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The gut microbiota of most of us contains both “good bugs” and “bad bugs” which compete with one another. The World Health Organization defines probiotics as ’Live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host’. There is a growing body of evidence to support the use of probiotics in a plethora of different fields of health care.
Probiotics have also been shown to have a role in treating conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease. The established ability of certain probiotics to counteract increased intestinal permeability has further reaching potential than just disorders of the bowel. Yaletown Naturopathic Clinic is a center for naturopathic medicine in the heart of downtown Vancouver’s Yaletown district.
Come in to enjoy our endless delicious flavors such as Cake Batter, Tahitian Vanilla, Espresso, Wild Strawberry, Birthday Cake and more! Yogurt FlavorsCotton Candy, Strawberry, Chocolate, Cake, Espresso, Passion Fruit, Key Lime Tart, Triple Chocolate, Pistachio, Dreamsicle Cake & More! You've probably heard animal noises that indicated some form of communication, but it wasn't until fairly recently that we learned that even some of the smallest organisms on Earth, bacteria, can communicate with each other.
The gut microbiome is a cutting edge area being increasingly studied: all the microscopic organisms that inhabit the landscape of the digestive system. When Bill and I were in Mexico City this summer, vegan yogurt topped the list of foods we missed most. For all our dairy-indoctrinated friends who are wondering what exactly is vegan yogurt, let me explain. Vegan yogurt can be made with a variety of non-dairy “milks,” for example soy, almond, or coconut.
Up until the past few weeks, Whole Foods has been pretty reliable about stocking a reasonable variety of vegan yogurt. Wholesoy soy milk yogurt: Both plain sweetened and plain unsweetened were available in 24 ounce tubs. So Delicious coconut milk yogurt: Plain sweetened and unsweetened seems to be available in 16 ounce tubs, at least according to the company website. Meanwhile, a new brand has made an appearance at Whole Foods – Almond Dream almond milk yogurt. Bill and I have tried asking the dairy buyers at Whole Foods and Giant about what’s going on. Two weeks ago, Bill sent an email to Wholesoy to once again request the 24 ounce plain unsweetened vegan yogurt at the grocery stores near us, even provided the store numbers.
Ironic that in this land of consumerism, we’ve managed to find something that’s almost impossible to purchase. Populations of either increase at the expense of the other so when one is up, the other is down.
The bacteria should be live and are often surrounded in a medium of some kind which they can feed off and survive.
The health benefits of probiotics in various different forms have been recognized since antiquity.
One study showed a 42% reduction in the incidence of diarrhea brought on by antibiotic treatment.
These disorders of the bowel lead to pain, bleeding, cramping, poor digestion and absorption of nutrients from food. As previously mentioned, the leaking of compounds out of the intestine leads to inflammation. Research has shown a consistent difference between the gut flora of slim individuals and that of obese individuals. There is already encouraging research into the link between gut flora and diabetes, cancer and even depression. Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. In the 1960s, researchers observed that bacteria known as Vibrio fischeri exhibited greater amounts of luminescence as the bacterial population grew. It turns out that the bacteria emit autoinducers, or signaling molecules similar to pheromones. Vegan yogurt wasn’t readily available there, and soon after we returned to the States, we made a grocery store run to buy a large container of plain flavor.
Our preference is a Whole Foods or the newly constructed Giant, where organic produce and products are emphasized. We remember tasting only a hint of coconut, which is a good thing, in case you’re not up for a tropical blast with your yogurt. The almond milk gave it a more liquid-y consistency, but otherwise this was an acceptable alternative.
Neither Silk nor Stonyfield’s O’Soy soy milk yogurts come in plain (some previous online buzz reveals Stonyfield used cow’s milk in the soy starter, but these days O’Soy is certified vegan). While online research confirms that it does come in plain, we’ve seen only fruit- and vanilla-flavored.
Why, then, a few months ago when one Whole Foods got a new shipment of 24 ounce plain unsweetened Wholesoy (Bill and I bought multiple containers), only days later every tub was gone?

