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Now the question many of you ask us is “how long can I take a probiotic?” A few weeks? The other basic daily staples are the Optimal Fatty Acid blend (great for your metabolic rate, hormones, skin elasticity and heart health), Optimal Woman and Optimal Male (the daily vitamins and minerals your body needs, specifically tailored for the needs of the female and make body), the Optimal Cleanse for daily meal replacements and the Optimal Movement if constipation is an issue. This entry was posted in health & wellness, Heather Wilson, Questions, Supplements and tagged East West Essentials, east west essentials clinics, heather wilson, how long should i take a probiotic, optimal cleanse, optimal male, optimal movement, optimal probiotics, optimal woman, supplements. Amy's Optimal Cleanse Diary Weekly Grand PrizeEWE launches Optimal DHA Hollywood anti-aging secret! If you have tried either of these supplements, I would love to hear some experiences in the comments! ESTO ES POSTA TROESMA, SABIAS QUE UNA GRAN PARTE DEL BOLO FECAL QUE DEFECASTE HOY A LA MANANA SON BACTERIAS? Some of the most common causes of belly button pain are constipation or diarrhea, belly button piercings, and appendicitis. Another potential cause of belly button pain is diarrhea, which is usually characterized by frequent watery bowel movements.
Belly button piercings are also one of the most common causes of pain around the belly button. Appendicitis is the inflammation of an internal body part called the appendix, and causes pain on the right side. I found out I had irritable bowel syndrome after I asked my doctor about the cause of the pain by my belly button.
Kombucha is a fermented tea made with a starter culture called a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast), sometimes also known as a mother, or mushroom. Helps you ditch your thing for fizzy drinks, juices, and even coffee (my significant other ditched the coffee with ease while consuming healthy amounts of kombucha – despite his 4.30am wake up call!). Canning funnel (preferably plastic*, although mine happens to be metal) for “mason jarring”.
People who make kombucha are typically overrun with SCOBYs, so put the word out that you are looking for one. Bring water to the boil in a large pot and add sugar, stirring to make sure it dissolves quickly.
Once cool, gently add your SCOBY and cover with the cloth, securing it with the elastic band. Check it using a straw, sliding down the side of the jar, past the SCOBY to test the liquid. To bottle the kombucha, gently lift the SCOBY out or the jar and place on a plate, add a little kombucha to keep it happy, and cover.
Kombucha Continuous Brew MaintenanceIf you’ve never made kombucha before, or are wondering about how to do continuous brew, my Fearless Fermentation classes will give you a thorough (and fun!) understanding about how to do it safely, and deliciously.
13 Ways to Take Care of Your MicrobiomeWe have an organ that’s essential to life, yet is invisible. I am also from Toronto and am hoping to start brewing my own, which shop did you pick up the Large jar with spigot? Mine was a gift, but you can get this particular jar from the Mercantile on Roncesvalles Ave.
I’ve got one, almost the same with a metaltap and I would like to start continuous brewing but the kombucha vill get in contact with the metal inside the tap.
I have read online that using citrus for the second ferment can make the kombucha go off is that true? I have heard you might get mould in the jar- has this happened to you and how do I know if it is mould? They recommend filtered or spring water to emphasize using the best quality water possible.
Hi Sarah, I started a new batch with the old scoby (and I also used dark sugar which is the only thing different from the recipe) and after a week the baby scoby that’s growing on top has a dark matter in the middle which resembles mould. If you’re flavouring your kombucha through a second fermentation, you only need leave it on the counter for 3 days to extract the flavour.
I know you said it takes 2 weeks to do a gallon but mine has bee 8 days and it is quite bubbly. For the continuous brew with a gallon jar, if I take one liter out a day I am adding another liter back to it, but how much sugar and how many teaspoons of tea! Thanks for your kind comment, I will follow your piece of advice and try to live healthier.
There are many sinus infection remedies out there for one to try, however, it should be noted that a home remedy is not the same as a cure. Another common home treatment for a sinus infection is to simply place a warm and moist compress above the inflamed part of the nasal region. The application of a cold rather than how compress on the forehead is also a way to alleviate some of the symptoms related to a sinus infection, such as a headache.
The alternative to prescription medication (one common drug is of course sinus infection antibiotics) is of course the natural option, home remedies.
