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I’ve lost count of the number of people that have told me that their broadband connection is not working properly because an online speed test has reported low or highly variable speeds.
Provided that you take the right precautions and choose the right online speed test (with the right settings), an online speed test can be reasonably accurate and a useful tool to assess a broadband connection. Just because your ISP claims that your broadband connection offers speeds “up to 24 Mbps” (for ADSL2+ conventional broadband) or “up to 80 Mbps” (for VDSL2 fibre broadband), it won’t mean that you’ll be able to achieve such speeds. As shown in the chart below, fibre broadband connection speeds decline with distance from the fibre street cabinet. Similarly, as described in our article entitled Chart of ADSL and ADSL2+ Speed Versus Distance, the speeds of conventional ADSL2+ and ADSL broadband decline with distance from the BT exchange. It is important to realise that because of the way the broadband system and the Internet have been designed, the actual throughput of your connection (i.e. So, if you are lucky enough to have a fibre broadband connection with downlink connection speed of 80 Mbps, the actual maximum throughput of your connection would typically be about 75 Mbps.
With conventional ADSL2+ and ADSL broadband, the IP Profile is also lower than the connection speed. Before discussing the best online speed tests that are available, it is important to consider the conditions in which you should run an online test. Ensure that there are no other programs or applications running in the background when running an online speed test. Ensure that no other devices on your network are using the broadband connection (for example, a mobile phone or tablet in another room). Based on extensive measurements, OOKLA (once configured correctly, as will be explained) provides consistent and relatively accurate results.
It is critically important to select the most appropriate server, and it may take several attempts to determine the best server available. While BT and other ISPs offer a range of online speed tests, by far the best is the Broadband Performance Test provided by BT Wholesale. To start the speed test, it is important to tick the confirmation box in the bottom left corner.
An extra benefit from the BT Wholesale checker is the ability to find out the IP Profile on your connection (if you subscribe to a service delivered by BT Wholesale, for example, BT, Plusnet and many other ISPs). We have not found any other online speed tests that consistently give as accurate results as the main OOKLA site (provided that the server is manually chosen) and the BT Wholesale checker. Our Increase Broadband Speed Guide provides tips to substantially increase your broadband speed.
This site provides tips, guides and independent advice to consumers and businesses on how to get the best speeds from broadband services.
Iguazu falls is located on the border of the Argentine province of Misiones (which is in the northeastern corner of the country) and the state of Parana in the south of Brazil. Most of the Iguazu river flows through a long and narrow U-shaped fissure called the devil’s throat. The falls is composed of about 10 layers of basalt  rock that was formed as a result of volcanic eruptions about 100 million years ago. The view on the Brazilian side is generally considered to be much better, as you get to see a panoramic view of the falls, however the walkway on the Argentine side gets you much closer to the falls and there are more things to do as well. In winter, which lasts from June to August, temperatures can vary from 10 degrees celsius to 23 degrees celsius.
The jet boat ride will take you to the bottom of the falls and almost under it .You will certainly get drenched, so you may want to wear some waterproof clothing or have a change of clothes on hand. The helicopter tour, which is only available on the Brazilian side gives you an aerial bird’s eye view of the magnificent falls. Viator offers a jungle tour from Foz do Iguacu which would include experiencing the flora and fauna of the region, hiking and a boat ride bringing you close to the falls.
The moon walk tour on the Argentinian side allows you to view the falls at moonlight and can be booked at the tourist office at the bus terminal at a cost of about $50 per head. Visit the Itaipu Dam which is located on the borders of Paraguay and Brazil and is the second largest hydro-electric dam in terms of energy production. On the Brazilian side, you can also rappel vertically down the falls with the assistance of an instructor who will rappel along with you.
You can also go trekking and ziplining in the Selva Missionera forest which is close to the city of Puerto Iguazu.
Other things you can do include bike tours in the forest, a visit to the San Ignacio mines and the wanda mines with it’s beautiful crystals or a visit to the show where you can experience folkloric dances and songs of South America along with a dinner buffet. The Iguazu national park is a UNESCO world heritage site and is present at both the Brazilian and Argentinian side. There are two airports which you can arrive at to get to the falls, the Cataratas del Iguazu international airport in Argentina and the Foz do Iguacu international airport in Brazil.
To get to the falls, you first need to get to the town of Puerto Iguazu to which flights are available from Buenos Aires. A flight from Rio to Foz do Iguacu should cost about $110 and should take about 2.5 hours whereas a bus journey would cost about the same and take about 22 hours.
