-gets-bored-of CentOS versus Red Hat Enterprise Linux story which, unsurprisingly, led to a great debate (or heated flame war, if you prefer).
As a result the two most influential Linux companies, Canonical (the makers of Ubuntu) and Red Hat (the world's largest enterprise Linux company) have published a joint whitepaper explaining the implications of Microsoft's new requirement placed on the shoulders of hardware manufacturers. Encouraging people to innovate by protecting their investment for a short period of time so that they may recoup their development costs seems reasonable.
People are applying for patents for very simple ideas, ideas for which they may not have an implementation.
Red Hat, for example, owns several patents, seemingly not to keep others from using their work, but to protect themselves against other technology companies. I spent twenty minutes doing searches for "reform software patents", "fight software patents", "stop software patents", etc. According to Google's general counsel, Kent Walker, "Many software patents are simply overbroad and vague. The PNG image format owes its creation to dodging patent issues, as does the Ogg multimedia container format.
If enough people speak out against the expensive lawsuits and the trivial patent claims perhaps we will see steps taken to fix the problems. As the name suggests, it is a distribution which maintains binary compatibility with Slackware Linux and which is pre-configured to access some of the more popular Slackware package repositories.
Bio-Linux is a full-featured, powerful, configurable and easy-to-maintain bioinformatics workstation. Cinux is an independently developed Linux distribution designed for a variety of specialised uses, such as education, media playback and web kiosks. DeLi(cate) is a fork of DeLi Linux 0.8 targeted at very old and low-RAM computers (i486 - Pentium III). Pacman Linux is a desktop-oriented distribution with an ability to perform every-day common tasks, such as creating documents or working with graphics. RRAbuntu (Rivendell Radio Automation live CD installer for Ubuntu) is a modified variant of Ubuntu.
Tizen is a new open-source project for mobile devices based on Linux and other popular upstream projects. Ubuntu GNOME Shell Remix is an unofficial remix of the Ubuntu operating system where the Unity desktop environment is replaced with the GNOME 3 desktop environment. This FREE 26-page guide, with over 50 questions and their answers, will get you ready in no time! Sadece ogrenciler degil, bilgisayar simulasyonu gibi islerle ugrasmayan akademisyenler icin de oldukca kullan?sl?. Bilgisayar cizim programlar?, sonlu eleman analizi programlar? (Salome,Elmer), CFD programlar? (Open-foam) ile bircok muhendislik uygulamas?n? kolayca yapabilirsiniz. Normal bilgisayarlarla haftalar surecek analizlerinizi birkac saat icinde bitirebilirsiniz.
Eger arast?rmac?ysan?z veya universite ogrencisiyseniz bir an once Linux ogrenin, pisman olmazs?n?z. Die Distribution basiert auf dem Ubuntu 14.04 TLS also auf einer modernen Linux-Version mit garantierter Unterstutzung fur Sicherheitsupdates fur mehrere Jahre. Diferentemente da maioria dos programas para planetarios, o usuario e livre para viajar atraves do Universo.
O software automaticamente lida com dados em uma variedade de formatos e ate mesmo permite a recuperacao transparente de dados de sequencias a partir da web. E usada para desenhar circuitos eletronicos, captura esquematica, simulacao, prototipagem e producao. O programa oferece uma variedade de tecnicas graficas e estatisticas modelos lineares e nao lineares, testes estatisticos classicos, analises de series, classificacao, etc.). Depois e publicacao de codigo aberto em 2005, o uso e desenvolvimento de Elmer tornou-se internacional. Ele tambem fornece uma extensa capacidade de graficos para visualizacao e manipulacao de dados. Booting from the live media allows us to run SMS in live mode, run it in live mode without any services enabled, run the operating system entirely in RAM, run a PXE boot server or start something called Cluster Mode. First, the installer launches the cfdisk partition manager and we are expected to make at least two partitions, one for the root file system and one partition is recommended for swap space.