Broad sinus infection herbal remedies such as oil pulling may have some effect, but it is very difficult to say whether it does or not. AboutHome Remedy Data is a free online resource for the all home remedies, alternative medicine, and herbal cures that are currently known. These miracle supplements do so much for your body, providing relief from many gut related issues. With the amount of steroids, antibiotics and chemicals in our food source today that can destroy our healthy gut bugs, a good probiotic with a high strain of gut-friendly bacteria makes a huge difference in one’s digestive health. MUCHAS BACTERIAS Y LAS NECESITAS, PORQUE TE AYUDAN A DIGERIR ALIMENTOS Y A ABSORBER NUTRIENTES, PERO ESTA FLORA SE PUEDE DESBALANCEAR, LEE LINCE Y APRENDE SOBRE EL TEMA, VOLVETE EL MOSTRO DE LAS BACTEARIAS FECALES!
Both constipation and diarrhea can be caused by many things, including irritable bowel syndrome, but the result is usually pain around the belly button area. Anyone can become constipated, but the elderly have a higher risk of constipation because they typically do not engage in a lot of physical activity. Diarrhea can be caused by multiple things, but an infection many people refer to as the stomach flu is common. If you have never tried it before, I suggest you start by hitting up your local health food store and getting yourself a bottle. This is what you can use to get a second jar of kombucha brewing, or simply leave it with the mother. Once you have bottled your prized brew, experiment with adding fresh fruit juice, fruit purees, or herbs and spices such as ginger. When it is ready to drink, I will remove the pulp because a SCOBY will eventually start to grow, intertwined with the orange… not so yummy. You might want less clementine, and more time for the second ferment to give a more tart flavour for example.

Tap water is full of chemicals like chlorine and fluoride, as well as potential metals from pipes etc. I ordered SCOBY online and used their recipe which called for 10 bags of tea and half a cup of vinegar.
When that’s the case their instructions are to use vinegar as an acidifying medium to protect it from mold. I gently moved the scoby aside to check on the rest of the contents and the whole jar seems to be this syrupy fluid….does this change, or should I start again now with the formed scoby? Every single story I hear of people who have exploding kombucha have actually forgotten about it!
My wife and I have been trying a raw veg diet for some weeks and now I know that it is a healthier way of eating. One is just by poring the store bought kombucha in a jar and the other one you need to add tea and sugar. A cure goes to the root of the problem and restores your condition back to its original state, whereas a remedy is usually used as either a preventative measure or as a means to alleviate the symptoms of sinusitis.
It is said that a cold compress will make the membranes in the nasal area smaller and as a result cause you some relief due to the sinus headache.
Unlike prescription drugs, these usually take a great deal more time and there is little to no scientific or medical evidence to suggest that they work conclusively, however, there is some evidence that suggests that they may help reduce tension in the lungs and have some uses in boosting immunity and relaxing the muscles. Of course, the sinus infection homeopathic remedies depend heavily on the type of sinus infection that you have. So, depending on the sinus infection treatment you try, you may see immediate effects, no effects, or moderate effects over a long period of time. We endeavor to explore and investigate the legitimacy and effectiveness of a multitude of natural remedies currently being used. Probiotics help reduce inflammation and discomfort, soothe upset bowels, reduce gas and bloating, and help regulate healthy bowel elimination. After feeling the difference this product makes most clients continue to use our probiotic daily. In addition, the pain of a belly button piercing can last for weeks, or months if the site is infected. Besides lack of physical activity, it can be caused by more than a dozen conditions and problems, including irritable bowel syndrome, laxative abuse, and poor diet.
Most belly button piercings heal within six months, but some people develop infections or experience rejection. Once the microorganisms in the SCOBY act on the sweetened tea, there really is nothing tea-like about this drink, leaving a delicious and magical potion for you to enjoy. In Toronto I suggest trying somewhere like the West End Food Co-Op or farmers market for an artisanal brand like Kind Organics or Alchemy Pickle Company.
For the spigot it’s more a concern that the acidic nature of kombucha can be corrosive to a poor quality metal.
I went to surveymoneymaker dot net, and started filling in surveys for cash, and surely I’ve been far more able to pay my bills!
I would not use honey as it is anti-microbial and will start to kill off the microorganisms your SCOBY is made of. Sometimes they make your original SCOBY thicker, sometimes they’re completely separate, either way I often leave it in the jar.
So fermentation gasses will build up over time, and it will continue to get more sour albeit slower than on the counter.