From Sao Paulo to Foz do Iduacu, the flight duration should be around 1 hour and 30 mins and should cost about $90.
If you like to cruise, you might want to take a look at Princess’ 20 day cruise that includes a land tour of Rio De Janeiro as well as a tour of both sides of the Iguazu falls followed by an ocean cruise.

The 7 night tour from Rio De Janeiro includes accommodation, meals, a tour guide, airfare from Rio to Foz do Iguazu & Campo Grande to Rio, entrance fees for falls on both sides and a visit to limestone caves and azure rivers in Bonito. The 4 day tour includes round trip to and from Buenos Aires, 2 nights stay in Puerto Iguazu, breakfast and daily guided tours of both sides of the falls. In Puerto Iguazu, Argentina some of the popular hotels include the Grand Crucero Iguazu hotel, the Loi Suites Iguazu,  Posada Del Jacaranda and the Iguazu Jungle Lodge. Some of the popular restaurants in Puerto Iguazu are the Aqva restaurant, La Vaca Enamorada, De La Fonte, and La Dama Juana. The Argentinian side should take about a day and a half and the Brazilian side should take about half a day.
You need to be very cautious with online speed tests as they may indicate that your broadband connection is performing much worse than it really is. This is because speeds are dependent on the distance to the exchange (for conventional broadband) or to the street cabinet (for fibre broadband). So, if you are located 1 km from your local street cabinet, you’ll typically only be able to achieve a connection speed of 25-30 Mbps. Only premises situated within 1 km of the exchange are likely to achieve a downlink connection speed close to the maximum possible.
So, depending on what fibre broadband subscription you have, this can be (depending on the service chosen) up to 80 Mbps or 40 Mbps in the downstream direction. For a connection speed of 40 Mbps, the actual maximum throughput of your connection would be about 37 Mbps.
Another program running on your device at the same time (for example, a software download) could be using your Internet connection while you are trying to run a speed test. Many people now have a number of devices connected to their broadband connection, including set-top boxes, games consoles, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Particularly at peak times, the servers used to provide online speed tests could be overloaded.
Avoid running an online speed test if connected to your router by WiFi (or a powerline adapter). Quite frankly, many online speed tests are a complete waste of time, results from which will bear little resemblance to your actual throughputs. OOKLA claims to be “the world’s most popular Internet speed test” with over 5 million tests per day.
While the user interface is not particularly appealing, and you have to wait until testing is complete to see results (whereas OOKLA gives more immediate feedback), results are generally accurate and consistent. Once a speed test has been run, you can select the ‘Further Diagnostics’ option at the bottom of the screen.
Basalt is a rock formed from magma inside the earth’s lithosphere that solidifies on reaching the surface. Most people however do and would recommend  a visit to both sides which would be a half day tour on the Brazilian side and a full day on the Argentine side.
Although rainfall is expected during this period, the skies maybe overcast and hence  pictures taken may not turn out very well.
In Argentina, the tour is not in operation any longer as they feel the sound disturbs the wildlife in the region. Animals in the park include the Jaguar, Jaguarundi (a wild cat), south american tapir (which is the second largest mammal in South America), dwarf leopard, black-fronted piping guan, harpy eagle and the Yacare Caiman which is an  alligatorid crocodylian. Once you arrive at your hotel in Puerto Iguazo, you will need to take a taxi or bus to the visitor center at the Iguazu national park (a 20 min ride). The jungle lodge is only 10 mins from the falls and is located in the Misiones rainforest which you can enjoy splendid views of from your balcony. The connection rate is the speed at which your router communicates with the DSLAM equipment (situated in the exchange for ADSL and ADSL2+ or your fibre street cabinet for VDSL2 fibre broadband). So, if you’re getting these speeds in an online speed test, you simply cannot do any better.
A connection speed of 20 Mbps would equate to an IP Profile of 17.64 Mbps and a maximum throughput of about 17 Mbps.
So, close any programs that may be running on your device, including anti-virus software, peer-to-peer clients, online storage applications and automatic updates.
Try to run speed tests at different times of the day, and on different days, and note the best results. OOKLA provides global coverage, with speed tests available from more than 3,500 servers worldwide. We have found on numerous occasions that the server selected is not necessarily the best available and can give inaccurate results for a number of reasons (including the server being overloaded). It also serves as a boundary between Argentina and Brazil with 80% of the falls being located on the Argentine side and only 20% on the Brazilian side. On the Brazilian side there is a walkway that leads to the lower section of the devil’s throat.
During summer which lasts from December to February temperatures range from 23 to 32 degrees celsius.