I went through the installation a second time and, again, found LILO hadn't been set up on my hard drive. Most of the configuration and management of SMS takes place through a web interface, but in a pinch we can operate from the console. When we first login to the Webmin portal we are greeted with system statistics such as disk usage, CPU usage, memory consumption and uptime. However, perhaps the strangest part of using this distribution was that features which didn't work one day would function the next. The Native edition of SMS comes with a warning saying, "It will format your HDD and write the MBR. The light Slackware base with slapt-get for package management and Webmin for a graphical interface are a great combination. The idea is malware won't be able to sneak onto the computer and get loaded into memory before the operating system. Then I had to disable Secure Boot and re-enabled "Legacy" boot options in the proper order and then, finally, I was able to enable specific devices from which I wanted to boot. This is a problem as much of the growth in the Linux community over the past decade has come from the ease of installing mainstream distributions. That was what was going through my mind as I went through the long process of getting my thumb drive to be recognized as a boot device. After 6 months of incremental development, Linux Mint 14 features an impressive list of improvements, increased stability and a refined desktop experience.
There is a graphical menu for bioinformatics programs, as well as easy access to the Bio-Linux bioinformatics documentation system and sample data useful for testing programs. GNOME took a hard turn towards the tablet market, injecting much discontent among users, a few forks, and a few new projects, only one which is mature, Unity, which has both its fans and haters (I myself dislike it). NAS4Free supports sharing across multiple operating systems, including Windows, Apple and UNIX-like systems. Whether you're a teacher, preacher, coach or project leader, this FREE 352-page eBook will provide you with a solid foundation on which to build. This week's feature story is a look at the project's "other" edition, the Debian-based rolling-release variant that is designed for the more knowledgeable Linux user.
The goal of this branch is to provide users with the same Mint tools and the same feel as the Ubuntu-based editions of Mint, but with Debian's performance and a regular flow of updates. We find the same applications in the menu (more on that in a moment) and Linux Mint "Debian" comes with a full range of multimedia codecs and useful programs so people can get straight to using their computer. This gives the potential user an idea of the pace involved when maintaining a rolling release. For this reason the team has a sort of buffer in place between Debian's Testing repository and the Mint users. Clicking the former entry opens Synaptic, the venerable package management utility typically found in Debian-based distributions. LibreOffice is included along with the Banshee music player, a disc burner, MPlayer, the VLC multimedia player and the Totem movie player. On the desktop box (2.5 GHz CPU, 2 GB of RAM, NVIDIA video card) I found that Linux Mint performed well, the screen was set to its maximum resolution and the interface was responsive. The rolling-release model does lend itself to the occasional glitch and users should be comfortable trouble shooting issues that come up after an update. Though it's not likely to make a big difference one way or the other, the Ubuntu-based editions of Linux Mint coming out later this year will have a few thousand extra packages in their software repositories compared to Linux Mint "Debian". Preceding the new release was a "hackathon", the annual conference of OpenBSD developers, which was held recently in Ljubljana, Slovenia. From "How can I justify using Red Hat when CentOS exists?": "I recently spec'd out a large project for our company that included software from Red Hat.
From Secure Boot impact on Linux as published on the official Canonical blog: "Canonical successfully partners with computer manufacturers to ship millions of Ubuntu pre-installed systems every year. From where I sit software patents and the lawsuits which swarm around them like bees around a hive seem like awful wastes of time and resources. The effect of this is, all too often, one person will come up with an idea and apply for a patent. It's becoming more expensive and more risky to develop software in countries where software patents exist. Almost all software falls under one patent or another, but we can try to avoid using software that would support or finance companies that use software patents aggressively.
CAELinux 2011 represents a complete update of the distribution with up-to-date software for better support of modern hardware and a significantly enhanced ease of use, and we hope that you will enjoy it. It has been customised using the Ubuntu Customization Kit (UCK) and the Rivendell DEB packages.
Tizen will support multiple device categories, such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, netbooks, and in-vehicle infotainment devices. Delve into the world of Android programming with this compact FREE 151-page cookbook that introduces common recipes for the Android platform. Delve into the world of Git version source control with this FREE compact guide that discusses the features of this popular control system.