I tried to buy some on the Internet, but maybe for the custom regulations I haven’t succeed a retailer. My Fearless Fermentation classes give you all the details on making kombucha as unfortunately a one-pager recipe can’t give all the nuances. One very common remedy for sinus infection is to inhale steam, like the steam from a vaporizer or shower; it is said to thin out the mucus and alleviate the mucous membranes. In addition, a saline nasal spray is also a common remedy to clear out the mucus pathways and humidify the membranes along the nasal passages. It is best to try this method out shortly after discovering that you have a headache or any other sinus headache remedies. And over the history of man, there have been a myriad of different treatments, herbal remedies, and so forth developed to tackle this problem. There are many sinus infection remedies, but make sure you consult with a medical profession if the problem persists. We hope to be as objective and scientific as possible in our research and hope that a community will form to help guide us to the truth and uncover the so called "secrets" of alternative and complementary medicine. A pharmaceutical grade probiotic (such as our very own East West Essentials’ Optimal Probiotic) will enhances nutrient absorption. Some clients also do things such as adding fermented veggies and refrain from antibiotics for a period of time with a goal of balancing gut flora. The author shall in no event be held liable for any loss or other damages including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or any other damages. Lastly, appendicitis is a common condition that can start with pain in the belly button, and is usually solved when the appendix is surgically removed. The two most telling signs of constipation is pain in the abdomen and lack of bowel movement. An infection delays the healing process and must be treated with care in order to avoid scarring. The appendix no longer has a use in the human body, but scientists speculate that it was once an important part of the digestive system. To ensure a daily supply in my house, I have a 2 gallon black tea continuous brew that gives me a litre of kombucha per day. Now you have a SCOBY, you make a new batch of tea (use my recipe, but do the maths for a smaller jar like a quart size).
Yours won’t be exactly the same though as it will all depend on fermentation time and how much sugar is left in your brew. In some place I read that is possible get Kombucha without the scoby or the Kombucha tea, but that it takes more time.
One of my best tasting was made with a rose tea and I bottled it and did a second ferment with a piece of fresh mango. Modern doctors provide all sorts of different medications that treat sinus infection symptoms, some can be quite expensive.
Los microbios intestinales han estado en las noticias ultimamente, debido a que los investigadores continuan descubriendo la importancia del papel que desempenan estos pequenos organismos en su salud y bienestar en general.
Many people find relief with over the counter laxatives, but some cases require a doctor’s visit to help treat constipation. The rejection rates for belly button piercings are relatively low compared to some body parts, but it is common and the person is usually advised to let the hole heal.

A routine surgery can remove the appendix once doctors perform tests to rule out other potential causes of the belly button pain. Buying large water jugs, or installing a filter isn’t possible for me, so I just use tap water.
I wonder if I could ruin the process by adding the vinegar or if it’s just too strong of a tea.
We decided to get our own co-founcer and nutritionist Heather Wilson to give us an answer, as this is one of the top supplements we use in our East West Essentials’ clinics.
It’s always a good idea to keep a spare in another jar in case your main one gets mouldy though. Podrian trabajar para manipular su comportamiento, asi como su memoria. Los Microbios Manipulan su Mente De acuerdo con un articulo reciente publicado en The Guardian1, se ha descubierto que ciertas especies de bacterias intestinales influyen en la actividad genetica en su cerebro.
If you are not familiar with doing a second ferment you can just google it or go on youtube to watch videos explaining how to do it. I like lots of bubbles in my Kombucha and I found doing a second ferment with a fruit helped make more bubbles.