Other than an auto-response saying Wholesoy would answer within 48 hours, we haven’t heard anything to date. Either the “good guys” or “bad guys” may predominate at different times and under different conditions.
It may be startling to learn that of all the cells in your body, only 10% of them are human.
It is important to realize that in order for you to attain any of the health benefits from your probiotics they must be “live” when you consume them. However, we are really only now beginning to fully grasp and examine the importance of the microbiota to our health. It may sound counterintuitive but probiotics can and often should be used in conjuction with antibiotics. They can potentially end up in more serious complications such as bowel obstructions and strictures requiring surgery. This phenomenon has also been linked to food intolerance, particularly gluten and other inflammatory reactions such as eczema, asthma. Furthermore, one study in mice, the gut flora of a healthy weight mouse was replaced with those taken from an obese mouse.
Further research and refining of their use we may see probiotics revolutionize the way we treat many illnesses.
Emanating a glow takes a lot of metabolism, and the scientists determined that the bacteria were able to preserve their energy until they realized that there were enough of them to make a really good glow.
Many bacteria begin to wreak havoc on the human body only once there are enough to overwhelm the immune system.
Plain is also good for baking, mixing in salad dressings, and using as a sour cream substitute.
These tubs are one of the few items that Bill and I choose to buy large sized instead of small.
The company’s website has posted a letter to customers dated September 2013 that explains about complicated production problems, including being kicked out of a plant due to concerns about nut allergens.
The soy makes the color a rather unappealing beige, and it’s so lumpy that Bill considered working on it with his immersion blender.
Trader Joe’s has their brand in soy milk yogurt, although only in 6 ounce containers, and only peach and strawberry flavors.
Filling out a special order form with customer service doesn’t seem to do anything, either. Most probiotics with live bacteria will be refrigerated however there are some shelf stable brands on the market. The potential of probiotics as treatment for everyday illnesses all the way to serious disease is becoming increasingly apparent with an ever increasing body of evidence support their use.
Antibiotics do not always differentiate between which bacteria are harmful pathogens and which one are beneficial for us. A factor common to these disorders is an altered relationship between the body and the gut flora. Maintaining a healthy intestinal microbiota  through probiotic use could help to avoid or alleviate these sensitivities. The introduction of the correct probiotic strains can help to rid the body of unwanted toxins. You've also gotten a sense of their needs -- if your spouse had been trapped beneath fallen furniture, he or she would have cried out for help.
Researchers called this phenomenon quorum-sensing -- the bacteria communicate to determine the size of their community.
But bacteria don't just communicate with their own kind -- in recent years, scientists have determined that bacteria have a receptor for species-specific autoinducers, as well as a receptor for the signals sent out by all other kinds of bacteria. Instead of waiting for bacteria to attack us, drug manufacturers are interested in developing a way to scramble the wires of bacterial communication before it starts. When you opened the container, you just had to be prepared for an off-white color due to the soy, but the yogurt consistency was smooth and thick. Resident bacteria in the lumen have been shown to be a factor in the development and persistence of these disorders.
A recent study with 30 children in Australia used probiotics, namely Lactobacillus Rhamnosus to treat peanut allergy. Unfortunately, so far studies have been unsuccessful in doing the reverse- slimming down an obese individual using a slim individual’s gut flora. And if your kids had observed your arrival by asking if you'd brought home pizza, then you would know they were hungry. Not only does this indicate that many species of bacteria beyond the bioluminescent ones have the capability to communicate, it means that all bacteria in close proximity are probably chatting it up. That way, bacteria will never know that they've achieved the kind of threshold necessary to establish an infection in the body.
Being car-free in this neighborhood, though, means a visit to either outlet requires a time-consuming trip on the bus or Metro train. Wholesoy’s website features a cheerful thank you message to customers for patience and encouragement while they built their new dairy-free yogurt facility. Although the website gives no indication of production problems, we haven’t seen this brand around for a quite while (and for the record, we’ve NEVER seen the unsweetened variety).