Mendeley ve Zotero, LaTeX ve editorleri, Google araclar?, sablonlar, not alma uygulamalar?. Matematikten, jeolojiye, istatistikten, kimyaya bircok alan icin faydal? program surume eklenmis. Bio-linux’da 500 civar? programla birlikte, biyologlar, ozellikle biyo-informatik alan?nda cal?san arast?rmac?lar icin cok genis bir kutuphane sunuyor. Die Einbindung dieser Software in die eigene Linux-Installation stellt eine echte Herausforderung dar. O usuario utiliza o teclado para navegar pela imensidao e conhecer diversos corpos celestes e planetas que estejam em seu caminho.
Pode tambem baixar fotos e imagens de qualquer astro de bancos de imagens dos servicos de astronomia do mundo. Ha um menu grafico para programas de bioinformatica, bem como facil acesso ao sistema de documentacao bioinformatica e dados de exemplos uteis para programas de testes. Atualmente, o projeto gEDA oferece um conjunto maduro de aplicacoes de software livre para projetos eletronicos.
Octave e normalmente utilizado por meio de sua interface de linha de comando interativo, mas tambem pode ser usado para escrever programas nao-interativas. The Slackware-based Superb Mini Server is one notable exception, focusing exclusively on server deployments and configuration through the intuitive Webmin web-based interface that can be accessed from any web browser. According to the project's About page, the SMS server distribution is designed to be installed on a box that is connected to an ethernet port and then left alone. Interestingly, the default option is to skip all of these and simply boot from the local hard disk. Finally I used the SMS media to boot into live mode and manually mount the disk and run through LILO's configuration.
In addition to its Slackware base, SMS comes with the slapt-get package manager which ties into the SMS repositories. At the bottom of the status display I found a message saying, "Warning -- Your system is actually running Slackware Linux version 14.0".
The documentation in the project's Wiki is good and the light & clean Slackware base is well suited for this sort of project.
It's easy to use (once installed) and carries a huge range of functionality which should cover all of a person's home and small office server needs.
Scott Dowdle from MontanaLinux sums up his experiences in this report: "I've been remixing Fedora 18 pre-release for quite a while now. A side effect, which many do not believe to be a coincidence, is operating systems other than Windows 8 are prevented from booting too. Typically in the past computers have displayed hints, such as "Press F1 to edit settings" or "Press F9 to change boot device" when they power up. After that I was able to boot from my thumb drive only if I knew to hold down F9 while the computer was starting up, we're not given that information. Bio-Linux 7 adds many improvements over previous versions, including the Galaxy analysis environment. NAS4Free is easy to set up in most home and enterprise environments and will allow to manage and share large amounts of data easily across a network.
At this time Linux Mint "Debian" discs come with either the Xfce or the GNOME desktop and are available in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavours. For this reason the Linux Mint developers recommend that people running modern hardware install the i686-PAE kernel package after installation.
A bug I ran into early on was that whenever I logged in my keyboard would be set to a French layout.
I kicked off the update process and, about halfway through, the updater came to a halt saying it had run into an error and had to stop. This buffer allows testers to find and resolve issues before updates get passed along to the end users. On the laptop (dual-core 2 GHz CPU, 3 GB of RAM, Intel video card) performance was also smooth. Most users should be able to put the install disc in their machine and be using their computer -- no tweaks, no configuration, no installing extra software -- inside twenty minutes. Having a moving kernel and an evolving desktop environment can be both a rewarding ride and a rough one. OpenBSD founder Theo de Raadt was duly present and was even approached by a local daily newspaper for a brief interview, which was later translated into English and re-published at Undeadly.org.
While this distribution will continue to thrive, we are concerned for users wanting to install any Linux distribution on a PC sold with Secure Boot 'ON'.
Another person will come up with a similar idea, put the work into developing the code to make the idea a reality, and then find they are on the receiving end of a lawsuit.
Which is a shame, patents were put in place with the hope of encouraging development and innovation and, instead, we're seeing patents used to threaten software companies like a Sword of Damocles. There are plenty of websites out there explaining why software patents are bad and there are plenty making calls to arms (and even more making calls for donations), but they're generally vague on how a person can get involved.