Por ejemplo, la presencia de microbiota intestinal regula el punto de actividad del eje del hipotalamo-pituitario-adrenal (HPA).” Pero tambien descubrieron otras diferencias entre los ratones con una flora intestinal normal y los ratones que carecen de flora intestinal. Cuando examinaron el cerebro de los animales, descubrieron un gran numero de alteraciones geneticas en los ratones libres de germenes. De acuerdo con The Guardian: “El factor neurotrofico derivado del cerebro (BDNF) fue significativamente sobre-regulado y el sub tipo 5HT1 un receptor de serotina fue poco regulado, en el giro dentado del hipocampo. Es muy importante que usted evite las carnes provenientes de animales criados de forma convencional. El Uso Temprano de Antibioticos Tambien esta Relacionado con la Obesidad Con esto en mente, ?es de extranar que actualmente los investigadores esten descubriendo que los antibioticos tambien estan relacionados con el aumento de peso en seres humanos? “Desde hace muchos anos, los granjeros han sabido que los antibioticos son muy buenos para la produccion de vacas mas grandes para el mercado”, el Dr. En conjunto, investigadores de la Universidad de Nueva York concluyeron que podria ser necesario ampliar nuestros conceptos de las causas de la obesidad y advierten tener cuidado con el uso de antibioticos.” El primer estudio publicado en la revista Nature6 , encontro que los ratones jovenes tratados con dosis bajas de antibioticos comunes aumentaron de un 10-15 por ciento mas grasa que los grupos de control. Despues de examinar las bacterias en el intestino de los ratones, encontraron que los ratones tratados con antibioticos tuvieron una composicion diferente de bacterias intestinales en comparacion con los ratones no tratados. Especificamente, se encontraron ciertas especies de bacteria en mayores concentraciones que anteriormente habian demostrado estar relacionadas con la obesidad en los ratones tratados. Ademas, despues de un analisis genetico del metabolismo de las bacterias, descubrieron que los genes responsables de la sintesis de grasa tuvieron mayores niveles de actividad en los ratones tratados. “El aumento de obesidad alrededor del mundo es coincidente con el uso generalizado de antibioticos y nuestros estudios proporcionan un vinculo experimental. Es posible que la exposicion temprana a los antibioticos lleve a los ninos a la obesidad en algun momento de sus vidas.” “Mediante el uso de antibioticos, encontramos que en realidad podemos manipular la poblacion de bacterias y alterar la manera como se metabolizan ciertos nutrientes. Finalmente, fuimos capaces de afectar la composicion corporal y el desarrollo de los ratones jovenes al cambiar su microbioma intestinal por medio de esta exposicion.” El segundo estudio, publicado en el International Journal of Obesity9, tenia el fin de corroborar estos resultados pero en seres humanos. El estudio, que incluyo a mas de 10,000 ninos, encontro que los bebes tratados con antibioticos antes de los seis meses de edad parecen estar mas propensos a padecer de sobrepeso en la infancia. Los ninos expuestos a antibioticos entre las edades de seis a 14 meses no tuvieron mas masa corporal que los ninos no expuestos. Aunque este estudio no prueba la causalidad entre el uso de antibioticos y la obesidad a futuro, demuestra una correlacion y el mecanismo parece estar relacionado con la forma en que los antibioticos alteran la flora intestinal de su hijo.
Sin embargo, el exceso de peso no es el unico o el peor problema que puede ser causado por esa alteracion. Como lo explica la Dra. Estos ninos tambien son mucho mas propensos a sufrir danos por vacunas. La Investigacion Sobre los Prebioticos Fue la Mas Destacada en la Reunion de la Sociedad Americana de Quimica Cada vez mas investigadores estan descubriendo que la nutricion apropiada no se trata solo de obtener el tipo y la cantidad correcta de nutrientes necesarios para el proceso biologico.
Tambien se necesita nutrir las celulas no humanas del cuerpo, es decir, su microflora intestinal.
Este fue un tema que se trato recientemente en la 244? Reunion y Exposicion de la Sociedad Americana de Quimica. De acuerdo con un articulo reciente publicado en NewHope360:10 “Asi como las personas necesitan los alimentos para sobrevivir, las millones de bacterias beneficas que viven en nuestros intestinos, nuestros tractos intestinales necesitan su alimento, explica Rastall (Robert) (Phd). Existe un gran y creciente numero de investigaciones cientificas que senalan que las bacterias en su intestino desempenan un papel sumamente importante en la salud y enfermedades.
Los prebioticos son ingredientes de alimentos que no pueden digerirse por lo que no brindan ningun beneficio.
Tanto las bacterias como las celulas de cancer utilizan una comunicacion sofisticada para obtener la supremacia en el huesped.
Como lo reporto el Medical News Today:15 “Inspirado por las tacticas sociales y la supervivencia, el equipo presenta una nueva imagen del cancer, la muestra como una meta-comunidad de inteligentes celulas que se comunican entre si, las cuales poseen caracteristicas especiales para un comportamiento cooperativo. Utilizando la comunicacion compleja, las celulas cancerosas pueden distribuir tareas, compartir recursos, diferenciar y tomar decisiones. Antes de mandar a las celulas a colonizar los organos y tejidos del cuerpo (metastasis), las “celulas espias” exploran el cuerpo y regresan al origen del cancer. Es entonces cuando las celulas metastasicas dejan el tumor primario y navegan hacia nuevos lugares. Al igual que las bacterias, las celulas cancerosas cambian su propio entorno. Inducen cambios geneticos y esclavizan a las celulas normales que se encuentra alrededor, forzandolas a colaborar con la enfermedad- proporcionando apoyo fisico, protegiendolas del sistema inmunologico y mas.” Hace tres anos, publique un video de TED con Bonnie Bassler, en el que ella discutia acerca de como las bacterias “se hablan” las unas a las otras utilizando un lenguaje quimico que les permite coordinarse para defender y atacar.