Too bad that to get this brand you’ll have to make a special trip to one of the organic markets.
Some brands over populate their products to allow for loss of some of the bacteria during shipping etc. The inflammation associated with these diseases is the body attempting to fight off pathogens in the gut. In a randomised trial they found that about 80% of the children were subsequently able to tolerate peanuts. The research into that continues but what this research does show is a direct link between gut flora and obesity.
Different bacteria have different functions in the body and selecting the incorrect one may have no beneficial effect or it may exacerbate your symptoms further.  Another problem is poorly regulated standardization of probiotics. Much like we account for our loved ones at the end of the day, the bacteria are taking roll as well. On the other hand, their blog, which announces the return of the 24 ounce tubs, hasn’t been updated since August.
The bacteria live all over our bodies, but the ones we are primarily concerned about in terms of probiotics are those in the gastrointestinal tract, specifically the large intestine. In this way they ensure that by the time they reach the consumer they have the correct dosage of bacteria. Apart from being unpleasant, diarrhea causes dehydration and electrolyte imbalances which can further impede recovery particularly in weaker or immunocompromised patients. Other studies using Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Bifidobacterium lactis have had positive results in treating infants suffering with atopic eczema.
The gut flora’s potential to contribute to energy harvest is another area of particular interest in relation to obesity. There is a huge variety of probiotics on the market each with varying levels of efficacy and standards of production. Each of us has a different composition of bacteria making up whats known as our microbiota (gut flora). Replacing the lost good guys by using probiotics during a course of antibiotics can help patients to avoid this complication altogether. The reasons why the immune system attacks the gut flora in the first place is not well understood.
Some scientists hypothesize that  the increasing rate of allergies is caused by our reduced exposure to pathogens due to improvements in hygiene. Research in  the future may yield a definitive alternative using probiotics to the extreme treatments such as bariatric surgery that are becoming commonly used today. If you have allergies you must exercise caution when selecting a probiotics to ensure it does not contain any of the allergens you are sensitive to. This composition varies greatly between individuals depending on our diets, lifestyles and environmental factors.
Think about it, in order for them to successfully colonize your lower intestine where they are most active and can convey their respective health benefits, they must first pass through the rest of your GI tract. Some theories propose that your body is reacting to changes in the population of the gut flora or changes in the behaviour of the flora and the chemicals they produce.
The theory is that the use of probiotics may be a safe alternative for providing bacterial stimulation which is necessary to our bodies. Probiotics have been shown not only to successfully treat allergies in infants but also to reduce the incidence of developing allergies in the first place. The aim of probiotics, put simply, is to deliver and optimize growth of the beneficial bacteria thus inhibiting the growth of bacteria which are not helpful to us.
It doesn’t matter how many billion bacteria you consume in each tablet if they are all dead before they reach your gut. This has prompted scientist to investigate the potential benefits of manipulating the flora with probiotics. Though the mechanism of action is still not fully understood is is thought to be a combination of probiotics’ ability to strengthen the barrier function of intestinal mucosa preventing leakage and the fine tuning of the microbiota. These are some of the reasons why it is important to choose the best quality probiotics you can and to seek advice  from a health professional when choosing them. Bacteria such as lactobacilli have been shown to have protective immuno-modulating properties which can help alleviate the body’s inflammatory response. Increasing the population of certain microbes in the gut puts them in direct competition with pathogenic bacteria for food and space and thus helps to reduce the population of harmful pathogens. Alterations in the permeability of the gut can cause compounds to essentially leak out through the gaps between cells of the small intestine.
One of our Naturopathic Doctors can help you to choose the correct strain for you based on your individual needs and help you to navigate the vast selection of probiotics on the market to help you find a reputable product that is best for you and your microbial friends.
Bifidobacterium, another probiotic strain, prevents damage to intestinal cells and helps to prevent increased intestinal permeability.
There have been positive results from several studies in animals showing an improvement in symptoms of IBS from taking targeted probiotics.

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