It has binary compatibility with Slackware 13.37 which means that it is a Puppy built with packages from Slackware, Salix and Slacky repositories. This directory has a tmpfs mounted and is used by programs like udev to store run time information.
The Linux Foundation will host the project, where Tizen development will be completely open and led by a technical steering team composed of Intel and Samsung. Ustelik asag?daki gibi bir Turkce kaynak elinizin alt?ndayken, akl?n?za tak?lan her soruya cevap bulabilirsiniz.
Mesela akademisyenlerin isine yarayabilecek programlar?n bir k?sm?na suradan goz atabilirsiniz. Ubuntu’nun nisbeten biraz eski surumunu(10.04) kullan?yor olsa da, daha stabil bir isletim sistemi isteyenler icin guzel.
Auch hier hilft ein Blick auf die oben verlinkte Webseite, denn uber Shell-Skripten gelingen Updates und Upgrades relativ einfach. Conta com um sistema de busca eficiente que pode se organizar por tipo (galaxia, cometa, aglomerado, etc) catalogo (NGC e M) e nome. A linguagem Octave e bastante semelhante ao Matlab para que a maioria dos programas sao facilmente portateis. So how does the recently updated release of this small project stack up against the big Linux guns that dominate the server rooms? Administration of SMS can be performed via secure shell connections or through a web-based portal.
Booting into live mode brings us to a command prompt login with a long list of provided services, the directory or network locations of these services and login information.
Oddly enough, LILO returned an error saying it couldn't complete its install, but upon rebooting the machine LILO ran properly. Looking at the list of potential repositories in the slapt-get configuration we also find Slackware 13.1 repositories are available, but commented out. I am not sure why this is something which requires a warning, but it's nice to know what our base is. One module allowed me to pass console commands directly to an underlying shell and this worked, though the file manager module claimed I was missing a plugin and it refused to function. The second day of my trial I went into the modules section and successfully started the Apache web server. Naturally, I downloaded the Live edition, which can be installed beside other operating systems.
On the other hand a lot of features didn't work, settings were not saved across reboots and I ran into a lot of errors. On the other hand, if the bugs I encountered while using the Live edition are also present in the Native edition, then SMS needs polish before it can be considered functional and user friendly. As you may recall the Fedora project has delayed the release of Fedora 18 beta several times now - mainly due to blocker bugs in their new installer and Fedora Updater (fedup).
The machine arrived in a timely manner, I hooked it up and realized that in my haste to get my shopping over with I had forgotten one important detail: Secure Boot.
Computers with Secure Boot remove that ease of use factor by throwing up hidden options, scary warnings and multiple menu items which must be accessed in a specific order before the user can even get to the "Insert CD" part of the installation process.
NAS4Free also incorporates many different streaming features for sharing multimedia with other devices on the network. On the desktop we find icons for navigating the file system and an icon for launching the installer.
I was able to change this in the configuration settings to the desired US layout, but at each login the keyboard would revert back to its French mapping. At this point I refreshed my package list and kicked off the update process again at which time the operating system crashed. To help users cope with the flow of updates the mintUpdate tool features a new button labeled "Update pack info".
Most users, at least most casual users, will probably want to make use of the more modern Software Manager. There are graphical applications for handling the firewall, system services and user accounts. Any new Windows 8 PC will have Secure Boot switched 'ON' when it leaves the shop and will be able to boot Microsoft approved software only. Patents originally were designed to protect people who were willing to invest their time and money into creating new things, but software patents often cover relatively trivial concepts which may be developed in parallel independently of each other. Microsoft, for example, has pushed the idea that Linux distributions infringe on their patents and that Linux companies should pay royalties.
Mesela, Windows’dan Ubuntu’ya gecis yaz?s? yeni linux kullan?c?lar? icin sahane bir yaz? olmus. By default, SMS does not include a graphical desktop interface, however it is possible to download and add a separate KDE module to the live SMS media. Logging in as the root user brought up a message saying we have e-mail waiting to be read, however running the "mail" command indicates no messages are waiting to be read. From there the distribution's files are copied to our hard drive, a process which just took a minute or two on my machine. I was glad to see slapt-get installed for us as it makes it easy to keep the system up to date with security patches and expand on the distribution's functionality. The web portal has a list of admin activities and modules down the left side of the screen.