Las celulas cancerosas, emplean formas similares de comunicacion y como lo dice Bassler, estos descubrimientos sirven para el desarrollo de medicamentos creados para desactivar o alterar la comunicacion entre las celulas. “El equipo tambien sugiere hacer mas investigaciones sobre el “canibalismo” del cancer, es decir cuando las celulas de cancer acaban con sus companeras cuando se quedan sin recursos. La idea es mandar senales que hagan que las celulas cancerosas se maten entre si, lo cual puede hacerse con las bacterias. Otros investigadores han demostrado que las bacterias inyectadas pueden ser mas inteligentes que las celulas de cancer.
Las bacterias pueden ser utilizadas para inducir uniones entre las celulas cancerosas y las celulas inmunologicas, “ensenando” al sistema inmunologico a reconocer y matar las celulas tumorales.” Los Fenomenales Beneficios a la Salud de los Vegetales Fermentados Los alimentos cultivados o fermentados tienen una larga historia en practicamente todas las dietas o alimentaciones nativas y siempre han sido altamente valoradas por sus beneficios a la salud.
La llegada de los alimentos procesados altero dramaticamente la alimentacion humana y actualmente estamos pagando el precio con el rapido aumento de los problemas cronicos de salud.
Creo que el dejar a un lado los alimentos fermentados de manera tradicional tiene mucho que ver con todo esto. El proceso de cultivo produce microbios beneficos que son extremadamente importantes para su salud, ya que ayudan a equilibrar la flora intestinal.
Esto incluye a la mayoria de los yogurts de “probioticos” que se encuentran en el supermercado hoy en dia, debido a que estan pasteurizados, estaran relacionados con todos los problemas de los productos de leche pasteurizados que por lo general contienen azucar, jarabe de maiz de alta fructosa, colorantes artificiales o endulzantes artificiales, todos los cuales solo empeoraran su salud. Debido a que los alimentos cultivados son desintoxicantes eficientes, si introduce demasiados a la vez, puede experimentar sintomas de desintoxicacion o “crisis de curacion”. Aprenda a Hacer sus Propios Vegetales Fermentados Los vegetales fermentados son faciles de hacer.
Tambien es la forma mas rentable de obtener grandes cantidades de probioticos de su alimentacion. Para aprender como, revise la entrevista con Caroline Barringer, Practicante de la Terapia Nutricional (NTP) y experta en la preparacion de alimentos prescritos en el Programa Nutricional para el Sindrome del Intestino y la Psicologia (GAPS) de la Dra. Natasha Campbell-McBride. Ademas de toda la informacion compartida en la entrevista, le recomiendo firmemente comprar el libro Gut and Psichology Syndrome, que proporciona todos los detalles necesarios para el protocolo de la Dra.
McBride. Aunque puede utilizar bacterias nativas de la col y otros vegetales, es mucho mas facil obtener resultados consistentes utilizando un cultivo iniciador.
Caroline prepara cientos de litros de verduras fermentadas a la semana y ha descubierto que obtiene mejores resultados utilizando tres o cuatro capsulas de probioticos de alta calidad para reactivar el proceso de fermentacion. EVITE Esto para Optimizar su Flora Intestinal Junto con el consumo de alimentos fermentados naturalmente o el consumo de un suplemento de alta calidad, es esencial que evite el azucar, incluyendo la fructosa.
El azucar nutre las bacterias patogenicas, la levadura y los hongos en su intestino, lo cual podria danarlo aun mas que su impacto en la resistencia a la insulina. Uno de los resultados mas importantes de llevar una alimentacion saludable como la descrita en mi pan de nutricion es que puede hacer que su bacteria intestinal benefica florezca y haga “magia” en la restauracion de su salud. Recuerde que un estimado del 80 por ciento de su sistema inmunologico se encuentra en su intestino, que es una razon mas para su microflora intestinal se convierta en un elemento esencial para una buena salud.

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