In Foz Do Iguacu, Brazil some of the popular hotels include Belmond Hotel das Cataratas, Del Rey Hotel and Hotel bella Italia. Secondly, IP packets don’t only contain useful ‘payload’ information and also contain headers about the information sent.

Furthermore, WiFi interference issues can often cause rapid fluctuations in online speed test results. You have the opportunity to pick an alternative server, and you should try a range of servers that are relatively close to your location. This will provide you with the IP Profile of your line, which can help to diagnose a stuck IP profile or problems with your line if the IP profile is abnormally low.
In Argentina a train that runs through the forest will bring you to the entrance as well as the upper and lower sections of this fissure. Most of the rainfall occurs during this period and hence could result in misty, cloudy skies. However, if you are staying at the Sheraton Iguazu which is located within the park, then it’s only a 15 min walk to the falls. As shown in the table below for VDSL fibre broadband, the real throughput (for example, measured by an online speed test) will be significantly lower than the connection speed. Over time, you will probably discover that a particular server (even if it not one of your closest servers) provides the highest and most consistent results. The best time to visit the falls is probably during the months of march, april, may and september. A bus from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu would cost about $100 (20 hour journey) and a flight for the same trip would cost about $160. It’s easy to get lost in the beautiful scenery Sevilla has to offer and everyone who visits Sevilla has no complaints: only wonderful things come out of a trip to Sevilla! Here are some of the best things to do in Sevilla!Visit the Maria Luisa ParkThe Maria Luisa Park is the perfect place to go if you’re looking to spend a relaxing time walking along the ponds and spend time with some flowers.
The Maria Luisa Park has a beautiful ambiance where you can walk along, visit some of the museums inside the park, or if you’re feeling like having some fun, row boats in the water. The perfect relaxed environment!Take a stroll through Sevilla’s historic gardens to see some wonderful scenery and then later, enjoy some authentic Sevilla tapas with this tapas tour! The architecture of the Alcazar is impressive and something definitely worth checking out!Get your own private tour of the essential must-go places in Sevilla with a local, including the Alcazar!
Catedral & GiraldaThe largest Gothic church and the third-largest church overall in the world, the Catedral stands proudly in Sevilla. The Giralda, the bell tower that stands on one of the sides of the cathedral, has its own personality as well, built during Muslim rule and retaining Islamic influences.
It’s worth it to take a hike all the way to the top of the tower to get a beautiful city view from above. It may take you awhile to get through the Catedral and the Giralda, but you won’t regret any moment of it!Since the Catedral is so big, take it on with a guided tour of the Catedral. Tapas TourIf there’s one thing Sevilla knows how to do, it’s definitely offering some of the BEST tapas in Spain!
Native to the Andalusian culture, flamenco dancing is all the rage in Sevilla with the elaborate costumes and intricate steps.
It’s time to channel your inner flamenco dancer and get ready to dance, clap and have a blast!Let a local take you on a flamenco experience, full of performances, history behind flamenco and great music and dance! But if you’re not much of a dancer, try your hand at learning the rhythm, beat and box drum of the flamenco dance.
Visit Plaza de EspanaLocated within the Maris Luisa Park, Plaza de Espana is a sight to behold and when you’re there, a panoramic photo is something you should snap with your camera. Bullfight Ring (Real Maestranza)The oldest bullring in Spain, this bullring is where the first traces of bullfighting began. This bullring is a huge tourist attraction and it’s definitely fun to get a glimpse inside the ring and imagine watching a bullfight back in the day!After visiting the bullring, jump onto a kayak and take a sight-seeing tour of Sevilla! This is a great way to see Sevilla in a different way while seeing some historic monuments right from the river!
Monasterio la CartujaAnother religious building located in Sevilla, the Monastery of Cartuja is great place to stop by! Enjoy the beautiful baroque architecture of this monastery that was actually built by the Carthusian monks themselves!Discover the magic of Sevilla through this night tour in the Santa Cruz neighborhood!
This is a tour you’ll definitely want to go on!Corral del CondeA building from the 16th century, Corral del Conde is an apartment complex located in the center of Sevilla. This building retains the structure of a traditional Andalusian courtyard and is close to the historical center. You can rent these apartments and enjoy the fresh vegetation right outside in the courtyard!If you’re up for another adventure, why not discover some beautiful places in Andalusia? Unwind your curiosity and surround yourself with historic buildings and places!Archivo General de IndiasIf you love history and are interested in learning more about Spanish history, the General Archive of the Indies is your place!
Here you can find some of the most important documents in Spanish history while offering Spanish Renaissance architecture.

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