However, when I was reading through the project's Wiki a few days later, I found there were repeated warnings against installing the Live edition.
I think the rest of the distribution has benefited from the delays because I've been running it a while and it has been very solid for me.
Illumos Takes Up the Mantle": "For the installed user base of the former Sun Microsystems' OpenSolaris operating system, questions about its continued support and development remain largely unanswered. When I hooked up the new computer and booted for the first time I was suddenly reminded in an unpleasant way.
F10, I found, would grant me access to the machine's start-up configuration, but getting my thumb drive to boot took a few steps beyond that. Certainly, system administrators and more experienced users can work around these barriers, but there is a large portion of the public which is relatively inexperienced and willing to try Linux if it is easy to set up. How is a consumer to know, even if they are aware of the feature, whether a machine is locked down or not? A bigger rewrite of the code fixes this problem and makes the outgoing firewall a bit more performing.
You can install Bio-Linux on your machine, either as the only operating system, or as part of a dual-boot setup which allows you to use your current system and Bio-Linux on the same hardware." Visit the project's home page to read the release announcement. In the news section, Slashdot readers discuss the advantages of CentOS over Red Hat Enterprise Linux, while the company behind the latter issues a joint whitepaper with Canonical on the implications of Microsoft's "Secure Boot" requirement. Linux Mint "Debian" uses a custom graphical installer which is, for the most part, quite easy to navigate.
This button lets the user know which update pack they are using, which is the latest pack available and it provides release notes for each pack. The Software Manager is Linux Mint's custom package manager and it bears a resemblance to Ubuntu's Software Centre. My laptop's touchpad wasn't set to register taps as mouse clicks, but there's a setting in the configuration tool to change this, if desired. I ran into a package conflict right away, but aside from that and the keyboard issue it was smooth sailing.
Because 'it's free Red Hat.' Personally I really like the CentOS project because it puts enterprise class software in the hands of people who might not otherwise afford it.
However, you will most likely find that your new PC has no option for you to add your own list of approved software. This means if two people come up with the same idea around the same time it becomes a race, not to see who can put out the best implementation, but who can file for a software patent first. They've had more success recently collecting money from companies shipping Android phones, like Samsung.
If you decide to purchase an Android phone consider buying one from a company that is fighting against paying royalties.
Some new features of Slacko are a rebuilt GtkDialog, a program which allows Bash scripts to run in GUI. In the news section, impatient Fedora users await the much-delayed beta release of version 18; Debian announces the availability of the fourth beta of Debian installer for "Wheezy", and Illumos steps in to unite former OpenSolaris developers to work on a forked code base.
Then we are told LILO is being installed and we can opt to provide any specific parameters needed to bring the system on-line.
Though having the additional software sources as older Slackware repositories seemed outdated and it made me wonder why the SMS developers hadn't updated the sources to point to Slackware 14.0, SMS's base. These are nicely divided up for us so it's fairly easy to find, for example, a network service module or a module for managing users. Perhaps the oddest thing about using the Webmin interface was that some modules worked for me at one point, but following a reboot they wouldn't (or vice versa). Some modules, like the OpenSSH server still refused to start, but others launched without complaint. Maybe I should have given SMS a dedicated box to work with and installed the Native edition instead of playing with the Live CD.
When Oracle bought Sun Microsystems, it raised fees for its technical help and halted further development on OpenSolaris, replacing it with its own Oracle Solaris 11. Secure Boot means Linux is no longer simple to install, or even try, from detachable media. Software freedom requires vigilance and I fear that is more true now than it was a year ago.
I rebooted, found and unselected the conflicting package and re-ran the update process, which completed cleanly.
The Software Manager displays software categories and the applications in those categories with a combination of labels and icons.
The Debian-based edition of Linux Mint is light on memory and generally used around 128 MB of RAM while sitting idle at the desktop.
The developers have taken this experience, typical of their Main edition, and merged it with a lighter, rolling distribution and made the transition between the editions virtually seamless. Also, the Mint desktop in this edition is just as polished and as easy-to-use as the Ubuntu-based editions. A: Every new release contains new features, especially regarding the network protocols like tunneling and packet filtering.
