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Printable Coupons and Deals – $2.00 off ONE Align Probiotic Product Printable Coupon! Both prebiotics and probiotics have been proven to be very effective at helping to keep the intestinal tract functioning properly. XProbiotics do not always work, simply because the body may reject them as being unhealthy bacteria. XProbiotics are effective only if they are designed to withstand the extreme acidity of the stomach. XOnce the friendly bacteria reach the small and large intestines, they need dietary fibre to stay alive.
XProbiotic products aim to deliver extra intestinal flora to the gut to aid with digestion, which may engender temporary colonies of bacteria that assist the body’s natural flora.

With prebiotics, you can always be certain that your body will pass them along until they have reached the friendly bacteria and help them to grow. XLive microorganisms introduced into the body to help reinforce the number of bacteria in order to influence the microflora balance.
Prebiotic vs Probtioic – Why feed and grow your own bacteria is better?video in Chinese with English subtitles.
It is by nurturing them with the right prebiotics can they really see huge improvements in their digestive system. However, if the conditions which lead to the depletion of the intestinal flora persist, their benefits will be short-lived.
While probiotics are generally mass and cheaper, good quality prebiotics are generally niche and more expensive, since it is made from food sources, and especially more so if it uses organic ingredients.

It cannot be digested; therefore it can reach the intestinal tract to be fermented by the good bacteria to promote its reproduction, hence intestinal flora balance.
Antibiotics can wipe out good bacteria as well, leaving a void where disease-causing bacteria can grow.

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