So to install Linux (or any other operating system), you will need to turn Secure Boot 'OFF'. A showcase of this are Pmusic and Pequalizer, tiny applications to organise and play your music collection. Also in this issue, an update on Secure Boot that seems to be universally present on most new computers, and the usual regular sections, including an addition of NAS4Free to the DistroWatch distribution database. The centre and right sections of the display are taken up with the details of the module we have selected. For instance, the first time I tried launching the Apache web service it failed to start, but after a reboot I had no trouble launching the module.
This was perhaps my biggest concern while using SMS, there didn't appear to be any consistency as to what would work and what would not and when. Perhaps installing from the Live edition was why services appeared to function or not at random, perhaps that's why LILO didn't install properly and perhaps that is why services I had enabled during one session were not started after a reboot. Over all, Fedora 18, even in this pre-beta stage, is working great and I enjoy the refreshed versions of GNOME 3 Shell, KDE 4, Xfce, LXDE, MATE, and Cinnamon. Enter the Illumos Foundation, which created a fork of the OS and is gearing up to continue its development. Be careful when shopping for new computers, it is easy to purchase more trouble than one bargained for. And you might do well to read the release notes." Read the rest of the release announcement for more information.
Finally, don't miss the Questions and Answers section which offers a fresh perspective on the controversial issue of software patents. A word of warning here, the installer didn't properly detect my keyboard so it may not be safe to take the default option.
The update utility has the ability detect problems with the current APT configuration and suggest fixes. Selecting an application for installation or removal causes the action to be added to a queue which is processed in the background while the user continues to browse the available software. I found that Linux Mint would play video and audio files out of the box and the distro includes the Flash browser plugin. On my hardware everything was detected and worked straight out of the gate and it's nice to have the low-resource usage of Debian combined with the useful collection of drivers, firmware and codecs that come with Mint.
Another significant change is the addition of an md5sums file, allowing users to check the integrity of all downloaded packages." See the project's news page to read the release announcement.
The interface is fairly plain, it's not exciting to look at, but I rather like it for all its simplicity. For instance, once I got the LAMP service up and running, I browsed to the default web page, selected the torrent client link, hoping to download SMS using SMS, and I was promptly told PHP wasn't working properly. I'm willing to take my fair share of the blame, I probably should have read through the Wiki prior to installing the distribution.
I found the Software Manager to be responsive and easy to use, it provides detailed feedback and I encountered no problems.
I haven't been running it long enough to comment on its stability, but the repository buffer between Debian "Testing" and the Mint end users should make Mint more stable than running plain Debian "Testing" or the various other distributions based off Debian "Testing".
My feeling is that people who already use Mint probably won't find any benefit in switching to the Debian base, unless they're quite taken with the rolling-release model. In fact I questioned the decision by asking why the CIO was willing to spend money on another very similar project and not this one. It's possible to have Secure Boot and the ability to choose your software platform." The whitepaper, authored by Jeremy Kerr (Technical Architect at Canonical), James Bottomley (Linux kernel developer) and Matthew Garret (Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat), is available here (PDF format). It's one thing to invent a new type of database and be able to produce it, show it off, let people use it.
However, when I selected other admin functions which used PHP, such as the phpLDAPAdmin tool, it worked flawlessly, making me think PHP wasn't the real issue. An unexpected outcome of the Illumos project could be the birth of a modified business model for open source. However, users of other rolling release distributions and other Debian-based operating systems will probably enjoy the convenience and friendliness that comes with the Mint experience.
The answer was 'because there is no free alternative.' I know this has come up before and I don't want to beat a dead horse, but this is still a very persistent issue. It's quite another to just think about a new type of database and decide the thought needs to be protected. Going through the modules there was a strange quilt work of things which would or would not work (anti-virus didn't, disk checks didn't, the file manager didn't, Samba shares did and ProFTPD did). Though perhaps not as polished as the installer found in Mint's Main edition, the Mint "Debian" installer completed its job without any problems.

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